Sony 8GB Class 10 UHS-1 SDHC up to 70MB/s Memory Card (SF8UY2/TQ)


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  • Up to 70 MB/s transfer speed
  • File Rescue downloadable software helps recover photos and videos that have been accidentally damaged or deleted
  • UHS-I Memory cards have been tested to achieve high levels of reliability and data integrity
  • UHS-I Memory cards are water proof and are designed to perform under a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Compatible with multiple SDHC/SDXC hardware devices



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High speed memory cards recommended for DSLR cameras and full HD camcorders. Designed for the advanced shooter to capture the moment as it happens. File recovery downloadable software helps recover photos and videos that have been accidentally damaged or deleted. Transfer Speed: Class1 (UHS Speed Class)|Class 10 (SD Speed Class)

Product information Capacity:8GB

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Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Name Sony Item model number SF8UY2/TQ Item Weight 0.4 ounces Product Dimensions 3.27 x 0.16 x 5.32 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 3.27 x 0.16 x 5.32 inches

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I have purchased many Sony memory cards, including the Sony Class 10 UHS-1 SDHC (SF16UX/TQN) back in 2013. This product, Sony 32GB Class 10 UHS-1 SDHC (SF32UY2), claims to be the newest version with speed 'up to 70MB/s' verses just 40MB/s previously. So I'm eager to find out just how fast it really is.

Front of the package I received says "Up to 70MB/s", while fine print on the back says "Up to 70MB/s read speed; write speed slower". I inserted the card into a UHS-compatible card reader, the Transcend RDF5, and benchmarked the card on both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. Here are my results:
On USB2 port: Read=34.8MB/s, Write=21.3MB/s
On USB3 port: Read=92.6MB/s, Write=21.5MB/s

In comparison, my older Sony UHS1 card shows Read speed of 47.3MB/s and Write of 20.55MB/s under identical test setup. That means the new card is almost 2x faster in Read, but its Write speed remains nearly the same as before. By the way, a Write speed of 20-21MB/s is relatively slow compared to most other UHS-1 cards I purchased in the past two years. (See the comparison chart I uploaded)

[Bottom Line]
In most applications, the Write speed is always the most critical limiting factor. So you probably will not see any performance gain by 'upgrading' to this new card. On the other hand, currently the new card is priced cheaper than the old one, so it is still a better value.

If you need a memory card for recording HD video or for use in DSLR, look for one that bears the symbol 'U3' (A big 'U' with a '3' inside). I have tested the Sony 64GB microSDXC High Speed Memory Card (SR64UXA/TQ) and its Write speed is 57.2MB/s - almost 3 times faster than this U1 card.

[Other Notes]
- The new card I received is made in Taiwan, same as the old version.

- The reported capacity of this 32GB card, according to my computer, it only 30.0GB. This is normal because computer people count one 'Gig' as "2 to the power 30", which is 7.3% larger than one billion. So 30GB actually comes to about 32.2 billion bytes, which is called 32GB by marketing people.

I bought a bunch of these about a year when they were 8 bucks on Amazon. I thought I was getting Sony quality. It sure looked like genuine Sony packaging.

Wrong. I've now had 3 cards that become corrupted. Fortunately, when I travel I take my cards out of the Olympus camera every couple days and copy to my computer (yes, I slide down the write protect tab before I put them in my computer) so I only lost a few pictures. No problems in the same camera with either PNY or Transcend cards.

I accept that cheap memory cards.can occasionally be bad. But 3? Sorry, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if a storage medium is slow or fast if it doesn't retain data.

Do not buy.

Purchased this card as part of my SD card upgrade program. This one came up on a one day sale.

First, the supplier used OnTrac shipping. Needless to say, OnTrac seems to have never heard of Prime shipping, since it took 5 days to come from Southern California to Las Vegas, NV. The prevailing winds could have blown it here faster. Ok, that rant is done.

Received the card today. It is blister packed with NO SD card case. For me, that is fine since I have other card cases to use.

What I like:
* Made in Taiwan by Sony.
* Sony discloses the bit/byte thing stating on the package that a 32 GB card will only show 28.8 GB (28.9 GB actually)
* Low Level Format done -- no bad sectors were detected on the card after formatting was complete
* Further, Sony states "up to 70 MB transfer rate per second" leaving the speed thing open ended -- better or worse than
* A file Rescue program download from Sony is available -- could be handy
* Class 10, UHS-1 card -- older standard, but better than many older cards

Not so good:
* Not a Sandisk card -- only a 1 year warranty (not 10 years for Sandisk Ultra or 30 years for SanDisk Extreme cards)
* Typical - non-responsibility clauses throughout using this product -- blah, blah, blah
* OK for 1080P video recording, but way too slow for 4K video recording

Overall, this card just works.

In all my years, I have had only one cheap, house brand card fail on me. They have been pounded by wind, rain, heat and cold without any issues. I can only see if this one will be the same. Thus far, it works.

The warranty issue is the sticking point for me and why I gave a 4 star review. Other manufacturers give far longer warranty's, but for the price, I cannot complain. Let's see how long it lasts.

06/29/2016 - Update

I have had some field time with this card over the past week. Took it with me on a trip up into the mountains around Las Vegas. Loaded into my Canon T5, I popped off about 150 pics and all were captured without issues. Auto bracketing with 3 shots per picture (JPEG set to the lowest compression setting), they were captured and written to the card without issue.

Didn't try video -- hard to look at rocks and flowers in videos. I will do that in the near future with some other subject to use as my sample. This camera does 1080P @ 30 FPS.

Thus far, this card is performing as expected. Prior to use, I performed a low level format of this card in my camera so as to insure the camera and card play nicely out in the field. Recommended prior to use.

2017/07/14 - Update

My warranty has now expired. This card remains in my Canon T5 camera and continues to work as expected. No errors or damaged pictures.

Let's see how long it will last.

I have used this card for a very short period of time with my Nikon 5500 DSLR. No issues with formatting. Card could keep up with the speed of the continuous shooting with the camera (probably 101-12 pics in each sequence). I was reluctant to order the card as some reviewers mentioned slow writing speeds. I don't go by the numbers reported by various software and their benchmark results. I evaluated the product in real-life usage and found this item to be excellent. Great price and quick delivery are just icing on the cake.

Very good price and all 3 we’re tested ok with forced bit writing (to prove they are the stated size and no fake etc).

Time will tell how long they last but at first glance, great price and great product.

Needed genuine sony memory card

Slow speed. It shows 70 mbps of speed but its slow.
On my mk3 it doesn't work as fast as i want for stills.
I shoot raw. And a raw photo size is max to max 40 mb. But still it hangs for 2 seconds before viewing. Not fast enough.

i used it to shoot 4k videos ...tested it hard......everythings good but some times it freezes ...but no undoing of my videos or pictures

Muy buena Memoria con buena velocidad de almacenamiento para los requerimientos de mi Cámara Sony

On recent trip to Masai mara the card crashed with lot of valuable snaps in it. Says format card, will lose all snaps

Proved a reliable accessory for my DSLR and Laptop
My son took photography classes and used almost consumed the 16 GB card each session.
This is very optimum

Good one. Little well built compared to sandisk. I've been using sony on my nikon cameras from 3 yrs without issues. Worth the buy.

Better to go to it because over all performance and quality of the product is good...!

Excellent quality product

Bought from someone else

Ordered a Sony SD card as shown in the picture. What I received is a Samsung SD card of same specifications which is incompatible for my use.


Very fast delivery and great product.

Came on schedule. Free pouch was useful, as I already had quite a few SD cards stashed here and there in my draw. Helped me to have them all in one place.