SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter - SDSQXVF-064G-GN6MA


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  • Ideal for Android-based smartphones and tablets
  • Read speeds of up to 90MB/s; write speeds of up to 60MB/s
  • Recommended by GoPro for use with HERO, HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4, HERO5, and HERO+ LCD
  • UHS speed Class 3 (U3), video speed Class 30 (V30) and Class 10 for 4K UHD and full HD video
  • Lifetime Warranty



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For photo enthusiasts using DSLR, advanced digital or HD video camera who need the speed and capacity to capture High quality 4k UHD and full HD video, high-speed burst mode and still photos even under extreme conditions, we provide memory cards at UHS speed class (U3) in capacities from 16GB to 256GB** for uninterrupted shooting and production efficient workflow in cards engineered to Stand up to environmental extremes.

Product information Capacity:64GB

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Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Name SanDisk Series 619659147990 Item model number SDSQXVF-064G-GN6MA Item Weight 0.16 ounces Product Dimensions 0.14 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 0.14 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches Color Black, Brown, Red

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Initially I thought it wouldn't work with the new Gopro hero 5 black because of some of the reviews. But, then I read that this product was later updated to support 4K recording. I decided to make a video recording test because I also read something about the video suddenly stopping while recording. I recorded about an hour and a half (the length of the battery duration) and I did not have an issue I was able to play it back successfully as well. I recorded in both 4k and 2.7 k.

Read and write is great! Going into my gopro hero5 session.

It was not working at first until I saw this message about this card from someone else in reference to the GO PRO 5.

"As many have noted, this card does not work right off the bat with GoPro Hero5 Black. You will get an SD Card Error. After an hour of screwing around with it, I reformatted the card in the preferences menu on the camera and then it still didn't work. In order for it to work you have to then choose the restore factory settings option after reformatting and then it will work. This was very confusing but at least it works now. Hope this helps!"

SO WITH THAT, I took the card out>>>RESET the AKASO EK7000 camera (in settings)>>> TURNED IT OFF>> PLUGGED IN 64GB CARD>> TURNED IT ON AND


WORKS LIKE A CHAMP! OVER 6 HOURS OF 4K video can be recorded now or over 9,999 12mp wide pictures.. I guess the counter stops at 9,999 because it wont go over that :)

When I ordered this initially, I was sent a card that failed within a few days and so I went to the store and bought the same product off the shelf. I compared them and saw that there were minor discrepancies in the color of the ink and the printing quality on the card/packaging. There are a lot of videos online about these counterfeit cards and unfortunately the only way to really know what you're getting is to get them from a reputable dealer. The company was nice enough about accommodating an exchange and I now have a seemingly functional backup card that I have tested and works though I have been hesitant to use it because it too has slightly off coloring and I would hate to lose good footage due to a bad card. It will remain a backup until it fails, but unfortunately I don't trust these kinds of products from online retailers anymore due to the prevalence of counterfeits.

Purchased this back then Oct 2016. I haven't used it that much as I don't have that much time to fly my drone (custom XJ470/Zhiyun Z1 Tiny2 Gimbal). I only used it to record 2K/high-rate video on a Xiaoyi actioncam, then on a Firefly 7S. So, total flight time, no more than 2~4Hrs since purchase.

Since the first videos, I started to notice "garbled files" in the card and I thought it was related to Xiaoyi Cam. I switched then to another cam and same results. I have formatted it several times using Windows and stand-alone programs.

Today I go out to my farm to make some videos and everything is fine (saw them a couple of times on my Ryzen 1700X build), till I go to show the videos to my wife on another Windows PC(all care taken, eject mass storage device, etc.). All of the sudden, the videos disappear and everything is corrupted. The videos weren’t for commercial use thanks God, else I would be in deep sh*t.

Tried chksdk x:/f ,no luck. Ontrack, no go. Pretty much every card I have under my sleeve to “recover” data. All failed. Running diags as I write this, and Ontrack has marked about 80% of bad blocks.

Heads-up to anyone relying on this brand for their business.

Thanks Sandisk for wasting my time!

I'm a tech geek, but not to the extent of measuring specs and complaining when a product doesn't meet them (numberwise). For me, it's more about functionality. I bought this card for storage size and speed (4k video recording needs *some*, haha), as well as the fact that I trust the SanDisk name for SD cards.

Well, it functions fine. I've moved all my high-volume storage apps over to it now, including my camera storage, and other than a few app specific issues (which are definitely APP specific, as other similar apps have no problem finding my data on the card), everything is as expected.

Absolutely awesome microsd card, I have this in my GoPro Session 5 and it works flawlessly and the speed on it is pretty great for the 4k videos that I have recorded on it. All I know is that it works with my GoPro for it's 4K videos and that I haven't had any problems with it so far. I would recommend to purchase this microSD card on here because in the stores it is more expensive and most of the time they don't carry these for some weird reason. I would also only recommend SanDisk because other manufacturers cut corners and for some reason I always end up losing valuable footage with other microSD manufacturers. If you want a reliable microSD card, get this one! Even though this has 128GB it works perfectly with my GoPro Session 5.

As many have noted, this card does not work right off the bat with GoPro Hero5 Black. You will get an SD Card Error. After an hour of screwing around with it, I reformatted the card in the preferences menu on the camera and then it still didn't work. In order for it to work you have to then choose the restore factory settings option after reformatting and then it will work. This was very confusing but at least it works now. Hope this helps!

I bought this to replace SanDisk Ultra Android 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 Memory Card which had caused problems in my MotoG 3 smartphone, when used as 'internal' android memory. From time to time sandisk memory became inaccessible until the phone was re-booted. So I thought I would try a smaller, faster, memory card for the phone (and transfer the old 64GB card + holder to my linux laptop, after reformatting). So far the Sandisk extreme card has worked fine but I've only had it for a week. The previous one did not show any problem until I had had it for a few months, so it's too early to tell whether the new one works better in the Moto G. I'll add an update later.

Las fotografías y el anuncio siempre muestran una tarjeta Micro SD de 128gb de clase U3 o V30 (aptas para 4k) que puede leer hasta 90mb/segundo pero lo que envían es una micro SD de clase U1 no apta para 4k, no hay un apartado o pestaña donde poder elegir la velocidad de la tarjeta, el anuncio que induce a error por lo tanto solo puedo deducir mala fe.

I spent some time understanding what the different speed ratings mean. My smartphone would not benefit from the very highest speed rating available on the market. Therefore this card was an optimal purchase for the price.

This card has been no trouble. I am not using 4k video or anything like that, but I am constantly using mp3 files, photographs and so on. This card has worked like a dream. It also boosted my storage by about 500% (Samsung S7), and it was a small price to pay for the privilege. (Still would have liked a 250Gb or 256Gb card but too pricey at time of purchase. Now this new card is full up nearly, I do regret not maxing out on the bigger card, though!

Worked really well in my Go Pro hero 5. No problems at all.

After one successful use it now doesn't work properly. My device reads the card is full (when it's empty - even after being formatted) my mac now doesn't read the card (unrecognisable) What a waste of money. I have other cards that work fine on multiple devices and is still read from my mac. So I know for a fact it's a faulty card.

After my SanDisk Ultra failed mid flight with my Phantom 3 (those cards are TERRIBLE), I had to buy this. Super fast (I tested both read and write speeds on Linux) and hasn't failed yet. It seems to ahve decent wear leveling, so should work well in phones if you integrate into system memory (cheaper cards regularly corrupt but can be reset).

So far it's worked well in my GoPro hero 5 black.

Bought this for my Samsung phone and boy! i wish i bought it sooner.

Fast transfer speeds for internal storage moves to SD card.

Exactly what I expected.

It came formatted to ExFat, which will not be a problem to windoze users, but is a pain for Linux chaps (install exfat-fuse from your software manager) or reformat to fat32 which is readable by linux, android and windoze.

Had issues with the Lexar equivalent, phone kept resetting and saying memory card missing etc. This works flawlessly in my Moto G4, no low speed warning when formatted as internal memory, no random resets and phone running lightning quick.

No complaints about the product, which worked fine with my computer, but once formatted sadly would not work properly with my Gopro Hero 5 Black, for which I bought it. Amazon were fantastic and had an alternative sent and full refund by the next day.

Worked for a short time and died. Not recommended.

Quick and good memory card from SanDisk, not much to add. I always try to buy SanDisk, Samsung or Lexar memory cards, this one was cheaper than competitiors from other top brands, so choice was obvious.

Even faster than the specs. I tested it on Mac and Linux, sequential and random access writing the whole memory: really impressive. I currently use it as main storage for a little server inside a Raspberry and does perfectly the job.

Initially told fairly long lead time for delivery ( from Finland) but showed up well before, and excellent results from card so all is OK, just get so used to receiving goods via Amazon so quickly.