Marumi DHG Super Circular polarising 62mm Filter


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  • High quality circular polariser (CPL) filter for digital photography
  • Strong water resistance
  • Multicoated filter



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Size:DHG Super Circular PL Filter 62mm

The high-quality Marumi filters were specially developed for digital photography. Each filter is equipped with a specially developed coating that prevents internal reflection of the camera's CCD and CMOS sensors. In addition, a special, thin frame with a satin finish and the BlackInk Process prevent reflections. Marumi DHG Super Circular Polarizing Filters have the same features as the High Grade Filters, with 2 additional benefits:

Hard protection: protects the surface of the lens from scratches, even with very frequent use.
Water and oil repellent: water and oil drops are easy to wipe off.

Product information Size:DHG Super Circular PL Filter 62mm Product Dimensions 4.17 x 3.7 x 0.63 inches Item Weight 2.82 ounces ASIN B001F7BFMY Item model number DHG62SCIR

I was really not looking forward to buying a new CPL. I just bought two new lenses, though, and my current 67mm B&W Kaeseman filter wasn't big enough. The 86mm B&W filter was well over $200.00, so in the interest of a happy marriage (wife threatened to kill me if I spent that much on a filter) I decided to take a chance on the Marumi. I'm very glad I did. Nice optics and higher light transmission than my B&W filter. The only difference I see between the two is a bit more lens flare in the Marumi if there is a bright light source in the picture. Since CPL filters don't do much when they're pointed straight at the light, I don't find this a real issue. The quality of the picture, even at 100% magnification, appears to be the same. I even think the Marumi has a slight edge in how much glare it blocks. A great CPL for about half the price of the best B&W model.

I used these Marumi CPL's for years, and have one on four of my lenses. Great polarizing effect, superior build quality, minimal to non-existent flaring and reflections. These are the only circular polarizing filters I will use.

Very good but not the best available from Marumi. Remember this is 52mm Marumi DHG (Digital High Grade) Circular Polarizer as mentioned in the product description. The pictures for this product are misleading as there are of the 72mm "Super" (= better coated) line of filters from Marumi. Even then, this is supposed to be technically better than most other well-known brands according to [...]. My decision to buy this was based on their assessment. I must say I am quite happy with the performance of this product for the price (I would have preferred "Super"). See my user pictures for more details. Good luck!

Fantastic polarizer. I read about Marumi on another site and wondered how it compared to the excellent polarizers by their competitors. This is a great product, works well, and performs with a small enough footprint so as not to introduce any vignetting when installed. Highly recommended as an alternative to other filters!

Typical Marumi quality. Excellent product, and attention to detail. Smooth rotating ring. Have 6 marumi superDHG filters, and will keep buying them for the quality!

Excellent polarization, and no colour cast. Other CPLs i've used have had yellow/blue casts. This is almost neutral.

Excellent polarize. It fits my Nikon 200-500 mm lens just right! I recommend it to others.

Does what is supposed to do. As a new camera owner, I wasn't familiar with the name. The quality seems comparable to the B+W filters I purchased. I would recommend this brand any time.

Great value

I've always used Hoya filters in the past, but having had a quality issue with one, I read some reviews and went for my first Marumi. The quality appears to be good and the results have revealed no visible optical issues. The frame is slim and has not resulted in any vignetting when used with my wide angle lens and I'm sure that this will not be the last filter that I purchase from this manufacturer

The Marumi DHG Super Circular Polarising filter, has had a very good review on, comparable with the B+W, which are considered the best generally. Being a bit of a cheapskate and also interested to see how well the filter would work, I went ahead and bought a 77mm (and since a 58mm).

Circular Polarisers are one of the few filters I will use (the over being ND filters) and they can do a very good job of, getting rid of reflection, haze and other issues, which are either very hard or can't really be cleaned up in photoshop. The big issue can be that, you do lose optical quality, with cheaper filters and you do lose light, which depending on the day can be good or bad.

I have used the polariser for a couple of jobs now and it does a good job, generally. You can't do miracles but, it does what it is meant to do and does it well.

Marumi has released a recently released a new top of the line circular polariser the Exus, which promises improvements over the DHG Super, though it is more expensive.

This product was delivered with 48 hours of order and was packed well. This is the first polarising filter i have purchased and i am using it with a third party wide angle lens. having done lots of research i soon got the impression that it was not wise to go cheap on these filters. This filter was by far the cheapest but it was no where near the top end of the price range. I was tempted by other filters but heard about scratches and fakes , after reading numerous reviews i choses this one and am glad i did, I have taken a few test shots and wow , the difference it makes is amazing. The sky in my shots now looks blue and it changes the feel of the photo , i am looking forward to spending some quality time with this filter and will update the review afterwards but on first impressions i feel it is going to help me achieve some great looking shots.

I bought this after seeing it reviewed well against B+W filters which I know from experience to be excellent.

I have used this on a number of occasions now on a Nikon D7000 with 3 Nikon lenses attached to brass step-up rings: 18-70mm, 50mm f/1.8G and 105mm f/2.

Flare is well controlled and the polarising effect is well controlled across the field of view, with no colour variation problems.

The filter rotates easily and firmly enough to retain its position.

The filter is relatively thin, and I only really had vignetting on my 18-70 when I stacked this with two other filters and shot at 18mm.

My lens cap attaches easily to it.

I didn't have any trouble with stiction, using my brass Heliopan step-up rings.

The filter cleans easily with a Kauser (microfibre) cloth without problems.

I've used a few polarising filters over the years and Cokin seem to be the go to brand. I've just done a very quick and raw test in flat light on some reflections in my window so you can see the before and after. This is not a good showing of its colour saturation abilities but it does cut down reflections and seems pretty sharp doing so and with not too much of a colour temperature shift so seems not bad. I'll do more sunny weather testing and post another quick review.

At this price level you've got right to expect top quality. And so quality this filter has. I've did some extended research before my purchase and this was one of highest rated polar filters. After testing I can only agree with all reviews I have red. It's good purchase. If you need polar filter and you know what effects you could expect you won't be disappointed. It's much cheaper than comparable products from B+W or Heliopan too.

The good
+ ring works smoothly
+ easy to clean
+ robust
+ great homogeneity
+ small reflections

The bad
- it's expensive anyway

Did a lot of Googling before picking this particular filter and the review of Circular Polariser filters by highlighted the Marumi. Used on my Sony a55 with 18-250mm travel zoom, the results are excellent. Many more keepers than before. The only downside is the inevitable loss of light, maybe 1-2 stops, however the ability to clean up most bright daylight scenes to get the contrast and saturation you're after ( not just landscapes ) is more than worth it. My UV protection filter has been replaced by the Marumi as the "always on" filter.

Fine, but not easy to (keep) clean ... smears.

used for a wile and it works ok, i'm not sure about the ligh drop, but final results looks ok after easy photoshop post processing.

Used on 24-70 nikon on d300S camera

I read a few on-line reviews before buying this polarising filter as i had previously bought only Hoya and B+W.This filter is very nicely made, the multi-coating is excellent giving much lower levels of reflection than on my Hoya circular polariser. It is a very thin mount so should not cause a problem with wide lenses. Colours are neutral and extinction is good.

37mm filters are hard to find and when I searched Amazon the Marumi was the only one available, so I bought it. I am very pleased with it: well-made, compact, smooth in operation - it is very pleasing to use. Moreover, I would describe its effects as milder than other brands of Circular Polariser in my collection - this is a very good thing because other brands can easily overdo it leaving you with excessively or very unevenly darkened skies. I had not heard of Marumi filters before; in future I will not hesitate to buy them.

I bought it for my canon camera. Good protection for your lens and helps to make better quality photos.

I've been using it for 2.5 years now. It is still perfect as the day it arrived.
Well worth the extra money as it performs great.

Came sealed in plastic factory container. The filter threads are of superb quality, and glide so smoothly on and off the lens. Works well and with no image compromise as when compared with and without the filter. Recommended.
Since then I bought a Marumi lens protector, and once gain no image compromise noticed with and without the protector. Marumi are made in Japan and reeks of quality glass.

I purchased the 49mm version of this after reading the review of circular polariser filters on the lenstip website (easily found using the usual search engine). It works well on my Sony mirrorless and seems to produce great results, especially on my recent holiday to Italy in June this year.