VKO Soft Metal Shutter Release Button Brass Compatible with Fujifilm X-T30 X-T4 X-T3 X100F X-T20 X-PRO2 XPRO-3 X30 X100T X100S X-E2 X-T2 M9 M10 Camera Black Red Dark-red 11mm Concave Surface(3 Pack)


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  • COMPATIBLE: Compatible with Fujifilm X-T4 X-T30 X-T3 X100S,X100F,X100T,X100,X-E1,X-E2,X-E3,X-T10,X-T20,X-PRO2,XPRO-1,X-T2,X-E2S,X10,X20,X30,SXT-2 etc.
  • COMFORTABLE: Concave surface shutter release button give you comfortable experience when shooting photos
  • SPECIAL: Package come with 2pcs rubber ring for each button, for Fujifilm X series cameras to ensure a tight attachment
  • MATERIAL: 100% made of quality brass, not the cheap aluminum alloy
  • TECHNOLOGY: It's polished and enamel painted,every color is really beautiful



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Size:Black Red Dark-red 11mm Concave

VKO soft release buttons ensures a comfortable finger touch at the top of your camera. The soft release buttons are made of brass. This series soft release buttons are divided into two different shapes- concave surface and convex surface. Just screw the soft release button into shutter release button's threads and you will enjoy the soft and steady shutter release operation. In addition, it decorates your camera, which will make your camera look more stylish and elegant. After it is mounted on your camera, each time you capture a photo, you can feel its smooth soft surface. Additionally, the two kinds of release buttons with rubber ring.The rubber ring which is compatible with Fujifilm X series cameras to ensure a tight attachment, while not for RX1 series cameras.

compatible with Fujifilm: X-T4 / X-T30 / X-T3 / X-T2 / X-T20 / X-T10 / X-PRO3 / X-PRO2 / X-PRO1 / X100F / X100T / X100S / X100 / X30 / X20 / X10 / X-E3 / X-E2S / X-E2 / X-E1 / STX-2
compatible with Leica: M10 / M9 / M8 / M7 / M6 / M3 / M2 / M1 / M-E / M-P / M9-P / M-A / M-Monochrom / M Type 240
compatible with Canon: New F-1 / F-1 / AE-1 (FD mount)
compatible with Nikon: Df / M2 / F3
compatible with Sony: DSC-RX1R II / DSC-RX10 IV / DSC-RX10 III / DSC-RX10 II / DSC-RX10
compatible with other Brands: Minolta XD7 / Minolta SR-7 / Rollei (LM mount) / Olympus OM-1 / Hassellad 503CW

1pcs black ,1pcs red,1pcs dark red 11mm(diameter)concave surface metal shutter release button with 6pcs rubber ring, other accessories not included.

Product information Size:Black Red Dark-red 11mm Concave Package Dimensions 2.44 x 2.36 x 0.47 inches Item Weight 0.704 ounces ASIN B01MFHRFJJ Item model number VRB-BRDr11

Update 8/31 - 2 stars - after using the O ring provided to ‘enhance the security’ of the button to the body, the button popped off after I clicked the shutter and fell into a swampy abyss. I had just checked that the soft metal shutter release was securely attached. Beware—It’s not as secure as you think. I am beyond bummed. They should really sell these in a ten pack at a reduced price for a larger pack since these will pop off at some point.


Got these for my xt20. My prime lens essentially lives on the body and the lens doesn’t have IS. I noticed some of my photos were blurry, from movement and or breathing, which is annoying because you can’t tell in review mode in camera. The o rings help to keep the button screwed in—no issue at this time with it coming off.

These shutter release buttons have helped tremendously, along with holding my breath as I click the shutter. Plus, the colors are attractive and a good overall value for something that’s actually necessary and useful.

if you like the feel of a larger, convex shutter release button, these are for you. the fit is facilitated with the included rubber o-rings, ensuring they stay tight and don't inadvertently come off. the finish is excellent; evenly coated while the black and red feature a glossy look, the gray having a matte look and texture.

these are seemingly made of brass, although i can't be certain. i am sure they're not made of aluminum, judging purely by their weight in hand, compared to a known aluminum shutter release button of the same size. to me, that extra bit of weight makes a difference in the feel of my shutter release. combining the extra weight, surface area and profile results in damping the original feel of the shutter release and making it easier for me to get a controlled, shake-free release.

These are some solidly built buttons wich look great on my X-T20. Although each button comes with two o-rings, they come loose very quickly. I took my X-T20 with me for a trip and realized that the button started to get unscrewed pretty quickly. I tightened it again and again, but it was then just a matter of time until I lost the first one. If you find a red one in the Lincoln Center area in New York City--that's mine.

Update: Button number 2 is now gone as well. I am traveling again but this time paid even more attention to the button, checking multiple times per day. It was sitting pretty tight on the release until today, when it was suddenly gone. I am taking off a star--for the lack of a proper fit and the lackluster customer service.

It took me a few tries but I should have learned from my X-T20 to stick with VKO when it comes to soft release buttons. I bought a pair for the X-T20 and tried a different brand for my X100F and had to return them. The VKO ones fit perfectly and flush while others never seat properly. Save your time and money and get the VKO if you have Fuji X-series cameras.

I had previously bought a 2-pack of soft shutter buttons for my Fuji X30, but without the rubber rings, and promptly lost both as they unscrewed themselves and fell out. These ones (all metal with a nice glossy finish in three colors) come with two very small rubber rings/gaskets each (total of six for the three-pack). With the rubber rings, these buttons stay on tight and don't turn and loosen themselves. The buttons themselves are great...the shutter release on the X30 is sort of small, and these make it easier to take a picture without fumbling for the button.

The only reason I am giving them four stars is because these things are constantly coming loose and falling off. I've tried other brands with similar results so I think its just the nature of what they are rather than the product itself. They do help and look good if you can keep them in place.

These fit my camera perfectly and make it a lot easier to find the right button in the dark, since too many of them feel the same. I can also shoot pictures with gloves on with these. I got multiple ones because somehow other people loosen them nd lose them when they use my camera. I do not hve that problem as the buttons come with tiny rubber bands that keep them from turning on their own.

I use the red button on my Fuji X100F. The shutter release is easy to see, which makes it simple for others to take pictures of my family and me. This is a great accessory for the X100F

I bought the convex buttons.
These are very similar to JJC's rival product, in price, appearance etc.
My JJC button fell off after 20 mins (and was lost). My VKO button has been on my Fujifilm X100F for 4 weeks (and used 3 times a week). Both products have a rubber grommet(?) to reduce likelihood of it coming off.
I'm not saying the JJC is inferior. I can only say that, having learned my lesson, I routinely tighten the VKO during use. Having said that, the VKO rarely, if ever, feels close to coming off.

It's questionable if these do anything other than look cool but for that purpose as a bit of fun I am very happy. I bought a three pack and they came inside a little VKO branded box. Each button was individually packaged in a little bag with 2 little o-rings. They are indeed metal as advertised and feel well made. The paint looks to have been applied to a reasonable standard too so expecting them to stand upto some use. For the price I paid I am very happy and can recommend.

Makes using the shutter button responsive Good value

Looks good on the fuji XT 3

Good price, good quality, stays in an x100f just fine with included o-ring unlike what you read online, no real issue


Perfect in every way.

Just the job

Bien sans plus ,il faut faire attention car il ce devise facilement je l'ai presque perdu 2 fois !

Exactly what I expected. Packaged nicely in a box too. Perhaps they could have given a third colour other than Red...maybe silver

nice to have a variety of colours to choose from with this product.
Fits perfectly with my XT3, love the feeling of the button!


It’s good brass under the paint.

Liked extra O Rings and 3 Releases in a package.

Does what it’s suppose to do well.

Les boutons sont en plastique, ne sont pas métalliques comme indiqué mais les couleurs sont conformes à la photo. Livrés avec 2 joints par bouton.