Synergy Digital Quick Battery Charger #SB-257, Nikon Coolpix L810 Digital Camera Battery Charger Replacement of 4 AA and AAA NiMH 2800mAh Rechargeable Batteries, with Charger


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  • Replacement of 4 AA NiMH 2800mAh Rechargeable Batteries, with Charger
  • Item Includes: 4 each AA NIMH 2800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries, 110/240 Quick Rapid Charger for NIMH Batteries, EU plug.
  • Green Light Will Indicate When Fully Charged
  • 3 Year Warranty


Synergy Digital

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AA and AAA NiMH Quick Battery Charger - Includes 4-pack of 2800mAh Rechargeable AA Ni-MH Batteries - 110/220V.

Product information Package Dimensions 7.2 x 4.6 x 1.8 inches Item Weight 2.4 ounces ASIN B0079TAKM8 Item model number Coolpix L810-SB257

It's hard to find a better value in the rechargeable battery world. The charger is excellent. Relatively quick charging, with indicator lights that tell you when it's charging and, when it's done.(you really want this feature in a charger) When not in use the electrical plug folds flat into the charger. Makes storage more convienent. The included batteries are fine. Heck, they might be excellent, I ain't gonna spend an infinite amount of time compairing batteries. I can tell you the higher the mAH rating the more "juice" they got. 2800 is pretty darn high. I purchased additional batteries(can't remember brand) with a lower mAH rating that I charge with this charger also. Have converted entire household over to rechargeable. Couldn't be happier. In response to people who mention they don't last long in digital cameras. Digital cameras suck the "juice" out of a battery faster than a teenager can suck the funds out of your bank account. It's not the battery, it's the camera.

This was a good deal for the price. I bought this because the batteries were rated at 2800mAh. This would be a very good price for the batteries alone if they were actually 2800mAh rated. I have a Powerex smart charger and it reads and displays the actual mAh of the battery. These are only 1700mAh. Not bad, especially considering most of the battery manufacturers overrate their batteries.

So for the price if you need some rechargeable batteries and a charger, this a good starting set. These will last about the same time as a generic Alkaline battery.

Even though I felt these were a good deal, I took off 2 stars on the rating because of the false labeling of the battery rating. If they had rated these truthfully at 1700mAh or 1800mAh, I would have given them 5 stars.

I had not had time to use the charger prior to being out of the country. On my return, I wanted to use the recharged batteries. The Synergy charger did not charge the Synergy batteries and the Synergy batteries didn't work. I bought another charger and confirmed the Synergy batteries were not chargable. Non of my rechargable batteries worked with the Synergy charger and the Synergy batteries did not work with another charger. The new charger was able to charge a variety of other batteries.
The vender policy says I can only get a partial refund less shipping to and from. Does that mean I have to pay more to get rid of it? Clever! From some vender's point of view, better than standing behind the product.

Don't throw your money away on Synergy products

Update: I tried to go direct to the manufacturer / importer. Synery Digital does not answer their email (the contact option on their website), nor do they answer the phone during their 9-5:00 business hours (I called at 4:30 PM wednesday).

So the Ebay vender is a dead loss as is the company direct.

So I first purchased 1 set of these batteries in November of 2012. Reason for the purchase was that I wasn't to happy with the LENMAR 2700MAH batteries that I purchased at a local Frys electronics store. When I tested the lenmars, the voltage discharge rate could not remain high enough to run my childrens electronics such as their leap pads, and leapster game systems.

So I did some research and it came down to either these synergy batteries @ 2800MAH, or the sanyo eneloops @ 2500MAH.

I thought why not try the synergy's they have a much higher MAH than the eneloops, and as long as voltage can stay somewhat consistent so that the kids game systems don't shut down early I would be fine with them. These batteries also are 45% savings compared to the sanyo's.

I am very impressed with the synergy batteries and since have bought 2 more sets from this vendor.

To date none of the batteries have shown defects. They work great in my kids toys, and their toys run about 1.5~ 2 hours longer than they use to when I used the lenmar 2700MAH product.

I highly recommend and since have had friends purchase from this vendor as well. I highly recommend this product over duracell, energizer, Rayovac, sony, and lenmar. These are up on the level of sanyo eneloops maybe just a little less effective in the high rate of discharge that the eneloops can produce, but it gets the job done. It is the biggest bang for your buck.

If my kids are happy and not complaining, I am happy with no complaints.

Thank You

These are terrific batteries. This was purchased with a Nikon L830 as a gift. While there were other choices we had previously purchased 2 of them for ourselves. They have been charged too many times to count but enough for us to question if there is a "lifespan" for them! So far so good! They also charge faster than most. Well then why only 4 stars and not 5? We have found it very difficult to remove the batteries once they are charged; that is the only complaint. Will definitely buy them again - if we need to! ;)

Very reasonable price.
Very compact size - fits nicely at the bottom of my smallish camera bag.
Completes the battery charges in reasonable time.
Good capacity batteries [2800mah] come with it.
Easy-to-see lights that indicate when charging is complete.
The European adaptor will come in handy.

Caution: The Euro adaptor is a separate piece that could be easy to misplace. I just used a little scotch tape to be sure that it stays with the charger. You will want to reset the camera to use NiMH batteries instead of the default alkaline batteries. Remember to remove the plastic covering on each battery before charging.

I've gotten five of these and I'm loving every minute of it no more batteries that are only 70% used up and the than the ones I got the small bucket which could still be used not in flashes but TV remote controls and other devices these batteries have charged at least 60 times each and having five sets of them for use with my camera flashes and the extra charge they give may not be as powerful and long-lasting as the Energizer eight or nine times lithium batteries but it's a lot cheaper and more reliable