Gobe 67mm Circular Polarizing (CPL) Lens Filter (3Peak)


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  • SUPERB ANTI-REFLECTION | Cuts out 99.9% of polarised light for better contrast and colour balance. Adjust the level of polarisation by rotating rim.
  • GOBE 3PEAK | Made with premium German SCHOTT B270 optical glass for supreme clarity. Suited for professional lenses and all telephoto lenses.
  • 16 LAYER NANO COATING | Provides neutral colour balance, reduces lens flare, removes ghosting, and protects against scratches, dirt, and grime. Backed by our lifetime warranty.
  • NO VIGNETTING | Consciously designed durable magnalium rims are double-threaded for stacking and slim profile to avoid vignetting.
  • PLANT 5 TREES | Buying with Gobe helps fund local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation – help us reforest the world, one product at a time.



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Cuts 99.9% of polarized light for better contrast and color balance. Adjust the level of polarization by rotating the rim. Recommended for telephoto lenses.

cpl, cpl filter, cpl filters, polariser, polarising filter, polarization, polarizer, polarizing

cpl, cpl filter, cpl filters, polariser, polarising filter, polarization, polarizer, polarizing

cpl, cpl filter, cpl filters, polariser, polarising filter, polarization, polarizer, polarizing

Top Benefits

Cut reflections

Our CPL cuts polarized light from water and glass surfaces for better contrast and saturation.

Vibrancy and contrast

Our polarizing filter boosts color saturation and vibrancy for more vivid images, and cuts out polarized/reflected light for more contrast and a more dramatic image.

Coated German SCHOTT glass

German B270 SCHOTT glass for ultimate image sharpness. 16-layer nano-coating providing superb anti reflection capabilities, scratch resistance and exceptional protection from water, dust, rain, and dirt.


Made for telephoto lenses

Our 3Peak range is made for professional lenses. That makes it perfect for telephoto lenses with focal lengths 100mm and over with no image degradation.

The 90-degree rule

For maximum polarization results, the sun should be at 90-degrees to your lens. To check, make an L with your hand, point your thumb at the sun and your index finger is the max polarization angle.

Best results

If you can’t see much polarization, try a different position in relation to the sun, or a different composition. Keep rotating the filter to find the best point of polarization.

Positive Impact

Plant 5 Trees

Buying a Gobe product funds local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation including Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Mozambique & Indonesia.


All trees are planted by a team of local workers, providing vital employment while rejuvenating the world's wilds.

For a cleaner, greener future

Trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere, provide food and shelter, reduce the effects of droughts and floods and prevent water pollution.

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Why Gobe?





All Gobe filters are made from premium optical glass and are finished with industry-leading nano-coating technology. Gobe's magnalium rims feature a slim profile to avoid vignetting. They are engineered to ensure a smooth rotation and are made with an ergonomic grip for fast, accurate adjustments.

Conscious Design

Gobe makes premium camera accessories for creators who care about the environment. Gobe’s minimal, intelligent and low impact designs are made for the unpredictable conditions of outdoor creating. Each of our products is designed and refined to serve a specific purpose so you can focus on your craft with absolute trust in your equipment.

Backed for life

The best way to make a sustainable product is to make it last a lifetime or more. Our products are backed for a lifetime so you can trust our products and lower your environmental impact.

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Our Vision


To help people spend more time in nature with a camera in their hand

We have a simple vision with a big purpose. We want everyone to spend more time in nature with a camera in their hands. Nature brings out the best in humanity. It calms the mind, inspires the soul, and heals the heart – it is our single greatest inspiration and we want you to join us in the fight to protect it.

Product information Size:67mm Product Dimensions 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.67 inches Item Weight 2.12 ounces ASIN B01ASRXU8S Item model number G67CPL3P

TL;DR: X4 if you have the money or NEED the best. Gobe if you're willing to correct white balance in post.

After recently deciding to buy a CPL for my camera, I whittled the available options down to two -- Gobe 3 Peak (Schott), and Breakthrough Photography X4.

On paper, the Gobe has the same specifications as the X4: Schott B270 Glass and 16 layers of coating.

The X4 boasts that it's coatings are unlike any other, and that it is able to capture the highest level of sharpness while maintaining perfectly neutral colors. Many comparisons have shown that the X4 is top dog against all the major players. However, I could not find a direct comparison against Gobe and hence decided to give both of them a shot myself.

Sharpness: I could not find any significant difference in sharpness between the Gobe and the X4. They are both spot on and do not appear to affect sharpness in the least.

Colors: The Gobe definitely shoots "warmer" than the X4. The X4 comes out neutral as advertised. If you seeking out-of-camera accuracy, the X4 wins hands down. However, the Gobe is only SLIGHTLY off, and it can be corrected in a single Spot White Balance click in your post processor of choice. Since most serious photographs will do some amount of post processing anyway, this is not a huge deal. I don't think the average amateur would even notice the difference without a side by side comparison, anyway.

Polarization: Both filters were very effective in removing glare in my tests. I could not find a significant difference between the two.

Production quality: Both filters are quality products, but the X4 wins here again. The grip portion of the X4 sticks out much further and it easier to screw on and off as a result. The Gobe is much more likely to get stuck on a lens with its design.

Extras: The packaging of the X4 was surprisingly hard to open and seems that they tried too hard to make it seem "nice". The amount of jostling that it took to separate the box parts was excessive considering that there is a $160 piece of glass inside it. Gobe on the other hand uses modest packaging and also plants trees with the money they make from their products.

Final opinion: The X4 is the better product but, for me, it is not worth the extra $100 that I could instead spend on adding ND filters to my collection. If money is no object or you demand the best, get the X4. If you don't mind a touch of white balance correction and a slightly lesser product in general, get the Gobe.

I have included some pictures of my tests. In all pictures, the order is: No filter, Gobe, X4. The car is demonstrating the polarization, and the text is a 100% crop to compare the sharpness.

Its 2019. Your worst fears have come true. A superbly developeded Chinese marketing and manufacturing scam has encompassed your values and dialed in all the buzzwords you the consumer want to hear when you drop more than $25 on a filter. They tout about their save the trees movement, the talk of the scott glass and layers of multi coatings. This is a bill of goods people, please run from this Chinese mediocre product. I have now spent several hours testing this filter on my A7rIII WITH 24-105 G lens and a thor labs vacuum sputtered optical resolution test plate. This filter produces an unquestionable resolution drop I have never seen on b+w cpl’s. I fell for a email sign up discount and went for this GOBE junk. Read these beatifully worded reviews and ask yourself if any kind of normal human actually takes time to punctuate and capitalise like what you see here. This company produces mediocre glass at a semi premium price. And thats the future ladies and gents. Chinese junk breaking into high priced markets. Wait for a company like optical limits to bust this market wide open, there are others on amazon selling filters as well.

Apparently amazon is even flooded with fake b+w stuff, im taking my photo equipment purchases to an actual photography distributor buying direct from suppliers. Thats it for me, im seriously pissed. Do not buy this GOBE its no bette than a cpl from amazon basics. I get the exact same resolution loss. Going to shell out another $40 and get a proper b+w now. The Gobe is going to be returned IMMEDIATELY.

I am not a professional photographer but I know quality when I hold it in my hands, and these Gobe filters are very good I think. I spent quite a bit of time shopping for lens filters recently, I was looking for the best quality to price ratio I could get, and I did not really want to spend more based on the brand name unless the difference in quality warranted it. In product descriptions for lens filters they will make all sorts of claims about quality, without any specifics as to the materials used in the product itself, such as the type of glass or the metal that makes up the frame. Sometimes they claim that they are coated, but don't mention how may layers. I guess that was a big selling point for me on the Gobe products, all the details are there in the product descriptions. I am no expert on glass, but the German glass sounds good to me. Something I do know quite a bit about is metallurgy, and these are made with a aluminum/magnesium alloy. Adding just a small amount of magnesium to the alloy will make it quite a bit tougher. One more thing, the hard plastic case with a closed pore rubber insert to store the filters in is very nice. I did not see that in the product description, but I like the storage case a lot.

I ordered the 77mm CPL from US Amazon, shipped to Japan where I live. It arrived in about 10 days, which is faster than average, neatly packaged, & clean (some reviews have said theirs had oil or scratches, but mine was clean as a whistle.) I've only had a chance to take it out once to get some snowy river shots, but here are my thoughts so far:

PROS: Great optical quality, no noticeable degradation. Rich, even tones. Made the clouds pop & cut the highlights on the river. For the cost, I can't imagine finding a better performing CPL. The 5 trees they plant for each purchase is an added bonus. Great communication from the company regarding shipping as well.

CONS: The only con is that it can be difficult to remove the CPL from the lens. Granted, I've only just received it & maybe with practice I'll get the hang of it, but it's really on there. I still give it 5 stars, because having it securely attached isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just a bit of a struggle to remove.

OVERALL: Low cost, high performance, great company, 5 new trees in the world. What's not to love?

I have now bought x - sizes of both ''standard'' Japan Optics and Schott- GOBE Filters. UV, CPL and NDX are my preference. I have written a detailed review before, on AmazonUK and AmazonDE and can only reiterate what I said before:

100% excellent products, optically and mechanically well made, great Marketing Strategy ( Growing Trees) and in not a single filter up to now have I found a fault ( and I am well over 2 dozen now). Optically they can compete with anything out there - I have compared them to my B&W/Nikon/Hoya-Filters of various grades. The only difference is: the GOBE's are vastly cheaper! So, for us Brand loving money wasters: there is NO REASON NOT to buy the GOBE Filters!

I had a problem with a delivery going wrong thanks to UPS - GOBE Customer Service sorted this fast and perfect.

These particular SCHOTT - GOBE-filters belong among the best of the ''big boys'', in terms of value for money they are the best- no two ways about it.. Schott is right up there with all the Nikons,Canon's, Leica's and Swarovski's and is very well known and highly regarded in Astronomical Telescope-Optics, Medical optics and has even been introduced into Optics for Weather-Satellite use. - and that you get for a good bit lesser money than you have to pay with most ''better known brand''-filters.
I myself had to learn that my ''beloved brands'' are not necessary the only excellent option out there.. sometimes a ''no name''- brand can take you by surprise. Then again: ''Japan Optics'' is not really a ''no name'' if you look who is behind them and just like Schott, has built a reputation all over the world we here just not necessarily are aware of..... it is all down to marketing and believeing what we are told to buy!

Again - I can only recommend these.

This is the most annoying poor quality filter i've ever bought.

I've never experienced any filter stick on a lens or other filter but this filter takes an absolute age as it sticks on everything. I've had it stick on stepup rings, expensive lenses, very expensive lenses, expensive decent filters, no matter what this is screwed into it will stick and be an absolute bitch to remove. Today it welded itself to a 10 stop B+W filter, i was just about to cut it to pieces in order to save my good filter but i managed to get enough leverage onto it by forcing a screwdriver into the grip on the filter which gave enough purchase. Safe to say i'm going to sling this filter and take the hit on the expense and go on the hunt for one made by a respectible manufacturer.

I read some advice a while ago; buy the best filter you can sized to fit the largest filter thread you have. I chose the Gobe 82mm Circular Polarizing filter to fit my lens with the widest filter thread; a 16-35mm. To switch it down to fit my other lenses I use Step Up Rings which are inexpensive filter rings. Besides the filter Gobe emailed me a 6 month premium trial account for dphoto which is a photo archiving service. They also use some of their profits to plant trees; after my purchase i had an email saying 10 trees were to be planted as a result.

I have used a few CPL filters with my landscape photography over the past few years; they are a constant in my bag. The Gobe filter is a step up from the cheaper filters I have used in the past. Using high quality Schott filter glass; mounted in what feels like a robust and high quality filter holder. Unlike some cheaper filters the frame is taught; there isn't any wobble in it; the threads spun onto my lens cleanly without sticking from badly machined threads. Once its on my camera the rotating filter section rotation is silky smooth. When you stop turning the thread it holds its place; the lack of wobble improving the image quality.

To give the filter a whirl a difficult first real world use; I took it down to the local Rowing Regatta held on a sunny April morning by the river. This gave me a chance to spin the filter around and make the best of the suns reflections on the water. Spinning the Gobe CPL filter around to find the sweat spot; it was was easy to find as the water became darker and the reflections drastically reducued making the shots of the rowers increased separation from the water. The smooth filter made it easy to change the rotation as i panned to take shots (the image of the Swan taking off was a split second event of the bird taking flight; the reductions in the reflections make it look far better to my eyes) I have tagged a couple of photos taken a sunny day. Common with all CPL filters you are removing light from the photo so you have to drop the aperture or bump up the aperture - especially when taking pictures of moving subjects (something away from my more normal Landscape photography.) With photos and video the Filter gave a very uniform effect over the entire frame on stills. When shooting 1080p video taken on my Canon 6d the good news continued there wasn't any banding and the reflections are nicely reduced over the frame.

The Dphoto trial and tree planting are interesting extras that others don't offer; the filter is the main event though and the Gobe 82mm does a remarkable job. The river was shining from the sun for most of the photos but the filter removed the reflection and really make my subjects stand out against the water. Shooting city of rural landscapes, or rowers by the river, with the Gobe CPL you will get the benefit of reduced reflection from windows; or bluer skies.

Gobe has become my filter of choice, mostly UV filters for my pro lenses, using their top of the range Schott glass at very reasonable prices. They are incredible value, beautifully presented and you and they are doing a bit for the environment.

I"m not a landscape photographer so didn't fill in that question about the polarising filter I purchased as I mostly shoot in the built environment, but the quality is top notch. No colour cast, very slim frame to use with wide and ultra wide angle lenses with little to no vignetting and great light transmission. A good polarising filter is a must have, it's something that you can't replicate post processing so it's great to see this filter match their UV filters for quality.

I use Lee ND filters and ND grads in my work so I like a good filter and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Gobe, whatever version you buy, from budget to Schott glass, quality control seems excellent, consistent and I've bought a fair amount of their filters over the last year and they can't be faulted.

At their price they they are a revelation and a no brainer to invest in.

Very effective at reducing glare from reflective surfaces and also cuts haze to nice effect too. I've noticed no colour casting. Turning the filter to increase/decrease its effect is suitably smooth. The threads are well made but usual caveat, beware over tightening it onto your lens. This would be a pig to take off again if you nipped it up a little too tight.

The protective case it comes in is good quality and light weight. Protects the lens nicely when not in use.

My only disappointment, the card that usually comes with Gobe products for planting trees wasn't in the packaging. I've had it with all other Gobe products so I was a bit sad about that. Great product though, 5 stars.

I have purchesed Gobe filters before usually N D and found them consistently excellent.
This time I bought the 52mm polariser. I find it the most important and consistently used filter. I am a pro photographer who cut his teeth in the film era. I find a lot of my work is highly reflective I always use a polariser with studio lights and with Gobe filters, I can always keep the high quality my clients need. Thank you Gobe for making them so affordable.

I'm not going to go into technical details about the glass used, multi-coating etc etc, because all I know is what I've researched like most other people. It's good quality, on par with more expensive brands but at a competitive price.

Now for the details that I can describe, The packaging is quite plain but still gives of an air of quality to it.
The construction is very good, very light (I have the 62mm version so quite small).

Not a very deep thread on the filter, so can be a bit of a fiddle to get on. I would think the bigger the filter, the easier to attach although this is not a big deal, just need to be careful, take your time and not cross-thread. The filter is very smooth to turn, no gritty feeling at all, with a good dampened feel to it.

The filter seems to have a 1-1/3 stop reduction in light and will be interesting to see how much of an polarizing effect it gives outside.

I've done some quick none scientific tests with it (Not had time to go anywhere decent to try it out).

There is a slight colour temperature shift, but nothing I would consider a deal breaker.

From the tests I have done there maybe a very very minute, minuscule reduction/ghosting in the image quality. I'm not 100% sure though because I only have a 1080p monitor and to be honest I had to stare and the images for ages to try and see any difference, and in some places the filtered pictures looked sharper (filtering of light maybe?).

Anyway you will not see any reduction of image quality to speak of.

So I would say apart for the reduced thread to screw into a lens this filter is a winner.

GOBE also seem to have a good policy for helping the environment, so happy to purchase for them.

The main reason I chose GOBE was their environmental ethics. With 5 trees planted for every item purchased, they are well worth the cost, and do not disappoint in quality. As a semi professional photographer robustness and optical quality are key, the metal construction and the high quality glass give you confidence that you can get the shot when you need to. The SCHOTT optics offer the best quality available and is well worth the premium.

I mainly use the CPL when photographing cars to reduce the reflections from the windows and body panels, but polarising will also increase saturation in blue skies and other bright subjects, it is worth noting that you will need to adjust exposure to compensate for the reduction in light.

I needed a Circular Polariser for my newly acquired Fuji 100-400mm lens. Being a 77mm thread size, my usual preferred make was extremely expensive, so based on the reviews, I elected to try a Gobe filter. It appears to be very well made, is very slim, which would make it very suitable for a wide angle lens and at very reasonably priced. Time will tell how it performs, especially against much more costly rival makes, but initial impressions are very positive. I will endeavour to update the review when I have had sufficient time to use it more.

Super filter, beautifully presented in an outer cardboard box, foam lined metal case AND cleaning cloth!!
I see no hint whatsoever of "yellowish" or "greenish" caste to any of my pictures, in fact have taken multiple shots of the same landscape with/without the filter and can only say that the clarity and overall depth of colours is vastly improved WITH the filter! Quite frankly, I think some people only post negative reviews just to "crab" a product and drop it's star rating!!!!!

At a fraction of the price of a premium brand I was dubious initially of the quality and its performance - I needn't have worried. Seems like an ethical company too and whilst they may not have the absolute quality of a Hoya or B&W in my opinion, they still perform exceptionally well and will continue to use these because the difference is marginal.

The image quality is great, I have used cheaper filters that produce magenta colour cast for the ND filters these have negligible cast which if apparent is easily corrected in post, the circular polariser is a little stiff to remove but I use a rubber band to give extra purchase this is a common issue with all screw-in polarisers.
I like that the company plant trees with every purchase which was a factor when purchasing my new filters, if we don't look after the planet there will be no landscape to photograph.

Really disappointed with this filter, especially considering it gets 4.5/5 stars on average. My biggest frustration is the yellow and slightly green colour cast you get, it's ruined some shots that I will never get the chance to take again. I've done my best in PP to remove it, but it's still not great. It works OK as a polariser but not as well as others that I have used in the past, and it also blocks more light than other polarisers that I've used before. This may be a good thing if you're wanting slow shutter speeds, but not so good on the while imo.

Brilliant Product
I've had a fair few filters from Gobe. They've all been great as well as this one. No colour casts and and removes reflections very well. I chose to go with the more expensive on as it it reduces glare better on a telephoto lens than a cheaper model does. Nothing to complain about really, the filter thread may get stuck sometimes with step up rings however this is only a minor problem and can be fixed easily.

Also Packaged nicely in a flat metal tin, perfect for keeping in the bag as it's so compact.

I'd recommend

Great CPL filter - does the job - it's a little stiff to move the filter around, but I guess it'll loosen up a little with usage.. Good packaging - like the idea of the trees planted. Couldn't see any difference really vs more expensive brands I've used before. Quite slim so good to prevent vignetting if you're shooting wide angle.