Promaster OpticClean Professional Lens Tissue - 50 Sheet Booklet


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  • Each package includes 50 Sheets of tissue 3x5" in a handy folder.



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Ideal for cleaning camera and camcorder lenses and other optical surfaces. For heavy fingerprints or other hard-to-clean smudges, use ProMaster Professional Optical Cleaning Fluid.Each package includes 50 Sheets of 3x5" tissue in a handy folder.

Product information Item Weight 1 ounces ASIN B000M687I4 Item model number 4893

I just received these today and cleaned all of my camera equipment, eyeglasses and expensive flashlight reflector with them. They worked great and did not scratch any of the glass surfaces that I cleaned. The lens tissues come in a neat sleeve which protects them from dust and dirt. These are not the cheapest per unit price of lens tissues but are one of the cheapest booklets of 50 that I was able to find (factoring in the cost of shipping). Despite being cheap, they worked well and I am sure they did as good of a job as more expensive alternatives.

I would defiantly recommend these if you need to clean eyeglasses, camera lenses, expensive optical equipment or any other application in which you need to clean glass surfaces and not scratch them.

For the record, the date is 4-15-13 and I paid $3.95 including free shipping here on Amazon.

These work better than cloths or microfiber cleaners. Do a good job of cleaning the lens without scratching.


works as described, no complaints.

Exactly what you expect to find. Fine optical tissue, I use it on everthing from my zeiss glass to my Nikor.

Works as intended. No issues and the price was right. I use these primarily on my DSLR camera and lens.

The Promaster OpticClean tissues are the best that I've used. Though a simple product, it's sometimes the details that count.

As someone who is somewhat obsessive about keeping my optics clean, I am pleased to have found the Promaster OpticClean lens papers. When one is involved in professional level photography, it's critical to pay attention to the little details that can make or break a shot. One tiny smudge or one leftover streak can be enough to cause a missed shot or an hour of post processing time with Photoshop that could otherwise have been avoided.

The Promaster lens cleaning tissues have always proved to be superb for their intended purpose. I purchased mine at a brick and mortar camera store for 1.99, which is substantially less than what is being charged here at Amazon at the time of this writing. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this product.

When I clean my lenses, it's a fairly lengthy process wherein I first blow air over the lens, then brush it off with a lens pen brush and only then do I hit it with liquid cleaner and the first lens tissue. I use the first tissues two at a time for one pass and throw them away so as not to drag grit around the lens and cause scratching. This process is then followed by however many other passes are necessary to remove all grease, smudges and contaminants that are left on the lens including filter threads before being followed by a final polish using breath condensation and a final lens tissue.

Using the above process and a very specific lens cleaning solution, the Promaster lens tissues have never failed to provide me with a streak free, smudge free and absolutely clean lens element/filter.

I've also used the Promaster tissues to clean view finder optics as well as the LCD camera back and even my glasses. The Promaster product has never failed to meet my expectations.

This is a simple class of product which either works or doesn't. Therefore, I can't find anything negative to include in this review. I have used other lens tissues in the past but ended up donating several packs of them to the camera pool at work because I just wasn't satisfied enough with their performance.

I'm happy to recommend the Promaster OpticClean lens tissues. They do a great job and are the best lens tissues I've used.

*Note: I wrote this review with my husband who is a product photographer/photojournalist. All of the above opinions/words/sentiments are his.

Excellent product at a great price!