Patriot LX Series 16GB Micro SDHC - Class 10 UHS-I - 5 Pack (PSF16GMCSDHC5PK)


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  • 5-pack bulk easy to open packaging
  • Up to 48MB/s read, up to 20MB/s write in UHS-I mode
  • Class 10, UHS-1 performance allows fast and smooth continuous shooting, multiple frames per second and full HD video capture
  • Fast performance minimizes photo and video transfer times to your computer
  • Durable & ultra-reliable: magnet proof, shock proof, temperature proof, and waterproof



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Capacity:16GB 5 Pack  |  Style:LX Series Multi-Pack

Patriot's 16GB LX Series micro SD high class - 10 card. The Class 10, UHS-1 performance allows fast and smooth continuous shooting, multiple frames per second and full HD video capture.

Product information Capacity:16GB 5 Pack  |  Style:LX Series Multi-Pack

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Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Name Patriot Series PSF16GMCSDHC5PK Item model number PSF16GMCSDHC5PK Item Weight 0.32 ounces Product Dimensions 0.04 x 0.58 x 0.42 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 0.04 x 0.58 x 0.42 inches

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Doesn't work. Installed an OS on 3 of these and all three work the first boot but after that nothing. When you put it back into a computer it doesn't read anything. Card is not detected. If you reboot it comes up with an error saying the drive needs to be formatted, has no readable data. I have installed this OS on a few other brand SD cards with no issues.

Horrible! Don't waste your money! I bought these for my kids kindle fire that was running low on storage. I put a card in & it instantly says that there is no sd card inserted. Um yeah I did. I know how to do it. It eventually worked but then when I go to transfer some games to it, the games would no longer work. They were grayed out on the home screen & you had to redownload them in order for them to work. Then when going into the kindles library it would say "app not available". Did that to all 3 kindles. It would also kick the kids out of every game they tried to play. Not happy!

These do not have a great success rate. I ordered 10 (2 Five Packs) back in July of 2019. I use these for home cameras which will auto delete videos to preserve space and keep a constant feed of historical videos. Leaving enough space to continue onward without issues.

Out of the 10 SD cards, 2 work to date. Not good at all!

I've attempted to recover or reformat the data on the 8 SD cards but all are unrecognizable via all the devices I've installed them on, be that PC, Mac, other cameras, phones, and you get the point. They are junk and do not work.

Overall I'm very unsatisfied with the quality and while I understand SD cards have their issues, 8 out of 10 is not a great success rate. These have all failed in random durations, so not all at once, however all over a period of 4 months...

I would recommend going to a better brand which has a high success rate.

I loaded all five 32gb with the same folders of long mp3 songs to find out how far before total capacity. Three loaded up to 32gb, one loaded up to 16gb, and one loaded up to 4gb. I don't like the deception, but for $21 then i will not complain, but i asked Amazon to have an SDcard page that you test your cards the day you get them. I copied the same folders of mp3 music until they filled up; 3 cards were 32, one card was 16 and one card was 4. Since cards are either 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 then when you pass each gb level you know the card is yet double what you put on it. Once your directory says 27 free of 32 you know it has 8 because it is over 4; once it says 23g free of 32 you know it has 16 because it is over 8; once it says 15gb free of 32 you know it has 32 because it is over 16.

I buy a lot of memory cards, and these are a terrific buy. The 5 star rating is based on value (you can get cards that run faster but cost a lot more). I like the flexibility of being able to use them in my Tascam DR-05 digital audio recorders (which require micro-SD cards) and in GoPro cameras and also use them in my Nikon and Pentax DSLRs (with the included adapters). While the trend might be to get as high capacity cards as possible, I prefer using multiple cards and not have all my eggs (or images) in one basket. Good and reliable performance at a very affordable price. [Patriot LX Series 32GB Micro SDHC - Class 10 UHS-I - 5 Pack (PSF32GMCSDHC5PK)]
I bought this at normal Amazon prices without manufacturer discount or endorsement fee for this review.

As a semi-pro photog I’ve used patriot SDHD memory for all my photography and have never had an issue with any of my several dozen cards & I don’t expect any issues with these micro cards.

For a micro SD card ... although larger size can be had - I think you’ll find a lot of devices like security cameras only take 32gb’s anyway. And if you decide to use the handy SDHD adapter for your regular size SD card devices - i believe you’ll find it to be plenty, especially if you buy this extremely well valued 5 pack. Speed of cards is also very adequate.

My only problem, which is not with the card itself - but they’re so dag-gone small... when I went to press it down into our security camera’s slot my finger tip slightly slipped and the slot spring popped out the card somewhere and I was never even able to use it.

Despite numerous attempts- I’ve still never found it. :-( (grumble) LOL

These have proved to be a bad choice. They work as expected for about a week before they failed. Not recognized by anything once they go. I have never had an issue with micro SD cards, till these. They were purchased through Amazon. Never never again.

I love to tinker with SBC's (Single Board Computers) and every one can or has to use a micro SD card for storage of the OS. I really only play with them seldom putting them to any real use that requires much storage. As a matter of fact I've started retiring them to running BOINC and 16gb is plenty. While these cards aren't very fast mostly their write speed once again they are fast enough for many uses and the cost is right. Why use a 64gb card when a 16 will do. I tested the speed using Flashbench which is no longer in development but I happen to really like it's graphing ability so I keep it. As you can see the card certainly isn't a speed demon but often that's not important and for my use that's true. You can see the rapid drop off at small transfers but all storage does that and this is no different. I also tested all 5 cards and all 5 are good, after reading the reviews I thought that important.

When inserting into a pc it shows as 14.4GB but after loading data they show 62.9MB left

Don't know about quality as I have got 5but I've only used one a bit
Up to now everything fine

I ordered a couple for Raspberry Pi projects, and these Micro SD cards have been more than adequate for what i needed them for.

A good seller fast service nice item's

I popped it into my little ones kindle as although they have a lot of space to start with, kids will still fill it :)

Done the job and comes with an adapter and case.

Great Product

as described and on time

So fast it's Brilliant

Good price

It works what else can be said.

works fine already in phone

Working great

Excellent value for money

I got this one around april 2019. after 3 months stop working. I contacted the seller regarding the matter. they told me to contact the manufacturer which I did. after I called the 1800 number. ill find out this third party seller (
Highly Anticipated Electronics) the patriot company said. this
Highly Anticipated Electronics is not authorize seller. patriot company wont do noting. lesson learn.. I wont buy to this company anymore and I wont buy patriot product too. so before buying patriot brand. think twice. its easy to failed and patriot wont do nothing.

Ho acquistato questa scheda Micro SD in quanto cercavo di sostituirne una vecchia e ormai obsoleta, devo dire che non mi aspettavo molto visto il prezzo di acquisto, invece sono rimasto sorpreso, la classe è 10 quindi il produttore garantisce un minimo di 10MB\s in scrittura, al pari di schede ben più blasonate e costose.
Insomma se cercate una schedina per rimpiazzarne una vecchia, oppure volete espandere un vecchio smartphone per renderlo più performante, questa scheda fa per voi.
Lascio 4 stelle perché prima di darne 5, voglio verificarne la durabilità nel tempo.