JJC DMW-HGR2 Solid Metal Hand Grip Secure Handle Bracket for Panasonic GX85 GX9 DMC-GX85 DC-GX9 Camera,Anti-Slip Pads Design & Arca Swiss Type Quick Release Plate Design


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  • Made of premium aluminium alloy and microfiber leather - Provides a comfortable, stable and secure grip for long time usage
  • Can be used on universal tripod as it is dovetail QR baseplate(arca-swiss type) with an extra 1/4"-20 screw hole for universal tripod plate
  • Does not block the battery and memory access, it allows you access the battery and memory without taking it off
  • Chamfer design on the bottom - The cut outs on the bottom does not get in the way of the moving LCD or any of the camera controls
  • A must have accessory for anyone with medium, large and up size hands or those who worry about dropping these compact expensive cameras with sleek body



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Size:For Panasonic DMC-GX85/DC-GX9

This solid metal hand grip is specifically designed for Panasnic Lumix DMC-GX85 and DC-GX9 Mirrorless camera. It is made of premium aluminium alloy, which is sturdy and durable. The hand grip is anti-slip and can provide you with a kind of comfortable hand feeling due to the microfiber leather on its surface. After attaching the hand grip to your camera, you will enjoy a comfortable, stable and secure grip for long time usage. The accurate accesses on the bottom allow you to get to the battery without taking the grip off and you still have a standard 1/4" socket for mounting it on a tripod too. It also comes with a speaker hole for easily accessing to your camera speaker. Featuring chamfer design, the cut outs on the bottom does not get in the way of the moving LCD or any of the camera controls. This will be a very useful tool for anyone with medium, large and up size hands or those who worry about dropping these compact expensive cameras.

Product specification:

Net weight: 59g (2.08 oz)
Dimension: 124 x 45 x 57mm (4.88 x 1.77 x 2.24 inch)
Material: Aluminium alloy + microfiber leather

Package Includes:

Camera hand grip x 1
Instruction manual x 1

Compatible cameras: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85, DC-GX9 Mirrorless camera

Tip: Unlike the original Panasonic DMW-HGR2 metal hand grip which does not have an opening on the bottom, this JJC metal hand grip has an opening on the bottom that allows you to remove your battery or memory card without taking off the grip, besides this innovative feature, the bottom of this JJC metal hand grip adopts Arca Swiss Type quick release plate design and you can mount this hand grip to Arca Swiss System tripods directly.

To learn more about this product, please see a short video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGxipwvkRNc

Product information Size:For Panasonic DMC-GX85/DC-GX9 Package Dimensions 5.63 x 2.76 x 2.6 inches Item Weight 2.92 ounces ASIN B07ZHWGT2T Item model number GX9MR

This is my third gx9 grip and it's definitely the best. I only wish the grip part was the exact same shape as the official Panasonic grip, which feels perfect, but the lack of access to the battery and card slot is too annoying on that grip. The metal bottom on this one is also Superior to the plastic official grip.

I also bought a 3d printed grip that I will never use and is basically garbage. Too slippery, with a weird shape and all plastic. It did have cut outs for the battery/card but the official Panasonic was Superior in every other way.

Anyway, this is the best, 4.5 stars. Would be perfect if the shape were a little different.

The design and build quality of this hand-grip are simply outstanding. It fits my new Fuji X100V perfectly and also fits the X100F the same way. In the past, I've acquired expensive camera half-cases simply to improve handling, but this grip does the same job better than a half case and for less than half the price. The reason for "better" is that this grip design offers an open space on the bottom left side into which the left thumb tucks securely to create left hand stability to balance off the right side grip extension. Also, this grip is much less bulky than any high quality half case. Finally, I suggest X100 owners also buy from Amazon the X100V Haoge thumb grip (black or silver) and you'll have optimal X100 handling.

I can't give it 5 stars.

The GX85 camera really needed a bigger hump on the front to hold onto the camera. This frame goes a long way to fixing that. But it's too short and not wide enough. The front hump could have been as tall as the one on the camera and as wide and been perfect. Why make it smaller???

Otherwise, it does make holding the camera a lot easier and doesn't interfere with the battery and card door.

I saw this on some fuji user site, and it looked good with a decent price, so I took a chance.

This grip is very well machined, no flaws or burrs. It is also very well thought out in terms of allowing access to frequently used things like the battery door and the flip out LCD. Once installed, it can stay in place for good. Additionally, I got mine for my XT2, but it also fits the XT3, so a future body change will allow this to be used.

The mounting screw has a flip out tab to thread it into camera's tripod mount, and it also has a slot for a screw driver... I recommend adding a little torque with a screwdriver.

Mine did not fit my X-T3 due to tolerance fit issue. When fully inserted the screw could not be adjusted in the slot. By forcing it to slide I almost damaged my camera and scrapped the chamfers along the slot, please see photo. It could be just one outlier. Too bad, it is a well made grip otherwise. I am returning it however.

This grip is well made, fits perfectly, and matches the camera very well. Nothing is covered. You can still get to battery\card slot and the ports on the side. Also, you can still get a strap on it and you still have a tripod mount on the bottom. I am very pleased with this and highly recommend it. It's well worth the price. The grip feels about the same as the little small rubbery patch on the top right of the camera.

It's just okay. The grip is nice and being able to access the battery compartment with a tripod plate on is great, however, I found that no matter how tight I made the grip, it keeps loosening constantly. It's annoying having to re-tighten. I'm looking for a different grip.

attaches very well, very secure, easy on/off and well designed for the camera. definitely adds much needed grip and a bit more to get big paws on, but i don't know why they made the base area so bulky and kinda protruding. if they kept with the low profile form factor of the camera and kept everything but the grip part less bulky, this would be an absolute home run. i can't figure out why the base is so big and protruding outward. plus is that you can easily access the battery compartment while it's on, and overall the quality does feel very good. no regrets at all and i'll use it full time on the camera.

Fits perfectly on the Fujifilm xt3 and has a comfortable grip. I have slightly big hands so I wish it was a couple of millimetres thicker but not a deal breaker by any means. This will probably be a perfect fit for most people's hand.

It's solid, heavy duty, and has a nice grip. Also adds another level of protection to your camera if you drop it. My only issue is the tripod mount is not centered to the lens anymore (for taking panoramas you need to detach it or find a way)

Permit fit and design for my Fuji, adds much better grip and protection.

Doesnt fit properly even made a scratch ot the bottom front of my xt3