Kupton Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 7 (Black Only)/ Hero 6/ Hero 5/ Hero 2018, Tempered Glass Screen Protector + Tempered Glass Lens Protector + Lens Cap, Accessories for GoPro Hero7 Black/6/5


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  • 【Professional Design】Kupton tempered glass screen protector/ lens protector/lens cap is designed for GoPro Hero 7 Black/ Hero 6/ hero 5/ GoPro hero HD 2018 action camera(not applicable to Hero 7 white or silver version). Package includes 2 x tempered glass screen protector, 2 x tempered glass lens protector, 2 x hard silicone lens cap and 2 x installation guide kit, which provids full protection for your GoPro and helps you apply the screen protector properly.
  • 【High definition& High Sensitivity】Kupton screen protector is made of high-quality optical tempered glass, which can bring you high-definition viewing experience, and maintain smooth screen touch on your GoPro HERO7 Black/ 6/ 5/ HD2018 camera.
  • 【9H Hardness Material + Protective Lens Cap】Tempered glass materials with 9H hardness makes the service life of the screen protector longer. It effectively protects your GoPro hero 7 black/6/5/ HD 2018 screen and lens from scratches, dust, drops and bumps; Hard silicone lens cap offers a double protection for your camera lens.
  • 【Hydrophobic Coating】With a special hydrophobic coating which repels water drops and oil from your GoPro’s screen and lens, this screen protector set helps you to capture the perfect shot without waterdrops getting in your way.
  • 【Installation is a breeze】2 installation accessories kit are provided to help you easily remove residue before applying the screen protector. Installation pack includes 2 x Alcohol cotton, 2 x Dust absorber, 2 x Cleaning cloth, 1 x instruction.



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gopro hero 7 screen protector

This upgraded screen protector kit is specially design for GoPro HERO 7 Black/ HERO 6/ HERO 5/ HD 2018.

It adopts high quality material and longer tempering time which will give a complete protection for your GoPro.

After using this screen protector kit, you need't worry your camera screen and lens being broken and damaged.

Installation guide:

1. Clean the screen with the cleaning cloth to remove all the dust and fingerprints.

2. Gently clean the screen again with the provided wet clean paper first, then dry the screen with another dry paper.

3. Fold the screen protector over and use the dust absorber to remove all the dust and lint.

4. Make sure the screen is totally cleaned, and then peel off the film on the back of the screen protector.

5. Place the screen protector from one side of the screen carefully, fold the screen protector back over and gently press the middle part with the finger so that it will adsorbed gradually on the screen automatically.

Packing List:

2 x Tempered glass screen protector for GoPro HERO 7 Black/ 6/ 5/ HD 2018

2 x Tempered glass lens protector for GoPro HERO 7 Black/ 6/ 5/ HD 2018

2 x Hard Silicone Lens Cap for GoPro HERO 7 Black/ 6/ 5/ HD 2018

Installaion Guide Kit( 2 x Wet Alcohol cotton cloth, 2 x Dry cotton cloth, 2 x Dust absorber, 2 x Cleaning cloth)

Gift for you: 1 x Kupton Superfine Fiber Cloth


1. Not for GoPro Hero 7 Silver/ White.

2. Accessories only, camera not included.

Product information Product Dimensions 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.2 inches Item Weight 0.7 ounces ASIN B01M8J9ONB Item model number G5-03

I was unloading our kids at the water park today when I did something stupid. I set down my GoPro on the back closing latch of our mini van as I was collecting everything for everyone and herding kids towards the entrance. It wasn’t until I got to the entrance that I wondered where my GoPro was. Then I remembered. And I remembered pressing the button to close the back. I raced back and sure enough it had shut. On my camera.

I saw the crack on the screen and panicked. It wasn’t until a while later that I realized that the new screen guard might actually be what had cracked. I peeled it off and sure enough the screen was in one piece. Now I’m quickly replacing the screen protector.

I’m extremely thankful that it was there to take the brunt of the impact today when I was distracted and forgot about my GoPro. I’d definitely recommend this after today’s inadvertent testing of its protection capabilities.

Literally an hour ago I had my brand new GoPro Hero6 ($400) on a standup selfie stick, sitting on a concrete parking lot, filming. The wind blew, and well, it fell over, face first onto the hard pavement. I cringed! I cursed! Then I remember, I installed this front (and back) screen protector onto it last week. I pick it up, take a look, and yes the front glass had a crack in it. However, just a bit ago I removed the screen protector and to my amazement the cameras glass underneath WASN’T damaged! Thank goodness!! This product is worth its weight in gold in my opinion. I just had to hurry and write a review. I highly recommend this product for use and hope this helps people decide. Happy filming!

I’ve been installing screen protectors since they were available for public.
Most are a very Daunting task as You really have to figure out what you are doing when in turn causes mistakes.
I have never seen such a easy layed out color coded, separated items in a kit as this one.
At first I was confused then it hit me, they send you two kits!
I don’t remember it saying 2 for one, I only know that the price was great for 1 kit, and the fact they sent me 2 and that the kit was so easy to install really impressed me.
I will be looking for other products from this company!!
If you need a screen protectors for your GoPro DO NOT LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE!!

I am genuinely impressed by these. Maybe it's not THAT impressive since the ares that need covering are smaller, but the ease of getting these on without bubbles seemed way higher than normal with such products. I usually buy 2 packs for when I invariably mess up the first one, but in this case I got it on the first try. The lens caps fit quite nicely, too.

I tried to be very careful with the install and followed what instructions that were provided, which wasn't much. I could not avoid an air bubble on the rear screen protector in the corner. See photo.
Customer service regarding my review contacted me, and they sent, without charge a replacement to my screen protector for the GoPro Hero 7 Black. I found this to be an excellent service.

I also found that if you allow the screen protector a couple of days, any air bubbles will work themselves out. I would now highly recommend this screen protector.

The screen protector works well. I read in some reviews that people were having issues where the camera touchscreen wasn't responding to finger touches with the screen protector on. I am not experiencing any slowness in touch responses after applying the screen protector. So far so good. The lens covers is great way to protect the camera lens.

Let me begin by saying that I have installed many screen protectors over the years on my phones and cameras. I follow instructions and am very careful. With this one, I followed all of their instructions, but the back screen protector on my GoPro Hero 7 Black would not sit flush with the glass on the back of the camera. There were a number of bubbles under the 'glass' and around the edges. I thought that I did it wrong, threw it out and tried again with the second one. The pictures you see are of the second installation (which was better than the first). As you can see, the top right corner of the screen protector does not stay 'stuck' on the GoPro's rear glass. You can see a large pocket of air there, as well as bubbles around the edges. The touchscreen does not work very well with the screen protector on like this, and I would imagine that if i take this 'waterproof' camera under water with the screen protector's edge peeling off like this it will fall off completely. The front screen protector went on better than the rear, but it wasn't perfectly flush either on the first attempt. The second attempt (picture above) was better, but there is a 'halo' effect when you are filming at night on every light source. I am very disappointed and would not recommend this product to others.

fits my GoPro HERO 6 well. easy to attach.

 I never have high expectations of accessories that cost a few pounds, but this simple screen protector and lens cap kit does everything I wanted.

I mainly wanted this for the screen protectors, but it's handy to have a lens cap too. I'll keep the second set for when I inevitably lose the lens cap and shatter the tempered glass!

The real question is whether something like this is necessary, but when you pay £499 for an action camera, spending a few quid to add some extra protection is worth it in my eyes.

Fitted to the go pros and they fit really well!
Only one minor issue was you need to ensure it’s spotless clean! Had one speck of dust and it wouldn’t sit right so had to remove and use a new one!
All touch screen works well and no interference with the picture quality!
Have GoPro hero 7 and they are great

Spend plenty of time cleaning with the wet pad, dry it off and then do it again to make sure there is no dust or residual oils left on the receiving surface. If you do this properly you should see the satisfying adherence of the glass film with very little need to 'push' any bubbles out. I found the kit worked well.

Not much can be said really apart from they fit perfectly and comes with all the cleaning gear that you need to install. Touch sensitivity is unaffected!

Initially one of the lens protector did not stick to the lens, however the other in the box did.
The screen protector worked just fine.
I contacted the seller about the faulty lens protector as I needed two and they responded strait away sending me a spare within 2 days.
Good product, Great service.

Easy to apply and once in place you cannot tell they are there, no noticable reduction in optical quality and the touch screen works the same as before highly recommended....

It does not distort the view at all nor does it affect operation. Comes in a twin pack so you have a reason to buy another GoPro