Sony M Series SDXC UHS-II Card 64GB, V60, CL10, U3, Max R277MB/S, W150MB/S (SF-M64/T2)


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  • Read up to 260MB/s UHS-II
  • UHS-II Reader (MRW-S1) is needed to realize transfer speed
  • Transfer Speed (Write) Up to 100 MB/s
  • Speed class U3, Class 10
  • Memory card case supplied
  • File Rescue software provided via download
  • Water proof and dust proof



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Sony UHS-II memory cards for photographers and camera enthusiasts who use cameras supporting SD UHS-II standard. Also compatible with SD UHS-I host devices.

Product information Capacity:64GB

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Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Name Sony Item model number SF-M64/T Item Weight 0.422 ounces Product Dimensions 3.94 x 5 x 0.59 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 3.94 x 5 x 0.59 inches Color Black

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Solid Card! Ran speed test with blackmagic disk speed test and the average was Read: 90MB/s Write: 70MB/s. Tested with the GH5 w/ firmware version 2.0. Worked with the ALL-I 400Mb/s 4k file (ran a 5 minute test).

Excellent read speed in UHS-II mode. I benchmarked the card in several UHS-II readers and the highest benchmark was 269.0 MB/s in the Lexar Professional Workflow SR2 UHS-II. Write speed reached 99 MB/s in several card readers as well. This is a good card for those looking to improve their workflow with fast downloads. Its write speed is not much above what you can find in other UHS-I cards (Such as the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s UHS-I card), but the real improvement is the download speed.

Sequential Read : 268.969 MB/s
Sequential Write : 99.091 MB/s
Random Read 512KB : 200.910 MB/s
Random Write 512KB : 0.871 MB/s
Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 12.092 MB/s [ 2952.1 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 2.624 MB/s [ 640.7 IOPS]
Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 14.369 MB/s [ 3508.1 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 2.904 MB/s [ 709.0 IOPS]

Tested with Crystal Mark, came out with average of only 93 Read, 74 Write! Wasn't happy. Then realized it may have been a limitation of my USB 3.0 card reader that was keeping the numbers low. Put the card in my GH5s, shot some 4K 400 All-I, and the card seemed to handle it fine (I let it run for about 4 mins). As a comparison, I then tried my Sandisk Extreme Pro 95 card, which actually had higher CrystalMark write number (88), and that card didn't last more than 5 seconds in the GH5s' 4K 400 All-i before camera shut down due to insufficient card performance.

So, it seems to work.

Hands down, this is the FASTEST SD card I have ever come across. I bought it because my ADATA card rated V90 couldn't keep up with my Panasonic GH5. Even though this does not have the V90 badge on the label, it FAR exceeds V90 specs, and eliminated all the problems. I highly recommend, especially if you are considering the Panasonic V90 cards.

Works perfectly for me with the a7r3. I don’t know how it compares to the faster one that writes up to 299 mb/s because I haven’t tried it, but I’ve never felt hindered shooting portraits, events and nature, even uncompressed raw. The uhs-1’s were definitely slow by comparison and could not keep up with continuous shooting, even slow fps. If you are an extreme fast-action photographer and need to keep shooting dozens of continuous shots over and over, you’ll probably want to compare the faster cards but for me and I imagine most typical shooters, this is plenty fast enough and roughly half the price.

If you're looking for dependable SD cards for the GH5's high bitrates, you're in luck. I purchased 6 of these 64GB cards. I ran multiple tests on my GH5 with these cards in All-Intra/400mbps mode...

ONE THING TO KEEP IN MIND: When shooting in 'Back Up Rec' slot function mode I keep getting a message that says 'Backup recording requires using two identical SD Cards.' I didn't work in that mode. But...

I only shoot in 'Relay Rec' mode. And no issues, no choking so far in that mode. I normally don't shoot in All-Intra/400mbps for my clients, but it's good to know that these cards handle the demand if I ever needed it (i.e. for a short film, feature film, etc.). You get about 20mins on one card slot of the GH5 with these 64GB cards. So you're looking at about 40mins in total for both slots. Don't get scammed by the V90 craze! It's just a cash grab, at least for All-Intra on the GH5. You'll have plenty of breathing room when shooting at any other bitrate as well.

Bought for use in my Sony a77ii, a6000, and NEX5R.
If you have a cheap SD card you're asking for either a) failure and data loss b) poor performance that will cause your camera buffer to overrun too quickly or c) all of the above. Since I use Sony cameras I figured I'd go with a Sony card to replace my prior cheaper card (whose brand I won't name) that would make my camera hang up when taking burst shots. For most people, as long as you don't get the lowest cheapest speed U1\UHSI you're good. This has worked great, notably improved performance, clears buffer quickly now and transfers to computer fast. Havent had any further stability issues moving the card between devices either.

The capture buffer on my a7III fills up at about the same time with this card as it does with the Lexar 1000x cards. It does however take half the time to clear the buffer when writing the files to the card. Download onto the camera is much faster as well. Wish it were a little cheaper.

If you are a GH5 user you are probably looking for an inexpensive card for 400mbps video... then this is the card for you... GH5 400mbps, no issues so far.

It has no problems writing at 400Mbps (=50MBps) with my GH5. Unbeatable at the time of this review.

Nice and fast reliable SD card. Currently using this on a Sony A7 III. Provides great write speeds, I can shoot 60 RAW shots before the buffer fills and it clears to the card nice and quickly. Read speeds also excellent when downloading to computer.

Useful saving on some other brands, and speed is more than adequate for highest quality full frame video.
Another make - which may be the market leader - started to physically break apart in my RX100V after being taken in and out frequently, and can no longer be used.
So paying their premium didn't pay off.

This seems like a good card so far. I am currently using with my gh5 and I wanted a card with excellent reliability for a professional job. It worked well but they are on the pricey side. Still the piece of mind is worth it.

+ Seem reliable
+ Fast write speed
- expensive

I ordered A Sony 64GB SDXC Secure Digital Flash Memory Card - EXTRA PROfessional Series Class 10 UHS-II/U3 (Read 260MB/s Write 100MB/s) - SF64M and got a Sony and got a 277MB/s 150MB/s So well happy I tested it in BM speed tester and it was as described with speeds so had a result as I am sure the faster cards are normally more money plus newer version of the card.

I wasn’t going to pay nearly £300 quid for the Sony G series cards so I gave the Sony 128GB M series a chance! It works perfectly with my GH5S and easily manages the 50MBps needed to safely record 4K 25p at 400mbps! I haven’t had any drop outs or weird error messages on the camera! A really great value SD card! So good I bought another one & I’ll look to buy a few more in the coming months. Awesome

I purchased this SD Card to test if I could use the max settings on my GH5 and it works perfectly so far. I have not done long recordings at 4K Cinematic but it worked for a 5 - 10 minute scene and I have no issues with crashes ect.

I would recommend if you are looking to record high quality on you GH5 but don't want to spend £400 on an SD Card.

The performance of the card wasn't spectacular, but it was decent in my Canon 6D Mark II. However, it died after a little bit more than 1 year of use, so soon after the warranty has expired. Not exactly what I'd expect from a brand like Sony.

-There is no lag on HD/4K video, quality doesnt decrease.
-Over 2hours of 4K video recording can be done with this size memory card, 3-4hours of Full HD.
-Works on my laptop and Sony Ax33 Videocamera.

Couldn't be happier over this purchase. Totally worth the money :)

A pleasure to use. This has been with me on many journeys and used to shoot up to 3500 pictures per journey and I have never experienced a problem on returning to UK with any of the saved pictures

For cameras equipped to use it, this card is seriously quick. It comes into its own with bursts of high resolution full frame stills that need to be cleared quickly from the buffer. Expensive, but so is the competition.

The only memory cards I like to use. Robust, reliable and at 128gb, great storage! Just wish they didn’t come in so much plastic.

L'ho provata sulla mia A7III, e dai test che ho fatto, è più lenta della mia SanDisk Extreme Pro, che costa la metà di questa.

Certo, è bello avere la tecnologia in grado di recuperare i dati in caso di perdita, però non è una cosa che capita spesso e non è sicuramente il motivo per cui ho deciso di prendere questa scheda.

Un'altra cosa che ho notato è che facendo i video in 4k, la macchina si riscalda prima, rispetto alla SanDisk.

Forse è solo un modello difettoso, ma per 100€ ne prendo 2 SanDisk Extreme Pro, che sono più veloci e più affidabili per quanto mi riguarda.