Mini DP to HDMI, aLLreLi 6ft Mini DisplayPort DP (Thunderbolt Compatible) to HDMI HDTV Cable for iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and PC - White


  • Mini displayport to HDMI cable features 24 AWG oxygen-free copper wiring and multi-shielded cabling to ensure superior performance
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Mini DisplayPort is NOT compatible with Macs (before 2008) that have Mini-DVI. Please check your port before purchase!
  • Works for Apple MacBooks, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Mini and iMac made from 2010 onward that have Mini Display ports; Compatible with many PCs as well (Lenovo ThinkPad X230, L430/530, T430s/430/530 & W530, HP Envy 14/17, Dell XPS 14/15/17, Google Chromebook Pixel, Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro, etc).
  • Supports resolutions of 1920*1080P with full audio support, easy-grip treads.
  • Measures 6 feet (1.8 meters) in length to simplify setup, 18 months warranty.



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Your laptop allows you to watch movies online and from files, but what happens if you want to enjoy the action on a bigger screen than your display? With the aLLreLi Mini DP to HDMI Cable, it's possible to connect many laptops to LCD televisions, large monitors and projectors to check out the action in a whole new way!

The aLLreLi mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable that connects the mini display port on a computer to the HDMI port on a television or monitor. Universally designed, the mini display port to HDMI cable will work with any computer that has a mini DP.

With the Thunderbolt to HDMI Cable, you're ensured the best possible viewing experience. The mini DP to HDMI cable supports full 1920*1080P HD graphics and crystal clear audio. Because the cable features only the finest grade of 24AWG oxygen-free copper wire and has a multi-shielded housing, it greatly reduces signal loss and interfeence and is capable of standing the test of time.

The aLLreLi High-Speed Mini Display Port to HDMI Cable’s gold-plated, corrosion-resistant connectors (Male to Male) deliver optimal signal transferwith lower distortion at the point of contact. This dedication to the digitalsignal provides sound and picture quality that is truer to the original.

The Mini DP to HDMI cable also comes with 24 AWG oxygen-free wire and Multi-shielded, which protects against outside interference, helping tomaintain the integrity and purity of the digital signal.

Premium Chip enables a clear signal over long distances and allows for a thinner, more pliablewire gauge for improved cable flexibility and portability

Popular Compatible Devices (List is not complete)

  • Mac: Apple MacBooks, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Miniand iMac made from 2010 onward that have Mini Display ports
  • PC: Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Studio; 
    Lenovo ThinkPad X230, L430/530, T430s/430/530 & W530, HP Envy 14/17, Dell XPS 14/15/17, Google Chromebook Pixel, etc


Please drag the window on the desktop all the way over to the display edge and the window will be displayed on the HDTV. You may set HDTV to a mirror display.

  1. With your TV connected to Mac, open System Preference
  2. Select Display
  3. Select Arrangement tag
  4. Check Mirror Display

Transmitting audio to TV

  1. Open System Preference
  2. Select Sound
  3. Select Output tag
  4. Choose external HDMI instead of built-in speaker

Product information Color:White Product Dimensions 6.1 x 0.6 x 5.6 inches Item Weight 0.32 ounces Manufacturer aLLreli ASIN B00JGKMOPY Item model number FBA_ALLAP0160_6FT

The product works, that is for sure. So it gets 3 stars just for working. It hasn't broken in 6 months of daily use, so I give it a fourth star. Then I realized this thing is an unsung $8.99 hero. It does everything it was meant to do, sure its not glamorous, but it takes my macbook screen and projects it to my tv. I've had other devices such as; chromecast, media servers, and all sorts of other dongles or extensions, but this guy is the one I use...because it works the best.

Think of it like this; your computer is your car and the TV is your destination. Without this 6ft hero that plays the role of the road, it'd be pretty hard to get where you want to go.

Conclusion: I award aLLreli 6ft Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable the highest honor of 5 stars. For continual service even when unappreciated and over worked. Plugged into battle every night and ripped out every day and never once failing to provide a medium for my media to travel.

Delivery date: February 11, 2015
Initial usage: February 11, 2015
Review date: July 06, 2015

Easy to use, I plugged the cord into the tv and macbook. I had to go to settings on my macbook and follow the instructions to make sure the sound and control worked from the macbook to the tv.


Please drag the window on the desktop all the way over to the display edge and the window will be displayed on the HDTV. You may set HDTV to a mirror display.

With your TV connected to Mac, open System Preference
Select Display
Select Arrangement tag
Check Mirror Display
Transmitting audio to TV

Open System Preference
Select Sound
Select Output tag
Choose external HDMI instead of built-in speaker

UPDATED REVIEW 11/20/2016:

*** I originally reviewed this product on 10/17/2016. This is an updated review after receiving a brand new replacement product from the company. ***

When I first reviewed this product in October, I was very displeased with the quality of the product due to the fact that it had broken within a week of use. Within an hour of my review being posted, aLLreLi contacted me to ask if I would be interested in receiving a brand new cable -- free of charge -- as a replacement of the first one I had received with my initial purchase. They claimed that the first product I received must have been defective.

I have to say, aLLreLi really pulled out all the punches to ensure that I would end up a happy customer. The new cable was shipped practically immediately, and I received it within several days (Amazon packages usually take about a week to get to where I am located). I have been using the new cable for almost a month with more regularity, and in what is a massive surprise to me, it has worked perfectly.

I am very pleased with the customer service provided by aLLreLi and their immediately willingness to send me a brand new, working product free of charge. I am a very satisfied customer and am happy to say that I am making the most use out of this cable!

--- ORIGINAL REVIEW POSTED 10/17/2016 ---

I received this cable a week ago to connect my MacBook Pro to an external monitor. Initially, it was great, and I was pretty pleased with my purchase.

Not anymore.

After only having it for a week, it stopped working. Period. The problem is the cable itself and not my MBP or external monitor. Other products I own still work with the MBP and the monitor. With this cable, there just isn't a signal anymore.

Especially taking into account the fact that the cost of shipping this item was more than twice the actual cost of the product, I'm very disappointed. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone looking to hook up their laptop to an external display, and I won't be ordering from aLLreLi again.

Works straight out the box like a dream! Bought for use with a 2010 MacBook Pro and have had no issues with either video or audio - perfect addition and means we can attach the MacBook to our TV quickly and easily, with great audio and video quality! Definitely recommend!

UPDATE - I had a slight issue and so contacted aLLreli's customer support - the responses I got were fantastic, extremely quick and overall, I have to say this company truly cares about it's customers. AWESOME service and thank you!!

The cable fits and works great. (I make a small loop and fasten it to the monitor cable so it is supported and not hanging from the connection)
I needed to learn the difference between the mini hdmi and mini display port.(they are close in size) My gtx 690 video card has m.d.p.
I plug the hdmi end into my receiver, then hdmi cable from receiver out to tv input. The sound and video is top notch. I use Amazon Prime's streaming video and this setup works great.
Here are the few steps I need to do:
1) turn on the receiver and press the cab/sat button that allows/accesses the hdmi input.
2) turn on the tv and select the correct input.
3) right click on the computer desktop and select nvidia control panel.
4) select 'display' 'set up multiple displays' and you should see the tv listed and unchecked....under your computer monitor that is checked.(if your receiver and tv is not on or not connected right or selected the correct paths the tv won't show up.)
5) uncheck the monitor and check the tv...the monitor goes dark and the tv lights up as your desktop. I have a small window displayed on the tv desktop saying "save the changes?" check yes.
When you want to switch back to the computer monitor, you just right click on the tv screen (with your mouse), repeat steps 3 and 4 and uncheck the tv and check the monitor and the tv will go dark and the monitor will light up.

False advertising as it’s not compatible with MacBook Pro 2018. Ordered by Prime as believed I’d be able to return if not suitable. Tried to arrange a return but can’t so £6.99 of my money wasted on a useless product. Amazon get a grip and stop selling this as part of Prime membership. It’s utter crap and the fact I can’t return makes me question if I want to renew my Prime membership!

Good value and performs as it should. No wobbly connector or dirty picture or sound. Both ends fit snugly into their respective ports. Recommended.

Unfortunately this cable does not facilitate me connecting my MacBook to my television-even though I looked at the description of it quite carefully... I am also unable to return this cable as that is not possible? Therefore I’m stuck with a cable which is not fit for purpose which I intended... Be very careful before you buy this cable because it cannot be returned!

I recently treated myself to an Oculus Rift virtual reality kit which was very good in itself, however it insisted in using up the only HDMI port on my computers graphics card and whilst I still had a normal monitor connected via the DVI port, I had lost my ability to have the computers output going through the television. Then I noticed that the graphics card had some other ports labelled DP and was pleased to find on further research that DP (Display Port) was effectively another form of HDMI and that you could get adapter cables. So I ordered this product, hooked it up and am pleased to say that everything including the sound is running every bit as good through my television as it did through the original HDMI.

Works as expected between my TV and old MacBook. Just goes into the Thunderbolt port. If you have no sound at first make sure to check in your MacBook sound settings that it has switched to the hdmi. After using it a second time it will automatically switch for you. Haven’t had any issues myself.

Happy enough with this, bought it for my mac so i can screen my mac for work on to tvs to do presentations, also got it so i can plug my laptop into my new projector which works really well.

My 27" iMac was at a repair centre and I was using my MacBook pro for work. As luck would have it I got an important design task for work but working on a 13" odd screen was near impossible. I bought this lead in order to connect to a larger monitor. This cable did exactly what was required and provided excellent clarity and quality to help me get the work done.
It arrived the next day and was sealed in 2 bags and a firm box.
I also used it for connecting a MacBook to a projector.

This cable has remained static since the day it arrived, but it's now completely broken. It's been unplugged maybe twice in it entire (and very short) life.

Don't waste your money. Spend a few more quid and get a quality cable from a known manufacturer.

This product is much better the the small adapters as it is a direct link I had the adapter first and was getting problems with sound and picture after buying this lead have had no problems

Came on time. Simple, no fuss packaging. Good cable length and clear connection from laptop to TV. However, does not transmit sound to the TV, although I am not entirely sure if it's supposed to. Anyway I have connected the speaker to the laptop as the audio source still.

This item is very poor quality didn’t fit my MacBook and tried to return the item to find out it’s non refundable. Absolutely disgusting and false advertisement. Will not use again. Very disappointed

Does exactly what it says. Linking Apple Macbook via FireWire to new Samsung TV via hdmi rather than vga conversion to watch online material that I can’t get the app for on the TV. Perfect transfer of mac screen to TV, no interference like some low quality cables give. Lead long enough for my use. All in all good product for this job, fast delivery and well protected during transit. Highly recommended.

The direct connection without adapters gives a perfect feed from computer to TV. Much more successful than previous attempts to feed material onto screen. I would heartily endorse this very useful lead.

I stumbled across this and realised it works with my MacBook Pro - a superb chance discovery! The Apple equivalent is loads more expensive and this (so far) works perfectly. No brainer if you want a no-hassle way of watching media through your telly via a MacBook Pro

I used this product to connect dvd blueray player and my TV. It works well. It is long enough 1.5m, all as described. Packed well and delivery was fast, thank you.