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  • DisplayPort to HDMI Cable connects your computer to an HDTV for audio/video streaming or to an HD monitor or projector
  • Gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil-and-braid shielding for high picture quality and pure sound
  • Supports video resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p (Full HD) and uncompressed digital audio channels (7.1, 5.1, or 2)
  • Show movies on a big-screen HDTV, present work on a projector, or create/configure a second monitor or mirrored displays
  • From DisplayPort to HDMI only (not bi-directional); not compatible with a USB port; measures 25 feet; backed by an AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Note: Designed for connecting DisplayPort enabled Desktops/Laptops to HDMI Displays. Does not support LVDS signal sources such as audio/video players.



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Style:1-Pack  |  Pattern Name:Single  |  Size:25 Feet

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Product information Style:1-Pack  |  Pattern Name:Single  |  Size:25 Feet

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Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Name AmazonBasics Item model number HL-007266 Item Weight 1.1 pounds Product Dimensions 300 x 0.79 x 0.43 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 300 x 0.79 x 0.43 inches Color Black

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Cable works as described, but note that it is uni-directional. It will work with DisplayPort as the output and HDMI as the input. It is described this way as well, but my intended use case was the opposite. I've never heard of a one-way translation for digital video signals, but that does appear to be the case. I verified this worked fine from a Dell docking station (DisplayPort) to a Dell 4K display (using HDMI input). Using the DisplayPort input on the monitor and HDMI output on a laptop did NOT work. Not deducting stars from the rating due to my lack of knowledge on the reverse not working, but writing this review in the hope that it prevents someone else from encountering a similar issue.

After wasting a ton of time fiddling with this and it not working at all, I noticed way down at the bottom of the item description, it mentions this is a unidirectional cable (video source displayport, destination hdmi). I needed to connect with the opposite polarity.

I've never heard of a unidirectional cable, so wouldn't have even thought to check. This needs to be WAY more clear -- as in, prominently in the item title.

Long story short, this is a cable. It appears to be well-made and it works, which are all one can ask of a cable, hence the five stars.

For purposes of context, I used this cable to replace the combination of an HDMI cable, and a DisplayPort to HDMI dongle, to connect the DisplayPort video output of my computer to the HDMI input of my LED monitor. I'd been having intermittent problems with the monitor blanking out or losing sync, as well as startup delays during which Windows seemed to be looking for something, both of which seemed to be related to the dongle; so I decided to try this cable instead. It seems to have solved both problems quite nicely. Yay!

While reading through the reviews, however, I noticed that some people said this cable didn't fit, didn't work, or reduced the video resolution. I believe most of those folks simply bought the wrong cable. Let me try to simplify things a bit.

1. This cable is designed to connect a full-sized DisplayPort output (for example, on a computer) to a full-sized HDMI input (for example, on a monitor, television, or projector). If that is not what you are trying to do, then this is the wrong cable for you.

2. The source (for example, a computer) must be DisplayPort, and the destination (for example, a monitor) must be HDMI. It will NOT work in the opposite direction. In geekspeak, this is a unidirectional cable, not a bidirectional one.

3. If you're running your display at 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160), then this cable is NOT what you need. 4K requires an HDMI 1.4 cable. This cable is only rated to work at resolutions up to FHD (1920x1080).

Finally, please note that you do NOT need a DisplayPort to HDMI dongle if you use this cable. This cable replaces both the dongle and the cable. So if you're currently using a dongle / cable combination, remove them both before installing this cable.


Did not work for what I needed, but I didn't order the right cord. This will only work with the DisplayPort as the video source and the HDMI as the output. It doesn't work the other way around. That being said, It was a quality cord that worked well when I used it correctly. Worth the price if your video source is a Displayport

I needed HDMI from my laptop to Display port on my monitor. I was in a bind and quickly found this option because amazon bubbles their options to the top. I paid extra for same day delivery. This cable (as others describe in their writeups) is only one way: Display port to HDMI. I have never ever heard of this before and have paid the price. Writing to reinforce that this cable will not work HDMI to Display port.

AmazonBasics DisplayPort to HDMI Cable - 15 Feet

Update: July 23, 2018
For Christmas, 2017 I received a Chromecast as a present. I was ecstatic, as I thought I'd be able to do away with this cable for good. At first, I had a hard time getting it to work reliably. But working through web-pages of tips I finally got it working. But it's not reliable. The problem with the Chromecast is there are times when the picture stutters, pauses frequently, or just freezes for good. - all while the video is displaying properly on my laptop. Nothing I've tried could resolve those issues. No other wireless device in my house has connectivity or throughput issues, so I believe the real problem is that Chromecast is still best left to early adopters, or used in situations where other solutions are not practical.

For me, the bottom line is the Chromecast is now in a a drawer and I've gone back to using this cable. What a joy it is to have reliable streaming to my TV again. No more picture freezes, and the video even looks cleaner. Putting the cable away after every use is a very minor inconvenience considering the aggravation of rebooting the Chromecast or restarting Google Chrome in the hopes of bringing back the video on my TV. Of course in the meantime, I was missing the streaming content.

Bottom line: This is a quality cable and I still highly recommend it!

Update: December 7, 2017
I've been using this cable for about 11 months and it has held up well. And that's despite the fact I've coiled and uncoiled it several times a week to connect my TV and laptop. Very good cable and highly recommended.

March 31, 2017
This is a thick and sturdy cable and appears to be very well made. I've used it for several months with no issues, and expect it to last many years.

Before you purchase the cable make sure you are using it as Display port out and HDMI in. For example if your graphics card has a display port out and your monitor has HDMI in, you will see a picture on your screen. If you try to use it as HDMI out and display port in IT WILL NOT WORK. Dont blame the cable. Please keep that in mind when you buy this cable.

Nur um es nochmal deutlich zu sagen: Diese Kabel funktioniert NUR von einem DisplayPort-AUSGANG auf einen HDMI-EINGANG! Man kann also mit diesem Kabel NICHT einen Rechner mit HDMI-Ausgang an einen Monitor mit DisplayPort-Eingang anschließen. Das ist technisch nicht möglich und geht auch mit keinem anderen Kabel!

I almost didn't buy this product because of the ratings but then I saw the actual reviews! I brought this for my PC as the graphics card I brought only had one HDMI port but 3 DisplayPorts and I have a dual monitor set up which only have HDMI inputs.. This product works just fine (I brought it a few months ago) and there is no difference between the screens, some people just don't read the description fully! No, it won't work from HDMI to DisplayPort neither will it be compatible with 4K demands, it literally says it if you read the information about the product! I recommend this product for people using it for up to 1080p (and anything below) quality :)

There is nothing necessarily faulty with the cable but I'd advise caution to anyone hoping to use this for connecting an HDMI output (laptop) to a DisplayPort input (monitor). I'm not sure if this is something specific to HP laptops, Dell monitors or just the configuration in general.

I have since spotted a less obvious HDMI input on the monitor and the HDMI to HDMI works perfectly.

This does exactly what it should. I was nearly put off by 12% of 1* reviews. Most of these seem be about where this doesnt work.

This will work if you want to go from DisplayPort out on say your PC to an HDMI input on a monitor. Indeed it works really nicely there.

It wont work the other way round. Its not a USB cable.

DisplayPort out to HDMI in. If thats what you want this is the right cable.

Out HP EliteBooks only come with VGA & DisplayPort ports but not HDMI whereas most of our clients facilities have television for us to hook up using HDMI. Every few minutes the laptop or the DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor (HP one mind you) hiccups and goes blamk for 5 seconds before taking another 10 seconds to return the image. Pain int eh backside. since using this DP to HDMI cable, the numbers of times this fault occurs has dropped by 90%. So it was a good purchase.

Good cable.

Purchased this to run kodi from my pc to tv.
Was running kodi directly from my android tv. But started to get rather sluggish. As my pc is probally 20x more powefull than than the tv seemed a good idea.

Tv was up and running instantly. Good picture and no issues so far. 1080p resolution.

Lots of fiddling with settings but very happy. Seeing details in films i never noticed.

This is display port to hdmi only. Not the other way around. Take note.

Strange thing is my tv comes up at 27hz. Even though set at 60. Weird. But all works ok.

Buy it.

そこからHDMI 1.4aのHDMIケーブルで、

・HDMI Ver1.3bのHDMI切替器経由では、映像も音声も出なかった。
・HDMI Ver1.4aのHDMI切替器経由では、映像も音声も出ることは出るが、

先週購入したPCの取扱説明書を見ても 出力側のDisplayPortのバージョンがわからない。

I'm using it from my PC DP to my HDMI port on my monitor and it has the strangest forced refresh issue, leading to a momentary signal drop, I've never experienced it with a cable before.

I got two of them and they both do it, so I assume it's a build issue with the cable itself. I went out to a high street shop and bought a replacement (which funnily enough worked out cheaper, I didn't even bother looking before, so serves me right!) and it doesn't produce the same issue.

Cheap as chips and you get what you pay for which seems to be the general consensus for most Amazon Basic stuff.

I tried to use it for (laptop) HDMI to (external display) DisplayPort, but don't believe it's suitable for that. Seems it's only a 'one way' signal. This should be more obvious from the product description. Not happy.

Does a good job but my Lenovo desktop PC had to have a separate audio cable set up as it wouldn't send both video and audio through this cable with Windows 10 and an Intel sound card driver. I ended up using a 3.5mm to RCA plugs for sound when connecting to a Denon amp. It's works fine but does mean it's not digital sound into the amp, however, I don't really notice it as a problem because I'm not watching films via the PC, just youtube videos

Posseggo un monitor Full HD in formato 21:9 con risoluzione massima 2560 x 1080 pixel. Il cavetto supporta, a leggere la descrizione, risoluzione fino al Full HD: ho sottovalutato la cosa pensando che, alla fine, nel mio caso sempre di Full HD si tratta, pur con un formato diverso. Evidentemente quei pixel in più da gestire nel mio caso, rispetto a quello indicato (correttamente) in descrizione, rappresentano a lungo andare un problema per il cavetto, che ha funzionato senza problemi per poco meno di un mese. Dopodiché mi ha "imposto" la risoluzione di 1920 x 1080, che è la massima indicata dalla descrizione e che sul mio schermo origina delle immagini deformate.

QUINDI: se avete monitor con anche un pixel in più rispetto ai 1920 x 1080 pixel COMPRATE ALTRI CAVETTI.

Avrei dato 5 stelle alla luce del fatto che l'errore fondamentalmente è mio. Poi ho pensato che allo stesso prezzo si trovano dei cavetti (come quello che ho acquistato in seguito) che supportano fino al 4K. Per cui, due stelle in meno per il rapporto qualità/prezzo non in linea con le abitudini di Amazon, che di solito eccelle.

I purchased this to connect an RX 570 with 3x DisplayPort to my aging 1080p HDMI ASUS monitors.

During the first 30 minutes, everything worked well. But then one of my monitors stopped working.

I swapped the cable between two monitors to check if it was the cable, it looked like it was a faulty cable. Okay, defective cables happen, Amazon has a good return policy.

But when I plugged the original HDMI cable back into my monitor, it no longer worked. I actually found that the HDMI ports on both of the monitors I had plugged this cable into were dead now, and couldn't accept signals anymore.

So the defective cable I received actually damaged the HDMI inputs on two of my monitors. I replaced it with some DisplayPort to DVI adapters for my own needs, but HDMI is toast.

Based on the reviews here, the defect rate is low, and you run this risk any time you buy any cable anywhere. I think I just won the bad defect lottery.

Bought this to run my third monitor from the DP (Display Port) connection to my Benq Monitor Hdmi connection.
Picture quality is the same as the rest of the monitors which use various connections. So am happy to use.
Would recommend for an additional monitor.
Hope this helps.

I ordered 2 of these and 1 was faulty. Replacement was sent quickly and works perfectly.

These are one directional Display Port to HDMI. They cannot be used for HDMI to Display port. Ignore any reviews that comment on this.