4K60HZ Long HDMI Cable,Highwings 39FT 18Gbps High Speed HDMI 2.0 Braided Cord-Supports (4K 60Hz HDR,Video 4K 2160p 1080p 3D HDCP 2.2 ARC-Compatible with Ethernet Monitor PS4/3 4K Fire Netflix


  • ⚡[4k High Definition HDMI Cable 39FT] Innovative improvement 4K HDMI Cable,Built with gold-plated connectors,and top American chips to ensure high-speed and flawless signal transmission,4K*2K Ultra HD technology with resolution up to 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz,support 4K video,including 3D and multiple view video.Full HD,1080p,HDR,Enjoy full HD crystal-clear TV sound quality while experiencing deep colors and high-resolution images,Provides you the best visual experience of ultra high definition.
  • ⚡[High Speed 18Gbps Data Capacity] Highwings 2020 NEWEST Advanced Technique High Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable transmits the data onto the speed up to 18Gbps of bandwidth and can be compatible . Transmit audio,video and photos at lightning speed without having to wait for buffering.Plug and play without preinstalling drivers.Each cable must undergo strict quality control checks during production . Every feature is tested to ensure you get the best builds quality.
  • ⚡[Newest Technology HDMI 2.0 Cable]Highwings HDMI 2.0 Cable meets the latest standard HDMI 2.0 Version,which has been tested and certified,Designed perfectly for all devices with HDMI 2.0 standard as well as being backwards compatible with previous HDMI 1.4 , 1.3 & 1.2.The best partner for advanced technology and work-life balance,Allows you to enjoy a movie at home or do the presentation at the conference room in the high definition graphics images,which gives you a vivid visual experience.
  • ⚡[High Quality HDMI Universal Compatibility] We have improved our craft constantly and adopt a unique SR joint design at both ends to effectively prevent joint cracking,Tips:This long HDMI cable contain amplifiers to ensure 4K signal transmission,It has a certain transmission direction, an inflow on the red side and an outflow on the black side. Please be careful when using it.Compatible with PS4,Xbox One,Apple TVProjector,4K TVs and displays from brands such as Samsung,Dell,LG,Panasonic etc.
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-Port: 4K HDMI Male to Male Cable

-HD:4K @ 60Hz Resolution

-Material:Sturdy Nylon Braided and Premium Aluminum Connectors

-Color: Grey

More Lengths to Choose :We are about to offer a variety of HDMI lengths,For example:1 ft,3.3 ft,6.6 ft,10 ft,15 ft,20 ft,25 ft,30 ft,32ft,33ft,39 ft,49ft etc.

Outstanding Features

-Ultra high definition

Supports 4K resolution,Crisp and stable image quality with no screen flicker,High speed transmission,enjoy reliable performance and superior playback.

-Sleek and Convenient

Watch from anywhere,never miss the TV episodes,movies and sport events.

-Durable Material

Softer than the other cables,Braided nylon cable for extra strength and durability.

-Plug and Play,Driver - Free

No external power and driver required,simultaneous transmission of video and audio,give you a better audio-visual experience.


Business and Office Use

Universal Compatibility:

-Apple TV 4K,Fire TV,TV-Boxes,4K/HD TVs


-Xbox 360,Xbox One,4K HDR

-PlayStation 3,PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro

-Nintendo switch console,Nintendo Wii U

-Computer Monitors,Dell Displays,Projectors

-Blu-ray Players,DVRs,AV Receivers

-PC,HDTV,3D,Roku Ultra

  • This 4K HDMI cable has been widely used in digital signage,medical equipment,airborne video systems,home theaters,television channels and conference rooms.

High Speed HDMI A Male to A Male Cable:

HDMI Cable is ideal for working,video streaming and gaming. large screen for easy display and office presentation becomes more efficient.

High-Resolution Pictures:Enjoy full HD crystal-clear TV sound quality while experiencing deep colors and high-resolution images.

High-Speed:The 4K HDMI cable could transfer data at the speed of up to 18 gigabits per second.

Flawless Transmission:No screen flicker,black screen,snowflake nor frame drop,Achieve flawless,fast transmission.

User Friendly Design:Adopt a unique SR joint design at both ends to effectively prevent joint cracking.Nylon Braided hdmi for extra durability and tangle free.

  • Backward compatible with all previous HDMI versions(HDMI 1.4, HDMI 1.2, HDMI 1.1, etc).Ethernet function will be fully supported.
  • HDMI 2.0 cable dramatically extends bandwidth up to 18 Gbps, delivering 2160p ([email protected]) video resolution (four times faster than 1080p) and supports wide angle 21: 9 video image formats.
  • Unique American Top Chip Solution: High-speed transmission and stable performance.easy to connect, without any software or driver.
  • Dynamically synchronized video and audio streams: HDMI Cable can simultaneously transmit two video streams (dual view) and up to four audio streams.
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hdmi cable

4K HDMI cable

hdmi cable

User-Friendly Design and Durable Material

  • User-friendly design for easier plug and unplug,Gold-plated connectors extend the plug and unplug frequency.Fits snugly with your devices for stable signal transfer.
  • Innovative improvement 4K HDMI Cable,Backwards compatibility with all HDMI versions including HDMI 2.0 / 2.0a / 2.1/1.4 / 1.3 /1.2.
  • Industry standard 18 Gbps bandwidth allows unrestricted video in 4K/UHD 1440p/QHD and 1080p/HD,Enjoy full HD crystal-clear TV&HD sound quality while experiencing deep colors and high-resolution images.

Mirror or Extend Your Desktop

  • It is can drive one or both monitors at the same time in different modes.
  • Under mirror mode,you can enjoy the movies or play games on TV which displays the same content as your computer desktop.display on the same screen,enjoy the big screen visual feast.
  • Extended mode which support screen split operation.Small screen Internet access with bigger screen viewing.

Convenient & Elegant Appearance Design

  • With the Leather Cable Ties,you can shorten the cable to any length you want and even organize it to a portable that can put in your handbag or backpack.
  • Metallic Housing which makes it easily survive everyday usage and gives it a more stylish & elegant appearance that goes great with your expensive gadgets.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 : What is HDMI 2.0 Cable?

A1 : Highwings NEWEST 4k High Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable meets the 2.0 standard and can be compatible with all versions below 2.0 a/b (HDMI1.4, HDMI1.3, HDMI1.2, HDMI1.1, etc.),HDMI 2.0 Cable increases the maximum bandwidth to 18.0 Gbps which can support [email protected] resolution.

Q2 : Does this cable support HDR?

A2 :They absolutely are. HDMI 2.0 supports 4K HDR specs without any problems,Perfect!

Q3 : Is this 4K hdmi cable hdcp 2.2 certified?

A3 : Yes,This is a true Hdmi 2.0 18gbps cable that supports 4k @ 60hz and hdcp 2.2 .

hdmi cable hdmi cable hdmi cable hdmi cable hdmi cable usb c to hdmi cable 4K High-Speed HDMI Cable 3.3FT/1M 4K High-Speed HDMI Cable 6.6FT/2M 4K High-Speed HDMI Cable 10FT/3M 4K High-Speed HDMI Cable 6.6FT/2M-2PACK 4K High-Speed Flat HDMI Cable 6.6FT/2M USB C to HDMI Adapter Connectors HDMI Male to Male HDMI Male to Male HDMI Male to Male HDMI Male to Male HDMI Male to Male USB Type C to HDMI Adapter Resolution [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Length 3.3FT/1M-2PACK 6.6FT/2M-2PACK 10FT/3M-2PACK 6.6FT/2M -2PACK 6.6FT/2M-1PACK 0.6FT/0.2M-1PACK Transmission speed 18 Gbps 18 Gbps 18 Gbps 18 Gbps 18 Gbps Features HDMI 2.0,4K HDR,Dolby Vision,HDCP 2.2,ARC HDMI 2.0,4K HDR,Dolby Vision,HDCP 2.2,ARC HDMI 2.0,4K HDR,Dolby Vision,HDCP 2.2,ARC HDMI 2.0,4K HDR,Dolby Vision,HDCP 2.2,ARC HDMI 2.0,4K HDR,Dolby Vision,HDCP 2.2,ARC Materials Coaxial/Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy Coaxial/Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy Coaxial/Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy Coaxial/Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy Coaxial/Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy Coaxial/Nylon Braided/Aluminum alloy
Product information Size:39 feet  |  Color:Grey Package Dimensions 7.09 x 4.72 x 0.67 inches Item Weight 13.6 ounces Manufacturer Highwings ASIN B088D4Y9RJ

I bought this to use with a projector connected to Dell laptop. I have a few hdmi cables, that I switched out trying to get a clear picture for presentations. Someone suggested this cable with a 4K transfer.. problem solved! The frames were actually readable, and the pictures are very defined. Great product!

ROKU WORKS.....My ROKU gave me a black screen and there was a DCP (I think it was DCP or some other letters) and said the device is not compatible with my TV. Looking on youtube people were saying that a high speed HDMI cable would most likely solve the problem.........So, I bought this cable, plugged it in and instantly had my ROKU screen back. Works like a charm...

I hope that when I play the game,it is HD video,the screen will not flash, and the sound quality can be very good.This 4k hdmi cable just fits my expectations for the hdmi line.

This hdmi cable can support my PS4,and it can also display high-definition,large-screen effects. Unbelievable,this price can also have such a good cable.

I have bought other cables before,but the effect is not so satisfactory.The material is easily damaged.The cable also has the advantage that the material is nylon woven and is not easily damaged and can be used for a long time.

If you want a high quality cable,you can buy it without hesitation because it can meet your needs.

The cables work perfectly. I have a prefrence for the braided cords as I have found when traveling the plastic ones without the braided cover are generally more easily damaged. So far these have held up.

Use this cable to connect my computer to the projector. When I was speaking and presenting, the picture presented was very high definition. This makes me very satisfied.

The exterior is very stylish and these cables are nylon woven. This is a great feature for shielding and durability. However, they do not bend easily away from my wires. The 6-foot cable I used had a nylon braid, so they were bent into wire channels that were long enough to reach my device.

This hdmi cable works great and will buy again without hesitation.

I have a LG 9500 4k OLED TV and paired it with a Apple TV 4k. I originally used a plain black 4k cable that I use when I travel (connect non-4k computer to room TV). The ATV 4K has a option to use 4K HDR 60Hz or 4K SDR 60Hz. I selected the 4K HDR 60Hz and my TV screen started to flicker. The TV stop flicker when I put the setting back to 4K SDR 60Hz. After a quick google, I read post about buying a cable that said 4K High Speed/HDR/UHD etc. I also read not to be cheap and buy a expensive but high quality cable. My cheap side won out, and I gave this cable a try. Mainly because of the reviews. I can report, using this cable I am able to set the ATV 4k to 4K HDR 60Hz and it passed and set a 4:2:2 chroma vice the standard 4:2:0 chroma. Quality Product, Excellent value.

This cable makes my experience feel very good.
This hdmi cable can support my Apple TV 4K, allowing me to enjoy unparalleled visuals, clear and accurate sound.

Whenever I was watching TV, I enjoyed the big screen and clear picture. This cable is the same as the one written on the advertisement. It is [email protected] HD screen.
What surprised me was that this cable was still so cheap, but it achieved the effect I wanted.

I am very satisfied with this cable and will recommend it to my friends.

I used to connect the TV to the computer. I started plugging in the TV screen and there is a splash screen. I thought it was the reason for the line. After asking the customer service, it was the reason for the computer resolution refresh rate. After adjusting to the appropriate refresh rate, it would not flash screen.

Customer service is very good, they will solve it patiently if I don't understand it, and they will reply to you very quickly. And it will also tell me that this product has a lifetime warranty. Very satisfied.