JONGSUN 105mm UV Filter, S-Pro HD Nano MRC16 Camera Ultraviolet Protection Filter, 16 Layers Multicoated, SCHOTT B270, Ultra-Slim, Lens Cloth Kit


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  • The 105mm UV filter Manufactured from Water-White Schott (B270) Glass made in Germany, and our state-of-the-art nano coating 16 layers. light transmission rate ≥ 99.5%
  • This 105mm UV filter uses our S-Pro Digital mount which is especially suited for DSLRs with wide angle and zoom lenses. It has a front thread for additional accessories,And it isn't easy to fall off.All Pro Digital mounts are made of aerometal and are matte black to prevent reflections.
  • The MRC nano UV Filter 105mm has an improved outer layer over regular MRC. The nanotechnology based characteristic produces a better beading effect with water making the cleaning of this filter even simpler and faster than ever before.Set in our completely weather-sealed S-Pro traction frame the MRC UV was built to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.
  • The JONGSUN MRC UV Filter 105mm features a 3.5mm ultra-slim double-threaded traction frame to eliminate vignetting on wide-angle full-frame setups. With fine workmanship, mounted a gold thread is placed on the outside of the aerometal to make it more beautiful.
  • We laser engrave lettering into each MRC UV traction frame to ensure that the lettering won’t ever fade or come off after consistent use.



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105mm UV Filter


JONGSUN is a company specializing in the production of UV filter、Polarizing Filter、ND Filter、Square Filter、GND Filter、SGND Filter、HGND Filter、Star Filter、Natural Night Filter etc..

Users of the accessories range from discerning amateurs, professional videographers and television production to renowned major motion picture cinematographers, all putting their trust in JONGSUN filters to do their job accurately and consistently.

JONGSUN S-Pro HD Nano MRC UV Filter 105mm

The 105mm UV filter is our gold standard UV for the discerning professional photographer. Featuring high-quality B270 glass from Germany, MRC nano coating layers, the MRC UV is incredibly durable and resolves critically sharp, light transmittance can be as high as 99.5%.

We precisely machine each Pro traction frame from aerometal, and with its matte black finish reflections are absorbed rather than reflected into the lens barrel.

  • 16-layers multi-layer nano AR coating.
  • High-quality SCHOTT B270 glass from Germany.
  • Light transmittance ≥ 99.5%.
  • Double-sided nano coating.
  • Pro Digital mounts are made of aerometal.
  • Gold thread to make it more beautiful.
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SCHOTT B270 glass from Germany

SCHOTT B270 glass is highly resistant to solar radiation and offers high transmittance in the visible wavelength range. It also has a fire-polished surface and offers high chemical stability.

16-Layer Multi-Resistant Coating

Our state-of- the-art 16-Layer Multi-Resistant Coating process hardens both optical surfaces, reduces reflections and achieves true color neutrality while maximizing contrast fidelity. light transmittance can be as high as 99.5%.

High Hardness Nano Coating

the nanotechnology based characteristic produces a better beading effect with water making the cleaning of this filter even simpler and faster than ever before.

Beautiful Aerometal Frame

the 105mm UV Filter aerometal frame it’s now easier than ever to get on and off, without getting stuck. With fine workmanship, mounted a gold thread is placed on the outside of the aerometal to make it more beautiful.

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Product information Size:105mm Product Dimensions 4.23 x 4.23 x 0.22 inches Item Weight 0.704 ounces ASIN B07M9YDCRB Item model number JSUV105

I bought this for my Sigma 150 600 sport. I was calibrating my lens and after I was finished, I put this filter on.

I then took pictures of a power pole 300ft away at 600mm. I noticed immediately that my image was significantly more blurry with the filter on. I thought it was user error so I took another picture. Still blurry. I immediately took the filter off and retook the picture of the power pole. It was much sharper.

I was using my 7d mk ii, 2 sec single shot delay with a remote shutter cable to completely remove shaking from my tests. This was at 4pm to 530pm PST in the afternoon sun facing east away from the sun.

I really wanted to like this filter as it looks to be of decent quality. I knew uv filters didn't really improve picture quality, but this is the first time I've noticed a significant decrease in quality with one on...

UPDATE 4/30/19: I received a replacement filter and I'm very happy to say that this one is much better. The image quality difference between my bare lens and with the filter on is very minimal. I've upgraded my review to 5 stars and I've attached images showing both with the filter on and off targeting a power pole 300feet away using the 600mm focal length. I'm VERY happy with this filter now!

The pictures may seem backwards, but they aren't. Note that the picture with the filter on looks sharper, but that isn't necessarily the case. It just happened that I was able to hold a bit more still while taking the picture with the filter on. After I receive my Wimberley foot, I'll do some more testing against the bare lens, a Tiffen Clear pro, and this Jongsun UV filter on a tripod.

Final UPDATE 5/2/19: I've tested again as proper as possible. I mounted my Wimberley foot (I HIGHLY recommend getting the AP608 foot!) so I could test the bare lens, a Tiffen Clear Pro, and this Jongsun on my gimbal head and tripod. I used a cable release with 2 second delay as before.

I took 3 shots each and took the sharpest one and uploaded the full size image and cropped ones. I'm not sure what Amazon will do with the files as far as compression or resizing though. I processed them through Canon DPP, no corrections, just straight conversion to JPEG.

I shot in Manual mode, ISO160, 1/1250, f/6.3 at 600mm and was aiming at the top bolt on the power pole. As I mentioned before this is about 300ft away according to Google Maps. Time during shooting was between 4:13PM and 4:15PM PST. This filter is still 5 stars after a better test.

I wish I had saved the images of my first copy because they were noticeably bad with the filter on. I'd DEFINITELY buy again if needed. When my other filters need replacing, I'm going to check if Jongsun makes them in that size.

UPDATE 12/21/2019:

Please see review updates below leading to this latest update and a change for my review for this filter to 5 stars:

First to say Jongsun did an awesome job for supporting a customer with issue on their lens. They stayed in touch with me all the way from China and got a replacement filter to me to test out and review accordingly. Julia there even apologized for the gap of delay due to time zone differences, although that courtesy wasn't needed.

After testing over a week with and without this filter using controlled conditions, on a tripod, shutter speeds at least 1/1000 sec or faster. Focus verification on the exact same spot for with and without filter comparison, the images were unedited and un-sharpened RAW images and all looked identical filter on or off, at 600mm. The replacement, although the packaging and filter itself were identical to my precious filter that had the issues, "clearly", (no pun intended) did NOT degrade my Sigma at 600mm, the worst case for the issues I had with soft images and lack of sharpness/detail prior to the replacement.

Haze filters that are ruining the Sigma 150-600mm (as well as the Tamron equivalent and the Nikon 200-500mm as well)
are out there in is not chronic, but, then again, not everyone has a super-telephoto and thus, might never see an issue with a lower focal length telephoto.

So in summary, the replacement that Jongsun sent me and in only a few days, resolved my issues.

The filter is thin profile as many have said, but, no issues on my Sigma. The threads are fine and "dry" be gentle threading these on. I typically place the filter on the lens and gently turn it first counter-clockwise until I feel the slight "click" where the correct entry point on the thread alignment are for lens and filter and then begin screwing it in clockwise. this system has always worked well for me; no jams or cross-threading.

So in summary, a great filter and a great company who stands behind their product and is willing to bend over backwards to try to resolve issues for their customer. I will be ordering a few more of their lenses for some upcoming new glass some time next year. JONGSUN has earned my continued business. Well done!

UPDATE: 12/13/2019. JONGSUN contacted me and graciously provided another replacement for me to test my Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens with. That test is in progress and I will update this review accordingly w/i a few weeks . (by end of 12/2019).

Given the excellent customer support and effort to try to resolve my issue with a replacement which they have provided, I will state, ...even though my tests are not completed, that they do support their customers 100% and fully stand behind their products.

Having had a bad experience where all lens sharpness was totally destroyed using a cheaper 95mm haze with my Sigma 150-600mm, I had hopes this more expensive lens with multi-coating and higher quality glass would do the trick.

It did not!

Focus was perfect with and then without the filter and like my previous filter, as soon as this JONGSON filter was removed, my lens was back to stellar performance at 600mm.

Will try to review forums on line and see who purchased a filter that actually will work fine with my Sigma.

The degradation using this filter (like the previous one) is at 500-600mm. Given higher magnification probably maximizes the optical issues using the filter.

I think one reviewer got a swap that seemed to work better, but, if this is indeed a quality control issue, (you either get a "good one" or a "bad one"), that scenario would still have me looking for another brand, hopefully a well known and trusted one!

Returned it and my search will continue!

I was trying to avoid paying 300 bucks for a filter for my ridiculously expensive lens, but all I did was waste my money. When you buy an exceptional lens and then put cheap glass on it, you can see it. This filter almost caused us to return our lens, the images were just not sharp enough, then my wife suggested removing the filter. Boom, razor sharp. I want to love this filter, especially at this price point, but at the end of the day it reduces the quality of your photo.

needed a UV filter to replace my old one, so glad that I made the right choice, this UV filter is more clear, definitely high quality, and provides no noticeable degradation of image quality. fit my camera perfectly. highly recommended!

Quality of the filter appears very good. But a 95mm filter doesn't need a case 6 1/2 inches square. It's nice to have a case in the camera bag and the monster case this filter comes in, is not manageable for the average camera bag. I'd give it 5 stars if the case were a normal size, but I had to design and 3D print one myself.

I saw some negative reviews, but the same for all of the lower priced UV filters on Amazon. I needed a 95mm for a new Tamron 150-600 and decided to give this one a shot. It is very good. Zero noticeable impact on image quality on Nikon D800 36mp camera. No thread issues. No distortion or color interference. Seems to do a mundane task well.

The filter works great. No diffusion on pics from filter. Super clear. I like the gold ring as it helps to indicate a filter is in place. Highly reccommend!

I always have a filter on my lens to protect it. This one took the hit of a hockey puck and saved my 200mm 2.8 sports lens. Saved me 2K from having to replace the whole lens.

Bought two of these to protect my Sigma 105mm F1.4 and Sigma 150-600 Sport, when you spend the best part of £3000 on two lenses you dont want to damage the image quality by fitted a poor filter. Have to say Im incredibly impressed, the 105 is a phenomenally sharp pro lens and this does not degrade the image in the slightest, I do a lot of coastal photography so this regularly getsa splash of saltwater and cleans quickly and easily leaving no marks. A+++


Einen guten Filter für eine 600mm Brennweite zu bekommen ist gar nicht so einfach selbst wenn es nur ein Schutzfilter ohne weiter optische Funktion sein soll. Die Formel "teuer ist gleich gut" stimmt leider auch nicht. Habe vorher diverse Filter probiert billig, mittelpreisig und auch teuer. Alle verschlechterten die Auflösung (Schärfe) leider deutlich. Auf den mittelpreisigen Jongsun bin ich erst vorgestern zufällig gestoßen, zum testen gleich bestellt, wurde heute 2 Tage nach Bestellung geliefert. Nach einigen Testaufnahmen mit und ohne Filter die ich in Lightroom in der Vergleichsansicht bis Crop 3:1 geprüft habe, bin ich sehr, wirklich sehr angenehm überraschst. Ich konnte, nicht den geringsten, Unterschied zwischen den Bildern mit und ohne Filter feststellen. Ich war schon kurz davor mir den 150,-€ teuren B&W zu bestellen, die Ausgabe kann ich mir jetzt sparen, gut so.
Rein mechanisch ist der Filter auch absolut ok, lässt sich gut einschrauben und auch wieder lösen. Der Filter ist extrem flach gebaut und hat trotzdem noch ein Frontgewinde für diejenigen die z.B. zusätzlich noch einen CPL etc. aufschrauben möchten. Dem Filter liegt noch ein schönen Mikrofasertuch bei, nettes Gimmick.
Soweit alles bestens klare Kaufempfehlung volle 5 Sterne, werde mir für zukünftige Einkäufe die Firma Jongsun merken.

Nach so viel Lob jetzt auch noch etwas Kritik, die hat aber weniger mit dem Produkt an sich zu tun, als vielmehr mit der katastrophalen Verpackung. Bitte nicht überbewerten aber ich muss es einfach loswerden wenn ich so einen Blödsinn sehe außerdem packt mich bei Ansicht der Tüte (siehe unten) jedesmal die kalte Wut, weil mir das Malheur vor Jahren tatsächlich passiert ist.

Mit Verpackung meine ich nicht die Umverpackung, die war ordentlich, allerdings für nur einen Filter, unverhältnismäßig groß, passt nicht mehr in den Briefkasten. Das liegt an dem runden Weichkunststoff-Etui ca. 18cm x 5cm. Sie lesen richtig 18cm Durchmesser und 5cm hoch, in dem der Filter geliefert wird. Das Etui ist absolut überkandidelt, ich kenne keinen Fotografen der so viel Platz in der Tasche hätte, eine einfache quadratische Plastik-box wäre sinnvoller gewesen.
Für diese unnötige Ressourcen Vergäudung sollte ich eigentlich einen Stern Abziehen.
Der Filter ist in dem Etui noch zusätzlich in einer Zellophantüte eingepackt. Die alt bekannte, ärgerliche Zellophantüte, in die nur solche ihre Produkte packen die sie noch nie selber ausgepackt haben. Die berühmte Tüte mit dem selbstklebenden Falz, der jedem der es zum ersten mal macht wg. der statischen Aufladung beim Herausziehen des Filters auf das Glas patscht. War der Falz auf dem Glas hat man auch den Kleber auf dem Glas und darf dann erst mal Putzen. Versteh ich nicht, dass Firmen das immer noch machen, sollte dafür eigentlich noch einen Stern abziehen, aber das würde dem Produkt an sich, absolut nicht gerecht. Das Mikrofasertuch ist übrigens ebenfalls in so einer sch... Tüte also ebenfalls Vorsicht wer will schon ein Reinigungstuch mit Kleber Resten drauf.

I have purchased several of these UV filters in different sizes. They are well designed, and very thin, much thinner than the Hoya or B+W filters. As for optical quality, they seem to be just as good as any of the Hoya UV filters that I have also purchased. I haven't noticed any changes in how my lenses perform, including some of my more expensive lenses. I can only highly recommend these filters.

Filtro sottile e ottimamente realizzato. Non si vede quasi quando è primo approccio mi pare ottimo,come altri che già ho della stessa marca. Prodotto di alta qualità, consigliato.

Is it me or the filter make the picture more blurry I bought the filter june 2019. I look a lots of my photography this winter and they seem not that sharp as the one previously take without it. Now I can even take it off, from my Sigma 150-600 mm. I'm sure I didn't tighten it too much.

I have purchased and now have experience with 4 of these in different sizes. I am a very fussy photographer and these filters work as described.
While I can't verify that these are Schott glass, the glass is indeed planar and exhibits evidence of good coatings when viewed at an angle. Looking straight through them the image is perfectly clear with neglible reflections which is important for a DSLR.
Photos taken with them on compared to them off reveal no image distortion even with pixel peeping and no change in exposure settings so the claim of 99+% transmission is probably correct.

je l'ai reçu vendredi je l’installe de suite mais avant je vérifier ça teinture sur une page blanche,
juste pour voir si il a une teinte importante qui peut éventuellement modifier les images de mon D750. sur le 150/600 T
il n'en RIEN DU TOUT pas de teinte du verre posé sur la feuille.
je le monte délicatement ,il est très fin je prend soin de pas le faire tomber ça serai dommage .
Le liseré doré jaune est très esthétique.j'adore.
pas de Flare ni de lumières parasite, un filtre idéal et pas de différence sur l'image finale.
je ne connaissait cette marque c'est bonne surprise.Certain filtres sont identique mais...C + c . . .
habituer à mettre d'autre marque sur mes objo c'est le seul qui n'a pas de teinte dans la masse.
Pour les futur acquéreur je le conseille sur tout les diamètres.
"Photo graphe" depuis presque 40 ans j'en parle avec sincérité et expérience.
merci fivepoint et JongSun S-Pro HD Nano
Bien cordialement

Es bueno, se nota calidad de imagen, venía en una funda de plástico ven una funda, y viene con una funda pa limpiar el filtro o el objetivo.

Habe mir den Filter wegen den Rezessionen gekauft. Bis jetzt kann ich nichts beanstanden. Macht was er soll. Keine Streuung von Licht oder irgend ein Unterschied zu Fotografieren ohne Filter. Preis Leistung finde ich ok. Ob er Kratzfest ist kann ich nicht sagen.

Super Filter. Preis top. Ich kann keine Unterschiede in der Bildqualität mit oder ohne Filter feststellen.
Klare Kaufempfehlung.

The colors of the pictures on the webpage are a bit inaccurate. The circles on the filter are yellow. In fact, this circle is golden, similar to the gold circle of a Nikon lens. The filter is ultra-thin, and it does not affect the use of the lens cap at all, nor does it affect the picture quality. Much better than haida's 95mm uv filter.

Fit the camera.
Happy with the purchase.

This filter simply does what it is supposed to do, mainly protect my telephoto lens. It also comes with a nice carrying case

qualità pessima! per il prezzo poi...