Olympus External Grip HLD-8 (consists of HLD-8G and HLD-6P battery pack) for the OM-D E-M5 Mark II


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  • Dust and splash proof power battery holder set for the OM-D E-M5 Mark II
  • Includes the HLD-8G grip and the HLD-6P battery holder
  • Grip is equipped with a headphone jack



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External grip and power supply for the OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Product information Product Dimensions 5.5 x 3 x 3 inches Item Weight 6.9 ounces ASIN B00STQY0G2 Item model number V328150BU000 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Olympus External Grip HLD-8 Review
I originally bought the 3d party grip for my EM5 ii. It was very usable and very affordable. However, It was not as comfortable as the Olympus grips I have on my OMD EM 10’s and not fitted as well. I initially decided to just buy the Olympus grip and give it a try even at the higher cost. I don’t and prolly will never need the earphone attachment cause I am primarily a still photographer. Shopping and looking at the option for the battery pack, considering my EM5 ii is a little short on battery longevity (comparing to my EM10 and EM1. I decided to go for the whole kit. I am very glad I made this choice. The grip fit is perfect for me and very comfortable. Add the battery pack, it adds some bulk but really not much weight. Extending the number of shots is awesome. Also, the added release buttons on the grip allows comfortable shutter activation in either landscape or portrait orientation. There is also an added exposure adjust, easy to reach in portrait orientation that really is great to have. The two added function buttons are also really a handy asset. So does it cost more? YES. Is it all worth It? YES. It also all balances nicely even when using the heavier pro series lenses. No matter what lenses I use the camera balance is really good. I just love when a plan comes together :)

I love the compactness of my camera. It is coat pocketable with a pancake lens on! Attach a PRO lens and this compactness becomes a shortcoming. The grip, which consists of two parts: landscape grip and portrait grip, comes to the rescue. In my experience the landscape grip it greatly improves handling even with a relatively compact lens like 12-40 PRO or 7-14 PRO. It becomes almost as comfortable to hold as a DSLR camera. Moreover, it does not add much weight, so that now I only take it off if the situation calls for compactness.

The portrait grip, when you put a battery in, makes the total weight approach that of a DSLR. I leave it off unless I shoot a time lapse movie, in which situation it is indispensable (a single battery lasts only about 300 shots). On the plus side, with the lower compartment attached, the camera becomes very nicely balanced when worn on a strap. In this configuration, a 12-40 PRO lens is not heavy and long enough to make it tilt forward.

So, in a way this extra gets you almost the ergonomics of an OMD-1 body but unlike an OMD-1 body you have the option to go small!

This product works flawlessly with my OMD EM5MKii. I like because it adds the extra or back up battery. The extra or larger grip is nice too, but haven't made up my mind if I want to drag it along with me to Europe when I go. There is something to be said for smaller and lighter on a European trip. Assembly and disassembly is not difficult, but some caution is advised. Have not tried it on my tripod yet, but there is no reason to believe that it will not be fine.

This the 2nd attempt to complete my review. It's a great product. Solid, precision form. Excellent for larger hands. A must have for field-work.

It's the most useful accessory so far for my OMD-EM5 MK2. I use it when I go on fairly long trips and want to minimize what I stuff in a bag in terms of loose items like the batteries and/or chargers.

When a trip to Havana, Cuba I shot and recorded video all day without changing a battery. Also makes my 12-100mm F4 easier to handle with the e-m5ii.

Love it, and surprisingly the camera plus this two part grip is not much different size-wise than a D800/D810 without a grip. I have big hands and this makes the camera much more ergonomic for me. I tried without the extra battery part but find the battery section makes the camera more satisfactory in the hands.

A great addition to the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, extra battery power and more to hold, it's great for bigger lenses

Really appreciated the availability of this product since back in the day used a similar (motor drive) attachment on my 35mm OM1 and Om2 cameras and my EM-5 was I felt always in need of a hand grip; so when I purchased anew Olympus EM-5ii in June 2019 I also purchased this grip and battery holder. On its first outing on a just competed Hebrides holiday after 2 days of use, about 50-60 images I picked up the camera to find the shutter button built into the grip had disappeared and found it inside the camera bag. It had dropped out without any excess or indeed any disregard for the camera, indeed I treat them with care and kid gloves. What seems to have happened from the two small self tapping screws that show through the shutter button recess that on assembly the plastic shutter button had simply stripped threads presumably because of being overtightened during manufacture.

I then had to revert to using the EM-5ii without its grip and spent the balance of the holiday taking almost 2000 pictures with the camera without its hand grip....the cameras shutter button of course still working

The Grip and battery box with its packaging has now been returned to Olympus under warranty so hope that it is rectified or replaced without huge delay....

It may be a one-off misfortune but very annoying for a £199.00 item..... so hence my one star for sturdiness.

This is a nice addition to the Olympus E-M5ii which give the dual advantages of better grip and feel with an additional battery. Not everyone will like it as, when it is mounted, the camera is almost as bulky as a standard DSLR. May people like Olympus cameras for their small size.
If the combination of camera and grip are to your liking, you are unlikely to use the camera without it.

Yes, it does seem very expensive for what it is, but it exceptionally well made and oozes quality. The grip and the battery pack (you can install just the grip, or add the battery pack under the grip) attach so solidly to the body of the camera you would think it was built that way. (a pity it wasn't in the first place, some might say).

It is solid, yet adds very little discernable weight or heft to the total weight. I have walked around a city centre today for 4 hours with the grip attached with the 14-150mm lens and it has been a joy to hold and use.

I envisage using the battery grip when I have any longer and heavier lenses attached. It will help balance the camera.

Worth the money, but like most reviewers, I only appreciated its value when I used it.

Frankly superb. Adds a lot of bulk but for me, makes the handling of the camera much easier and more ergonomic. A tip: once the battery in the grip is depleted, turn off the EM5/II before replacing it. Otherwise, the camera will not recognise the insertion of a new battery and will continue (until death) using the in-camera battery ;). Well worth the money in my opinion.

Great fit on my Olympus EM5 and seems to be working well.. however on reflection I do feel this item was massively overpriced - does make the camera more substantial to hold which is why I bought it.

If you are using older DSLR lenses via adapter you probably know by now it's not the most comfortable solution. This grip is a game changer! the camera is much easier to hold, and it holds an extra battery! :)

love it excellent


Very nice pricey grip/extra battery capacity.


I was super super nervous, do i want to spend $300+ on a piece of equipment that isn't a necessity for my already expensive camera that works fantastic by itself? The answer was YES! I had many questions which i was reassured only after hours of use.

Q) Will it be to big for my little hands?
A) No! it actually helped me grip better for both landscape and portrait mode. Both felt extremely comfortable in my hands and i felt i had a better and safer hand on my camera than previous.

Q) Is it a Bi*ch to remove the grip every time you want to charge both batteries?
A) In Short, No. It doesn't bother me at all. I read a review on here stating that only days after use the small prongs connecting the handles two compartments together were damaged and "not worth buying" to be honest you would have to be pretty rowdy with your equipment to bend down and break those small pieces.

Q) Does it come with the second battery?
A) No. I was expecting it to not to, Olympus sells them for around $70 canadian and so did my Local Camera shop, so i was able to pick one up the ay it arrived.

Overall I am pleased with the extended battery life and not bothered by the added weight to my camera. I haven't used it without the grip since it arrived.

es la original de olympus, te da mas agarre con el cuerpo de la omd 5 mark II, lo que te permite mas firmeza al sujetar la cámara, ademas de poder utilizar una batería extra para tener mas duración, y realizar mas fotografías, como pega es que aumenta el peso, pero creo que se puede asumir, si necesitas mas agarre y duración de bateria.

Prodotto arrivato nei tempi previsti. Ottimi i materiali. L'impugnstura aggiuntiva garantisce una presa veramente comoda, e aggiungendo la seconda batteria si ottiene l'autonomia perfetta per un'intera giornata di foto. Comodissimi i comandi per l'inquadratura verticale.
Prodotto vivamente consigliato.

Il améliore de toute évidence la préhension et la tenue du boîtier, permet également de doubler son autonomie. S'il modifie l'encombrement et le poids, l'ensemble reste contenu au regard des avantages.
Je l'ai utilisé par temps hivernal, gel et neige, avec un 12-40 f2.8, le matériel est resté opérationnel sans broncher. Que l'on soit professionnel (je l'ai été) ou amateur (je le suis aujourd'hui) ce matériel répondra présent dans les pires conditions. Je ne regrette pas cet achat.

Trovo questo sistema di battery-grip assolutamente indispensabile. Comodissimo sia con la sola impugnatura che con il pacco batteria. I comandi poi funzionano alla perfezione. Ottimo prodotto, specialmente per me che faccio molti video con la mia Olimpus m5 mark II.

Materiali di ottima fattura, impugnatura ergonomica per scatti in orizzontale e verticale. Nello slot del battery pack va una batteria BLN-1