Sony NP-BG1 Type G Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack for Sony W Series, Digital Cameras


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  • Compact Type G InfoLithium rechargeable battery pack for the Sony DSC-N1 Digital Camera
  • Maximum Output Voltage- DC4.2V
  • Quick Charging
  • Battery Capacity : 3.4Wh
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The Sony NP-BG1 is a Type G InfoLithium rechargeable battery pack for compact Sony digital cameras such as the DSC-N1. It has a battery life of approximately 270 images or a viewing time of approximately 200 minutes. It is enabled for Accupower for displaying the amount of minutes for remaining battery life. It has a power rating of 3.6-volts, 3.4-Wh (960 mAh) with no memory effect. The battery can be charged with BC-CS3 battery charger or CyberShot Station cradle (sold separately).

Product information Product Dimensions 8.6 x 3.9 x 1 inches Item Weight 0.945 ounces ASIN B000BOLHH0 Item model number NPBG1 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Paid high price to try to get a useable battery ($29). This battery was no good. It did not hold a charge. It "charged" in a few minutes, which is not normal. It usually take 5 to 10 hours to charge. When put in the camera it discharged from full (4 bars), to only 2 bars in 2 hours! After a day in the camera, with no camera use at all it was at zero charge. Also abnormal was that this battery did indicate "minutes remaining" when in my camera. This model should not do that. Not a problem that it did, but it shows something wrong with this part number! The packing looked to be authentic Sony, but it may have been a fake. I am really frustrated, I just don't know where to buy a useable battery!

Wasted a lot of money on a Sony Camera & optional lenses that only fit a particular camera here today gone tomorrow. Can't find decent replacement batteries or chargers for them. Warning for Sony Camera buyers as with other Audio/Video products technology changes quickly. Certain Camera last longer on the market, but most don't. The Sony Camera I got was fast becoming out of date & all the optional lenses, lights, cables, but when you can't get decent batteries &* chargers for them what good is a perfectly working camera for. I'll wind up throwing it all away except for the backpack I bought for the camera & all the accessories I could buy.

I've already submitted feedback to seller that packing/delivery was good, but I'm not sure about the quality of this battery which appears to be the same as the original SONY battery I got with my digital camera - but - it must be just a big larger because it took 3 tries to get it in my camera. Plus, a battery icon with a diagonal line thru it shows on the camera display, even though I was able to take a series of pix and import them to a file. The original battery just started having a short life after re-charging, so I ordered this battery. I haven't used it enough yet to know how long it will hold a charge. But, I don't feel as comfortable as I did with the original SONY battery.

I bought this battery and didn't open it until I went on vacation a few months later. Charged it and put it in the camera and it didn't work. The camera didn't recognize it as a real sony battery. All my other batteries work but this one. I wouldn't buy from this company again.

I bought this battery in late November, 2013. It worked fine until the last time I used the camera in July, 2014. Last week the camera would not turn on. I tried to remove the battery but it was stuck in the camera. When I finally got it out, I discovered that it had swelled up quite a bit. I purchased the camera in 2009 and the original battery is still working. This new one is obviously defective but I am unable to return it to Amazon and have not been able to contact Dealzone to see if they would replace it. Very frustrating, not sure that I would buy this item again.

This particular "Sony" battery came with a partially peeled label and wouldn't fit. After I fixed that problem, I found that the battery only provides half as much charge as the Sony battery that came with my camera. I'm pretty certain that this battery is a counterfeit and Amazon should immediately investigate the vendor. I can't return it until I get back from my vacation but it's the first thing I will do when I'm home.

I guess I got a dud. This battery, after being fully charged and placed into the camera, shows a full charge and over 100 minutes of use available. After about five pictures, however, the battery is down to about three or four minutes remaining. The battery's label says SONY. Interesting to note, though, that the battery is difficult to get into the camera. The white/red label on the battery does not seem to be fitted very well, and buckles over when I have to push (too hard) to get it into the camera. Further, the battery does not slide out of the camera easily when it's time to remove it. My camera is the Sony DSC-HX30V.

I guess I got a dud (or a fake).

This battery is a back up for my camera. I take over 100 photos a week, sometimes 200 or more. So I need back up all the time. It fit perfectly, works fabulously, never a problem. Gives me the freedom to shoot as many photos as I need for my business.

This battery is not new! As these batteries are very expensive I was not sure what to do. The battery is in a camera. The original battery has lasted about 10 years. On that basis of course it isn't an expensive investment, however I have budgeted for a 5 year life. So far all is well. It arrived promptly and was as described.

Well, the camera for which I ordered this has given up the ghost! However, I sometimes found it difficult after a charge to get the cam. going again - I would receive a message telling me to use a genuine battery... This one looks genuine, and I hope it wasn't the fault of this battery which gave my camera such a short useful life - 2 years...

I bought these batteries few weeks back, just as a spare pair, battery arrived on time with proper packing. But performance is poor, fully charge batteries discharged within 20 minutes and cover just 30-40 snaps, this is when i use them in proper UK summer with temperature ranging between 20 to 25 C. Wastage of money, won't recommend.

I always use real Sony Batteries and they never let me down. Money well spent for safe flight friendly batteries.

I chose this battery as I needed a back up so I could keep taking photo's when I wanted to.The service was excellent and delivered on the date stated.The product is still going strong and makes life a little easier in photo taking.Thanks to all involved.

Despite the markings it which look the same as the battery that came with the camera this battery does NOT hold its charge for long. I have found I need to charge it 24 hours or less before I use it before it can be relied on. Not good but at least it did not cost much and now that I know its foibles it's still of use.

I was pleased to find this battery at such a good price. After seeing Fake Britain though I was concerned I might have bought a fake but sent pictures to sony who confirmed it was OK.

I like the fact that it is a rechargeable battery, I needed a battery asap and I am glad that I brought this product.

had my camera few years,wanted to try a replacement battery before i discard the camera
working as new.brilliant. few more years out of it yet!!

This battery performs as stated by Sony and has never let me down yet holds the charge
as expected and performs every time well worth the money.

this battery works in my camera unlike another cheaper battery that came with a charger. good value for money. would recommend

I bought it as a backup for my Sony Camera. I used it on a two week holiday taking movies, ordinary pictures and panoramic pictures. There was still a quarter charge left after my holidays.

There is nothing bad to say about the battery. It is identical to the original.

Good number of shots, about 300 with a DSC-H7. Essential as a second battery for anyone who plan to make a conspicuous number of photos.

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