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Zeikos 67mm Glass Ultra Violet (UV) Filter to protect your original lens. Black metal rings. Packed in a hard plastic case for protection when not being used.

Product information Size:67mm Product Dimensions 2.75 x 0.25 x 2.75 inches Item Weight 0.8 ounces ASIN B001UE6N1A Item model number ZE-UV67

Most people use UV filters largely for their protective quality. A filter - especially an inexpensive one like this Zeikos - is easily replaced if soiled or damaged, whereas the front element of a lens is not.

But there is a downside to the use of a UV filter, and this is especially true when it is used on a zoom lens with many elements: That is that any refracted light, whether it be withing or outside of the image frame, will tend to create visual fog, lesson contrast, or in severe circumstances even create a light artifact in the image.

The answer to this is for the filter to have coatings applied that prevent light hitting the surface of the filter from being scattered. In that case the light will pass through without adding or subtracting from the image except in the color range (In this case invisible UV)that the filter is designed to 'filter out.'

"Multi-Coating" - the addition of several chemical layers - when well designed and applied, can be especially effective as each layer of coating can control the scattering of a separate part of the visual spectrum.

Uncoated filters reflect the entire spectrum of light. Single-coated filters typically shows a blue or purplish reflection. True multi-coated filters show different reflection for each color targeted by an applied layer of coating.

The Zeikos-UV filter only shows a slight bluish cast. This suggest a single coating of possibly limited effectiveness.

In other ways, however, the Zeikos filter seems quite adequate. The filter ring is sturdy with a flat non-reflective coating. The glass appears to be of at least decent optical quality with no apparent lack of parallel surfaces.

Thus in my final judgement this filter is a good value but not as good as its "Multi-Coated" in its name would suggest.

This was the first filter I bought for my plain jane kit lenses. It's cheap and it works well to protect your lenses. However I agree that it appears to not be multi-coated and it is thick. My wide angle lens is the kit 18-55 Canon, and I put this on have never taken it off. However I also use other filters (neutral density, CPL, etc) and sometimes at 18mm you can see vignetting.

So I've said multicoated, thick and vignetting. Why are these important?
Multicoated lets in more light. When light hits the glass in your lens, some of it is reflected. Multicoated has less of that light that is reflected - but these filters cost a lot more. I do not notice a significant difference with my kit lens.

Thick filters and vignetting are related. The idea is that your eye sees at 35mm, anything more than that is zoomed in and anything less than that is zoomed out. Well the camera sees through your lens, which is essentially a tunnel with some glass and an aperture. Normally you dont see the tunnel, but when you add on filters that tunnel becomes longer. Imagine if your lens was 10ft long - all you would see is that tunnel with a tiny dot of a picture. If you zoomed, the picture would get bigger and bigger and the tunnel smaller and smaller. Vignetting is the opposite of that, functionally it is stepping deeper in the tunnel. The result is a big picture and a little bit of that tunnel. What you see is an incomplete circle of that tunnel that is only on the edges of your picture. This can be solved by getting thinner filters, not zooming out all the way or cropping. Thin filters are expensive, so I stick to the other two.

These Zeicos UV filters are inexpensive, but as far as I can tell, the coating on the front surface of the glass has little anti-reflective capability: hold it up to the light at a certain angle and you can see that it is only a little less reflective than a mirror. There is in fact some kind of coating as I have accidentally scratched mine with the edge of a lens cap. That said, the glass itself is reasonably flat, so there are no obvious distortions in the photos you take through it. The metal parts of this filter are also reasonably good quality. I have not had any problems with screwing one on to any of the Pentax, Sigma, Tamron, Vivitar, or Canon lenses I've owned, although occasionally I have had a sticky filter be very difficult to remove. Always keep in mind that all brands of filters use brass rings, not steel; brass is a much softer, more malleable metal than steel, so you don't ever want to use extreme force to remove any brand of filter. There are filter wrench kits available for just a few dollars, every photographer should have one. This is a typical kit of filter wrenches: Adorama Filter Wrench for 67mm-77mm Filters, Package of 2

Uses for this filter:
1. As a backup. I recommend you use a Hoya or B+W as your primary UV filter, but keep one of these Zeicos filters in your kit as an backup in case your good filter becomes lost or damaged. Why keep a backup? You don't EVER want to not have a filter over the front element of your camera lens, just to protect it from anything that might scratch or contaminate the coating.

I originally bought this filter as an interim measure to fit my Sigma 150-500 zoom lens. The actual Sigma and equivalent Hoya UV filters were around £60 whereas this one was £16 and it stated it was made in Japan. I'm not an expert but it appears to work perfectly well and I have achieved some really nice results. I am now in two minds whether to lash out and buy a Sigma or Hoya now as this one seems to do the job at about a quarter of the price.

The ZE-UV52 52mm UV filter is worth every penny, using the lens to take shots over water (I live by a river and take a lot of pictures of the aquatic wildlife) in the bright, rather harsh winter sunshine produce great pictures - no glare and, for shots into the water (angled downwards) allows for a pleasing transition rather than a 50% picture / 50% over-exposure! It really does have to be tried to be believed.

I didn't expect too much from this filter as it is quite cheap but I was impressed by the build quality. It screwed onto my lens with no binding and subsequent tests with bright lighting, sunlight and flash show no signs of reflections or colour being affected. I would definitely recommend this filter as a cheap lens protector for larger lenses.

Used mainly to protect my lens, it was bought as a replacement for a previous filter which did get damaged when I knocked my camera on a door post. This saved a £500 lens being damaged. I would always recommend fitting one to protect your lens more than for its photographic properties.

Bought this to protect my new Nikon 18-200 and for that it will do a great job, however I have noticed a subtle reduction in image quality with this. Nothing a bit of post processing can't fix, but just be aware that you get what you pay for!

It meets my expectation on NikonD5100 18-55mm Nikor lense - specially to protect it - I am not 100% sure if how much it reduces glare or not - not tested that.

Very happy with this filter. Good quality - does the job! Will definitely buy this filter again for future 52mm lenses.

If you have invested in a len's that requires a filter of this size you should get one of these if for no other reason than it will protect your lens, damage this & throw away the filter, damage the lens & throw away the lot !

Works just as well as the more expensive competitive products. Had it for 3 months, no scratches or other deterioration visible

This is a very cheap filter, however when using the lens indoor it adds a lot of reflections to the images. For that reason I'm now shopping round for something better and I don't intend to keep fitting and removing filters.

Very good considering price, could find no fault. It is now protecting a good quality lens on camera. It comes in a plastic protection case with foam back.

I bought this to protect the main camera lens. It does a really good job and also filters the sunlight admirably. An excellent purchase.

This filter is very well made and excellent value for money. The service was of course excellent as one would expect from this company.

good value for money--delivered on time and does what it is supposed to do protects lens and does not spoil focussing or image quality
no complaints

Multi Coated UV Filter for camers.
The filter does not have the best coating on the lens, but gives adequate protection for the price