1 pc Camera Gimbal Density Lens Filters, Pstarts Professional Optical Glass, Compatible with DJI Mavic Mini Drone, MCUV CPL ND/PL 4/8/16/32 (CPL)


  • ♥×♥ Lightweight, each weights about 0.76-0.8 grams, won't affect self-inspection.
  • ♥×♥ Professional optical glass lenses, specially selected, with excellentfrinding process, good physical and hcemical properties.
  • ♥×♥ Multi-layer coating films, high transmittance, capture clear image, restore ture color.
  • ♥×♥ Water-proof & Oil-proof & Scratch-proof, effectively protect Mavic Mini's Camera. Integrated modeling frame, No Dark Corner. Bronzing frame, Gorgeous & Elegant.
  • ♥×♥ Used with original gimbal protector, non-desturctive & quick installation, closely fit & nondestructive image.



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CPL Filter:

    It is mainly used to eliminate harmful non-metallic reflected light, and increase the color concentration,

    It also enhances blue sky, highlights white clouds, makes the picture more through, improves image clarity and overall creates a more expressive and vivid photo.

    It is also often used in shooting through glass, water and underwater scenery.

ND/PL Filter (ND4/PL ND8/PL ND16/PL ND32/PL):

    Breaking through the limitation of traditional filters, the ND-PL filter combines ND and CPL advantages to meet your requirements of extending the exposure time and elimination of unwanted polarized light, making itself a powerful tool for landscape photography.

MCUV Filter:

    It can decrease blue cast and blue grey causing by ultraviolet ray, increase light transmittance.

    Using the UV filter in high mountains or altitude, increase the distance field of the shot and makes a clear shot.

    It also provides protection for the camera.

Cleaning Steps:

    1. Blow off the dust on filter surface

    2. Clean again with a soft brush

    3. Gently scrub the filter lenses with cleaning cloth

    4. It is more effectitively that cleaning with professional cleanout fluid


    Do not wipe the lens with tissue, it may leave more paper fiber on the lens because of static.

Package content:

    1 x Filter

Product information Color:Cpl Manufacturer Pstarts ASIN B0842385J5

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