Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras and Sensitive Electronics Bundle with 2oz Altura Photo Spray Lens and LCD Cleaner


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  • Kit includes: Altura Photo Lens Cleaner 2 oz. Bottle + Altura Photo Lens Cleaning Pen + Altura Photo Lens Brush + Altura Photo Air Blower Cleaner + Altura Photo 50 Sheets Lens Cleaning Tissue Paper + 3 Pack Extra-large Oversize and Original Premium MagicFiber Microfibers Cleaning Cloths
  • Digital Goja is the only seller of the Altura Photo cleaning kit. Please be careful purchasing similar looking kits that may contain low quality items that can damage your camera.
  • Altura Photo Premium Lens Cleaner is Alcohol FREE, Ammonia FREE, and Odor FREE.
  • This Altura Photo Camera Cleaning kit is compatible with all camera brands and models.
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Altura Photo 2oz Spray Bottle with Cleaning Solution

The Altura Photo Optical Cleaning Solution is a professional cleaner that allows you to clean lenses and optics without leaving any residue. It dissipates static without making use of harsh chemicals such as alcohol, ammonia or detergents. The solution comes in a great ergonomic bottle, perfect to clean your favorite items anywhere with ease. With a compact and sturdy build you can keep one in your office, purse, by your computer, or anywhere you like.



- Alcohol FREE.

- Ammonia FREE.

- Odor FREE.

- Ergonomic 2oz bottle provides a comfortable use.

- Tight threading prohibits any leaking.

- Spring-loaded button ensures the perfect amount to be sprayed.

- Safe removal of foreign matter from surfaces of all optical glass.

- Durable material for extended use.


MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths (3 Pcs)

- 1 Extra Large Black 16X16", 1 Black 6x7", 1 Grey 6x7"

- The highest rated and top selling microfibers online.

- Extremely fine microfiber leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks. Safe for all surfaces and lenses.

Lens cleaning pen

- The soft brush retracts into the pen body to stay clean. Use the brush to dust off any particles and debris.

Altura Photo 50 Sheets Camera Cleaning Tissue

- Booklet of 50 sheets. This cleaning tissue is a premium, lightweight, disposable lintless tissue.

- Each tissue paper booklet is individually and neatly packed in it's own polyurethane plastic bag for long term safekeeping.

Air Blower Cleaner

- Direct a powerful stream of air to blow away dirt and specks from lenses, DSLR sensors and camera mirrors.

Professional Cleaning Brush

- Disposable, static-free, and contains no abrasives or silicones.

Product information Size:w/ 2 oz. Altura Photo Cleaning Solution Package Dimensions 7.2 x 4.8 x 2.1 inches Item Weight 8.4 ounces ASIN B0098QH2BC Item model number QM0130

Do NOT use this product to clean camera sensors. The brush in this package is poorly made and lost one of its bristles down onto my sensor. That bristle is now seemingly glued in place, and I can't remove it. The spray in the package also smeared badly on my sensor, leaving a large "wet" spot that refuses to clear up.

Re-reading the description after doing some more research, I see that this does not explicitly state that the brush/fluid are safe for use on sensors. However, the product is clearly marketed at those wanting to clean their camera and camera sensor, and they provide zero documentation or warnings that this product is unsafe to use to clean a sensor.

I've placed an order for a competitor's product and am desperately hoping it will do a better job of cleaning up the mess this product made of my very expensive camera.

This cleaning set has everything you need for a beginner photographer. All the products are good quality for the price. Not one of the pieces feels cheap. There are other sets out there, which can be had for a little less cash, but Altura is a reputable brand. The set comes with a guarantee for their product. If you have any concerns about any of the items in the set, you can contact them.

I really like the inclusion of three different size Magicfiber cleaning cloths, which are high quality microfiber cleaning cloths.

The set includes:
-2oz Spray Bottle with Cleaning Solution
-3 MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths
- 1 16X16", 2 6x7"
-Lens cleaning pen
-50 Sheets Camera Cleaning Tissue
-Air Blower Cleaner
-Cleaning Brush

Comes with all cleaning equipment needed for your camera bag.

Could come with a light bag to carry the kit, but Altura does offer a set with a nice bag. (But that bag seems too bulky to fit in my camera bag. It could work if you have a big camera bag.)

I recently had a great chance to test the components of this kit, when I went on a hike and tripped and fell in the mud one step in. In my defense, it has been *very* wet here in the northeast this year. However, this kit helped me get my camera shiny and new again.

I'm new to DSLRs, receiving one as a gift this summer. A kit like this is fantastic for beginners. I love the tissue paper, which I carry in my bag for quick lens wipe downs. I find the microfiber cloths work better wet, and I use those with the solution. The air bulb is probably my favorite piece in the kit. If you don't have a camera with a self-cleaning sensor, and I don't, this is what you need to use when dust gets into your camera. It's also great for blowing dust off the lens. My least favorite piece is the carbon tip pen; I'm scared to use that.

Overall, I'm very happy I bought this. In the future, I'll be looking to buy just the tissue paper, since the other pieces should last for years.

This cleaning kit is well worth the price. If you are like me and own a mirrorless camera and are a stickler when it comes to the most minuscule of sensor spots showing up in your image, having an air blower and a cleaning pen is a MUST. Along with that, the cleaning kit comes with tissue paper and a cleaning solution, which works like a charm on camera lenses, especially in moments, where microfiber doesn't do the trick. This kit is a must for any video/photo shooter because a dirty image no matter how creatively composed will ruin your work.

The first thing that came to mine as I unboxed the package is..well packaged and compact. Sometimes products that are sent tend to take up a lot of space. I needed a professional cleaning kit for my Panasonic G85 and this kit does the job superbly. There were a couple specs on my camera sensor which the blower took right out! My only issue is that the Micro four-thirds sensor on my camera is smaller than those of a full frame sensor or APS-C sensors out here.

You can purchase Micro Four-Thirds swabs here VisibleDust EZ Sensor Dual Power-X Cleaning Kit for Size 1.3x (20mm) DSLR, Micro 4/3 Olympus PEN/OM-D & Panasonic G Micro Four Thirds Cameras with VDust Plus & Sensor Liquids & 5 Vswabs + Kit

But those are more expensive and I'm not entirely sure that they will do that much better of a job at cleaning but you're free to try it out. By all means, if you're not on a budget and just need a universal cleaning kit, this should do the job.

•The lens brush is soft and effective
•The solution is harmless.
•They include not one but 3 microfiber cloths YAY!
•The bower is powerful enough to get the dustout.

May not be the best for Micro-Four-Thirds camera sensors for a complete cleaning.

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I needed a cleaning kit for my Nikon D3300 camera and this kit does the job perfectly!! I was able to clean the lenses, camera, view finder and leave it spotless. Although the kit does not come with specific instructions (it did not for me), please now that there is a boatload of videos on Youtube made by professional photographers that cover products such as this one (including this one specifically), and that explain how best to provide care for the camera (lens cleaning, etc.). I followed the instructions of one of the videos and I was able to get the job done perfectly! Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Also, I've been able to use it to clean my glasses, the monitor on my iMac, and television and it works perfectly!

Note - I am in no way affiliated with the company. I'm a regular consumer giving my feedback on the product. Works great!

Good tools. The cleaner fluid seems to work without streaks or obvious bad effect. I wish that I'd looked for a cleaning kit that also included swabs for cleaning the sensor. Instead I had to make a separate purchase, which cost as much as this kit.

The Youtube video was helpful.

I recommend that purchasers consider buying a kit that also includes sensor cleaning tools.

Package arrived 6 days early, everything as seen. Because of this kit I no longer have a massive spot on my sensor and my lenses look like new! I didn't think I would use the lens pen very much but I seem to be using it the most, it's handy and very portable. The large microfiber cloth isn't as useful, however it works as a nice clean place mat for working on the camera (especially while working with the mirror up and the sensor exposed - where you want an extremely clean work environment). Plus I can use it on my TV. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone who has a DSLR.

I recently purchased this DSLR cleaning kit and it is amazing! All of the items included work perfectly fine and the kit itself came earlier than expected. I am very satisfied with this cleaning kit and I am recommending it for all photographers!

Good little cleaning kit. Helps with those marks on your lens and dust.

Fantastic products at a fantastic price. No complaints whatsoever. The cloths are high quality. The blower is as good as it needs to be. Great product

Le produit correspondais bien à la photos et était de bonne qualité

Great cleaning kit of lenses

This cleaning kit is awesome. You get everything you need, and more... The lenspens even succeed to remove riffle bore cleaner that I accidentally dropped in my scope lens... what any other product i tried failed to accomplish.

Does the job

Thank you looks good. Cannot wait to use it on my new camera

I was found to be everything needed to do a proper cleaning of lenses of my rifle scopes and binoculars


I like what I got I don't think there is better bang for the buck the lens pen is only reason it never got a 5 star its a little cheap but works ok still 4 stars the other stuff is awesome . kelly


good deal