BM 2 BP-828 Batteries and Charger for Canon VIXIA HF G50, HF G60, XA40, XA45, XA50, XA55, GX10, HFG20, HF G21, HFG30, HFG40, HFM301, HFM41, HFM400, HFS200, XA10, XA11, XA15, XA20, XA25, XF400, XF405


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  • BP-828 BP828 Li-ion Battery for Canon VIXIA GX10, HF G10, HF G20, HF G21, HF G30, HF G40, HF G50, HF G60, HFM30, HFM31, HFM32, HFM300, HFM301, HFM40, HFM41, HFM400, HFS10, HFS11, HFS20, HFS21, HFS30, HFS100, HFS200, HF11, HF20, HF21, HF200, HG20, HG21, XA10, XA11, XA15, XA20, XA25, XA30, XA35, XA40, XA45, XA50, XA55, XF400, XF405 Camcorder
  • Battery Specifications - Energy Storage Capacity: 3000mAh /Voltage: 7.4 volts, WH: 22.2Wh - New fully decoded chip works just like the original.(gives time left and does not need a special charger)
  • Memory free for maximum performance - Absolutely no memory effect so that you can charge battery at anytime - Super Long Time Recording
  • Battery has a one-year warranty - 100% Safety Guarantee: Built with multiple circuit protection (over-charging, short-circuit, high-temperature, and surge protection), and high-quality, fire-resistant construction
  • High quality battery charger is a handy companion for digital shooting. Charger is designed with a fold-able A/C plug that charges your camcorder battery anywhere in the world. - Quick charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock. Smart LED indicator shows charging status.


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BP-820 Battery BP-828 Battery BP828 BATTERY

Bring your camcorder back to life with a new battery. Make sure you never miss another once-in-a-lifetime moment by having a new BP-828 battery specifically designed for your Canon Vixia Camcorders. Our rechargeable batteries are engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications and feature the latest battery technology, including advanced circuitry, voltage regulation, and thermal circuit protection.

Battery is compatible with the following camcorders:

  • GX10
  • HF G10, HF G20, HF G21, HF G30, HF G40, HF G50, HF G60
  • HFM30, HFM31, HFM32, HFM300, HFM301
  • HFM40, HFM41, HFM400
  • HFS10, HFS11, HFS20, HFS21, HFS30, HFS100, HFS200
  • HF11, HF20, HF21, HF200
  • HG20, HG21
  • XA10, XA11,XA15, XA20, XA25, XA30, XA35, XA40, XA45, XA50, XA55
  • XF400, XF405

Kit includes:

  1. Qty 2 BM Premium BP-828 Batteries
  2. BM Premium Rapid AC/DC Battery Charger (CG-800 Replacement Charger)

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Product information Package Dimensions 6.3 x 4.8 x 3.3 inches Item Weight 2.2 ounces ASIN B00FK9OHDC Item model number BP828

Each Battery lasted a little over 1 hour in my Canon G40. Very disappointed. The worst part is the battery level indicator isn't accurate so it shows you have a lot more time than you actually do... battery cut out while recording a dance recital. I guess I should have spent the extra money and went with the Canon brand battery instead of this so called premium battery. Unfortunately for me I didn't have a chance to fully test these batteries until after the return period so I'm stuck with this junk. Oh well... live and learn. Hopefully you won't make the same mistake and buy these

When I first purchased these batteries, there were barely any reviews on them but I bit the bullet and purchased them anyway. 4 months later, and I can say that I'm glad I made the decision to buy these batteries for my Canon Vixia HFG30!

They do last a long time, way longer than the standard battery that came with the camcorder. However, sometimes the time stamp on how much time is left on the battery fluctuates. I'm guessing the mechanism that reads how much life is left in the battery is kind of off. Not sure if that's normal or not. That's the only reason I have for not giving these batteries the full five stars on this review.

As far as physical size of the batteries go, they do have a tendency to stick out a bit more than the regular battery that came with my camcorder. But since you're able to extend the viewfinder on the camcorder, the battery size isn't really that big of a deal.

Oh, and having an extra charger for your batteries is always a big plus! I'm glad I don't have to charge every battery directly from connecting the camcorder.

Get these batteries and enjoy longer battery life. You won't be disappointed.

I purchased these to use as backups for my new Canon XF-G20 camcorder. I was in charge of recording all of the football games for my 11 yr old son's team. Their games typically lasted 90 minutes (which includes all of the delays involving penalties, time outs, half time, etc)
The first few games I recorded, I kept looking at the battery 'time remaining' indicator on the viewfinder, and thought that I must have been reading the screen incorrectly, or had it on some strange setting, because I could record the ENTIRE game and maybe use 1/3 of the battery (albeit this was without using a powered light since the field was lit at night) WOW !!
These are incredible little beasts !!! I am not kidding.

These batteries are great. A little larger than the original battery that came with my HF-G40 but also providing a lot more charge time. Having these two extra batteries along with the OEM battery gave me almost 8 hours of recording time at the last wedding I did. Very happy with this purchase. Hope the batteries last, but so far this was a great purchase. Oh, and on my g40 the battery charge time is displayed correctly, no issues.

Fantastic batteries! Lasts way longer then the canon one. Two batteries lasted us almost 4 hours of continuous run time. (Used on the canon xf400)

For some reason I thought these were Canon Brand Batteries when I ordered so I was disappointed when they came but I have used them several times as back up for my Video Camera and they have performed very well. Actually has more capacity than the OEM that came with my camera so I am happy with them.

Best way to increase your shooting time, definitely. The camcorder bitches about it not being a "canon battery' and asks if you want to use it anyway - that's fine.. I get 3 times the shooting time than from the Canon batteries which is a good thing.

This is simply an incredible deal. The batteries are guaranteed for a year, work flawlessly in my Canon Vixia HFG30, cost a third of the Canon batteries, the battery charger is high quality and works very well, and the batteries give 252 minutes of HD video. I have a Canon BP-828 that cost me $150.00, and actually like these batteries better.

So when is a 2 pack of batteries not a 2 pack? When it comes from Big Mikes. And to send it back wasn't worth it. I got most of the price back "most" mind you from amazon, so as to buy the single battery.
The batteries work great in my Canon G40, 100 % recognized and last for 3.5 hours with everything on , open etc. at highest bit rates.
But if your bag arrives with just 2 boxes in it, send it back immediately or call Amazon, Big Mikes won't respond.

Shipped promptly and was well protected. Works perfectly with my Canon XA-20 and properly shows charge time remaining. These batteries double the shooting time over the original battery for a fraction of what Canon would charge. The supplied battery charger works well on both wall and 12v cords (the latter being very useful when travelling). The "bonus" lens cloth and screen protector are a bit chintzy but useful.

The most attractive aspect of these 2 batteries & charger package is the remarkably low price and that the batteries work fine The only thing that worried me about this purchase is a battery charger that plugs into a car, not the wall at home. Fortunately, I have a charger for these batteries that gets its power from the home unit, but I would have liked to have gotten another for these two batteries. Is there one obtainable that plug into the home socket?

They have been holding their charge with no problem. Good charger.

I was able to film for four hours non-stop on each of these.

got the goods within 2 days as promised, have not had a chance to put the product to the test yet but otherwise they appear to be quality

Works Great

Exactly what we needed for a great price

so happy with this batteries its long I'm my canon vixia for more than 4 hrs easy to charge


It works with my Canon HF G30.

Works just fine.

The product was everything that I expected. No disappointment at all. Thanks

Reçu 2 batteries BP-828 avec chargeur mural plus câble avec prise allume-cigarette pour l'auto pour une recharge sur la route, et adaptateur pour prise française, tel que montré sur la photo.
Une de batterie était déjà complètement chargée, plutôt sympa quand on veut l'essayer tout de suite.

Reste à voir si la charge va durer dans le temps, si les piles vont accepter plusieurs cycles charge/décharge avec le temps.

works well, cheaply built though, will have to see how long they will last.