Kingston Canvas React 128GB microSDXC Class 10 microSD Memory Card UHS-I 100MB/s R Flash Memory High Speed microSD Card with Adapter (SDCR/128GB)


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  • Ideal for shooting burst-mode photos and 4K video
  • Class 10 UHS-I U3 speeds up to 100MB/s read,80MB/s write (Speed may vary due to host and device configuration.)
  • Capacities2 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • Format FAT32 (SDHC 32GB), exFAT (SDXC 64GB-128GB)
  • Warranty Lifetime



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Style:Canvas React  |  Pattern Name:microSD Card  |  Size:128GB

Kingston's Canvas React micro SD card is designed to be as fast as you are, capturing 4K video or taking stunning burst-mode photos when the action doesn't stop. Whether you're using the latest DSLR, mirrorless camera, or flagship Android phone, you can be confident that your memories will be safe. It's available in multiple capacities up to 128GB.

Product information Style:Canvas React  |  Pattern Name:microSD Card  |  Size:128GB

Technical Details

Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Name Kingston Item model number SDCR/128GB Item Weight 0.008 ounces Product Dimensions 0.59 x 0.43 x 0.04 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 0.59 x 0.43 x 0.04 inches Color Black

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Here are the "good" and "bad" on this product.
1. QUALITY: In the past, Kingston brand computer memory chips are known for having the highest quality and reliability. The manufacturer's venture into microSDHC memory products continues it's stellar legacy.
2. PRICE: This product is the lowest price for brand names - $1 below SanDisk.
1. There are none. From experience, I have never experienced a defective Kingston brand product. In fact, my 2008 purchased memory chips and 2011 purchased microSD reader are still being used.

The description says SDHC. The picture of the product says SDXC. If you need this for a security camera type operation, it probably won't work as it's formatted in exFAT, and Windows will not let you change that. However, download EaseUS Partition Master, for free, and then you can format the card so it will work. Must use FAT32 file structure for the format. Once that's completed, it should work in your camera, etc. Again, Windows will not let you format it to FAT32. Use EaseUS Partition Master. Again, it might work.

Not sure what happened with this, I used to think it was impossible to get a bad SD card, especially from a company like Kingston. Well those beliefs have been dashed, this card exhibited issues from the very beginning but since I was using it in a Raspberry PI project I've never done before, I was thinking something was wrong with my linux install. Random files would come up corrupted, but not so many that I would think something was wrong with the storage hardware. Maybe 1 out of every 2,000-3,000 files would turn up with a bad hash (large database split into multiple small files). The app was able to recover/rebuild the lost database files each time so I thought it was no big deal. Well, not even two months in service and the card now refuses all writes when in the Raspberry PI. Oddly enough, it seems to only outright reject to work when I'm using Debian formatted to ext4. If I reformat it to NTFS and use it with Windows, it seems to be read and write at normal speeds. I ordered a new, different brand SD card and it ran without a problem. In fact, much of the slowdown and all of the issues I was having with the Raspberry Pi, that I was assuming were just due to the limited hardware on the device, turned out to be due to this bum SD card from Kingston. Maybe I just happened to get a card from a bad batch, maybe these cards are somehow incompatible with the EXT4 file system. Either way, for my use case, this card is useless.

Used this in my new game camera, it worked for the first week then we put it back out for about a month. When we retrieved it the card was unreadable and unable to be formatted. I do not reccomend this product. I tried using it several devices and it failed in all of them.

Purchased specifically for my Roku's and they worked perfectly. Roku sells MicroSD cards directly (generic 2gb), but with shipping, these faster 16gb cards were actually cheaper overall. I have 2 Roku 3's, and 1 Roku Premiere+ and I turned off each unit, inserted the card, then when I turned them each on I was asked to format the MicroSD card. That process took about 5-7 minutes and now that minor annoyance of refreshing channels is gone for good! :) And since these cards have more capacity (that Roku won't use), they may be more useful down the road for other applications too.

Upon 1st inspection it looks nice. It functioned well and had no real lag time on my camera. The card lost 2600 pics after the 1st shoot though.. I was rather upset as I had barely reviewed them. I managed to get a few loaded to my portable drive but now the rest are gone.. Seems to function fine now... Will not take a chance it when taking important pictures again. It will serve out life in a cheap deer camera in the middle of a forest.

As any properly paranoid purchaser of memory cards on Amazon (the world's biggest marketplace for counterfeits) does, I tested this card (32GB Canvas Select µSD) as soon as I received it. H2testw found no problems with a full device test, and reported write speeds of 17.9 MB/s and read speeds of 74.1 MB/s. CrystalDiskMark (everyone's favorite overstater of speeds) likewise resulted in write speeds of 19.6 MB/s and read speeds of 87.2 MB/s. These tests were run with my no name (technically "Unitek") USB-C multi card reader using the µSD slot (I didn't use the included SD adapter). Given that Kingston only promises 10 MB/s writes and 80 MB/s reads, this card is actually a bit faster than the specs would indicate.

Due to these test results, I doubt it's counterfeit. It doesn't have any of Kingston's anti-counterfeit imprints, though, so either Kingston doesn't bother with those on $5 µSD cards or this is a working counterfeit that appears as good as the product it's counterfeiting.

I just received it, so I have no idea how well it will hold up over time. I'm not going to be very rough on it, though, since it's going in my Roku in my basement.

Card works as expected, but seems a little slow compared to my other 32gb SDHC cards.

Arrivata puntuale e ben confezionata nel suo blister, con un utile e comodo adattatore, e' una microSD UHS-I da 32GB di classe 10 della KINGSTON.

Credendo di fare cosa utile per la Comunita' e per il sottoscritto, l'ho minuziosamente testata di persona (grazie alla collaborazione di due amici) e queste sono le conclusioni...

*) Ha un file system FAT 32 e la sua reale capacita' e' 28,9GB (ovviamente non 32GB) ... un po' meno rispetto a microSD da 32GB di altre ben note marche (29,7GB e' la reale capacita' della microSD della SANDISK e, addirittura, 29,9GB della microSD della TRANSCEND).

*) Usata nelle seguenti marche di smartphone (LG, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG) funziona bene e non crea alcun problema.

*) Usata nella macchina fotografica digitale, nell'action CAM, nel tablet e nell'ebook funziona egregiamente.

*) Tutti i sistemi operativi Windows (da XP a 10) la riconoscono immediatamente e senza la necessita' di alcun software e' "SUBITO" funzionante (ricordarsi la "rimozione sicura" prima di estrarla per non rovinarla).

*) Testata con il programma H2Testw la sua velocita' di lettura e' 86,79 Mb/s mentre la sua velocita' di scrittura e' 38,86 Mb/s ... ottimi risultati.

Per adesso la sto usando per conservare video e musica e posso dire che sono pienamente soddisfatto dell'acquisto, anche perche' il prezzo e' realmente competitivo (11,87 euro terza decade di giugno 2018).

Per ora assegno 4 stelle sperando che possa continuare a funzionare bene ancora a lungo, con la promessa che se dovessi notare malfunzionamenti sara' mio compito avvisare subito la Comunita'.

Spero che la mia recensione non abbia annoiato e che sia realmente "UTILE".

In data odierna (15.02.2019) assegno 5 stelle perche' continua a comportarsi bene, funziona alla grande e sono ultrasoddisfatto dell'acquisto.

Very disappointed to find I received an un-branded memory card after ordering a Kingston, I checked with an android app to make sure that the actual memory manufacture was Kingston or not and the app reported "unbranded" so not what was advertised, how ever so long as it works I really don't care at this price, sadly it looks fake as does not seam to hold more than 8Gb of storage, I am testing this on a laptop as I type this and will update accordingly.

Attention Kingston me confirme que ce sont des cartes de contrefaçons

Funciona bien, la he usado en una "action camera" (estilo go pro) y sin problemas. La compré con adaptador por 9,50€, y por ese precio creo que está muy bien. Las velocidades nada más sacarla del sobre:
Writing speed: 14.8 MByte/s
Reading speed: 62.6 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

No son maravillosas, pero sí más que suficientes para mi uso, y por el precio no se puede pedir más. La capacidad real, 28,9 GB de almacenaje. Supongo que lo de siempre, contar los GB como 1000 o 1024. En todo caso, y viendo el precio, suficiente para cámaras normales o dispositivos que no requieran una velocidad de grabación muy rápida.
Este es un comentario independiente, basado en mi experiencia, nadie me la ha regalado ni patrocinado, la tarjeta la he pagado yo íntegramente. Si te ayuda en algo, apóyalo dándole al botón de Es útil.

Adquirí esta tarjeta por tener la mejor relación capacidad/precio, entre las tarjetas de marca fiable, que encontré: 64 GB por 14,04 € en octubre de 2018. A lo largo del tiempo he ido descartando alguna marcas de tarjetas (marcas que serán muy buenas en móviles pero poco fiables en esto) por problemas de corrupción y pérdida de datos recurrentes, en varias unidades. Esto no me ha pasado nunca ni con Kingston ni con Sandisk, son las dos marcas en las que confío y entre las que selecciono por simple criterio de capacidad, velocidad y precio.

Sobre velocidad de escritura para el uso general la de esta tarjeta es más que suficiente, Cl. 10 y U1, que garantiza el uso en grabación de video FHD. Esta tarjeta va en un teléfono móvil que graba vídeo en FHD 1080p 60fps y va perfecta, sin tirones. Una mayor velocidad puede ser crítica si utilizamos una cámara réflex o de alta gama tirando fotos a ráfagas en formato RAW o vídeo 4K, o en usos más triviales, cuando queremos cargar pelis para ver en una tablet con frecuencia y no tenemos mucha paciencia esperando a que se tranfieran GB de datos.

Aprovecho para aclarar qué significan las cifras sobre velocidad que suelen aparecer en estas tarjetas:

· El 10 dentro de una C (clase 10) es la velocidad de escritura en MB/s, en este caso 10 MB/s. Típicamente se han encontrado clases 2, 4, 6, 8 y 10. Hoy en día casi todo lo que está a la venta es Clase 10, como se ha dicho el estándar exigible para grabar vídeo en Full HD en nuestra cámara o móvil. No hay clases superiores por esta clasificación. A esta velocidad de grabación pasar a la tarjeta una película HD en mkv de unos 2,5 GB nos llevará aproximadamente 4 minutos.

· El 1 dentro de una U significa que es UHS Speed Class 1. Esta cifra es un múltiplo de la referencia Clase 10, por tanto 1 x 10 MB/S. Se utiliza en tarjetas SDHC y SDXC, con un estándar diferente que sólo está activo cuando se conecta en un dispositivo de lectura-escritura compatible que permite mayores velocidades, múltiplos de la de referencia Cl. 10. Si en una tarjeta tuviéramos un 3 dentro de la U, ésta garantizaría 3 x 10 MB/s, por tanto 30 MB/s. En ese caso la misma película tardaría en pasarse aproximandamente 1 minuto 20 segundos.

Con esta Clase 10 U-1 en uso no he pasado de 10 MB/s, pero se ha mantenido muy cerca de éstos de forma sostenida. Es lo que promete el estándar con el que se vende y no se puede exigir más. En el blister se prometen 80 MB/s. Puede que los consiga en ciertas condiciones o con ciertos dispositivos de escritura, pero en en el caso general no se conseguirá. Estas velocidades son más factibles en lectores de tarjetas de dispositivos especializados, como cámaras de fotos de ala gama.

El formato de serie es exFAT, la variante de FAT32 que permite archivos de más de 4 GB. Puede que el móvil de algún usuario no lo soporte. Basta con formatearla en un PC a FAT32 y volver a introducirla en el móvil.

De momento funciona muy bien. Si falla lo reportaré aquí mismo y corregiré mi valoración. Para uso general en teléfonos y grabar video FHD es una elección estupenda. Quien quiera utilizarla para grabar vídeo 4K seguramente no tenga problemas, pero quizás debería buscar una UHS Speed Class 3 (un 3 en la U) para asegurarse.

Contrariamente a quanto detto da altri la microsd è veloce anche in scrittura attestandosi ad una media di 80MB-R/30MB-S.
Ne ho prese 3 e tutte danno valori simili.
Testate con un lettore USB3 della transcend.

Arrivata dopo un giorno con Prime, la confezione era ben protetta all'interno di una busta di cartone.
La Classe di velocità rappresenta il parametro originariamente usato, con un numero a seguire che esprime la velocità della scheda: 4 per 4MB/s, 6 per 6MB/s, ecc., in questo caso Class 10 indica 10MB/s. Con il termine UHS (Ultra High Speed) si fa riferimento alle velocità minime di scrittura per differenziare le schede fra loro. Ad esempio, la Classe di velocità UHS-I 1 ha una velocità minima di scrittura di 10MB/s. Contrariamente a quanto ho letto in alcune recensioni, non è necessario formattare la memoria prima dell'uso.
Montata sul Huawei di mia moglie, la velocità di lettura delle immagini in fase di creazione di anteprima non è da 3.0 ma non hai mai dato problemi in fase di scrittura. L'integrità dei file è assicurata. L'adattatore come accessorio da un valore aggiuntivo all'acquisto.
Per quanto riguarda la durata, ho acquistato altre MicroSD Kingston da 8/16/32/64GB e la più longeva ha quasi 3 anni, ancora nessuna si è guastata. Generalmente Kingston è affidabile e in particolare quando si tratta di memorie. In definitiva è esattamente come mi aspettavo ed il prezzo è davvero vantaggioso, consiglio l'acquisto!!!

Personalmente scelgo i prodotti Amazon dando molto rilievo alle recensioni e le gradisco soprattutto quando sono dettagliate. Spero di esserti stato utile.

The Kingston 32Gb micro SD card was tested using H2testw v 1.4. Passed no errors. Writing speed 13.5Mbytes, Reading speed 39.9 Mbytes. Quite satisfied with results (middle of the road SD card) only time will tell if it stands up to constant use in Dashboard camera set on constant loop.
UPDATE. 1/4/2019.
I checked this card each month for two months and all was well, I formatted it each time I removed it from the camera. I then left it in the camera for six months taking it out on 1st April to check it, it was still recording OK. It's been formatted and returned to the camera. This is being used in a rear camera, in my front camera I'm taking no chances. I'm using an endurance 64Gb macro SD card made and recommended for dash-cams, but they cost around £25. I will update in six months.
UPDATE. 6/9/2019.
On checking review camera's flashing red light I saw that it had stopped recording. Replaced SD card with a new one and camera started to work again, checked remove SD card on computer which showed it was full, only to be expected as camera is set on continuous loop. No data lost on card showing last recording was approx 1hr prior to camera shutting down. Formatted card and checked it on computer and it was receiving data. Will now use card for storage only. Well satisfied with this SD card.