USB C to HDMI Cable 6ft-2 Pack [email protected], uni USB Type C to HDMI Cable [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] for MacBook Pro 2020/2019, MacBook Air/iPad Pro 2020, Surface Book 2, Galaxy S20, and More


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  • 【Compatible & Reliable HDMI Cable】Plug-&-Play, like a standard 4K HDMI cable - no software or drivers required. Connect one or two HDMI monitors/displays at up to [email protected] resolution. Compatible with HDMI-equipped TVs/Monitors/Projectors for both video and audio transfer. (*Note: Video resolution up to 2560 x 1440 @60Hz when using iPad Pro 2018, as it uses the DisplayPort protocol to support connections).
  • 【Sturdy & Long-Lasting Design】Braided nylon cable for extra durability and user-friendly non-slip grips for easier plugging & unplugging. Premium aluminum alloy casing for better heat dissipation. High-quality USB-C connector provides snug connection with your devices for stable signal transfer.
  • 【Thunderbolt 3 Compatible】Compatible with MacBook Pro 16''/15”/13'' (2020/2019/2018/2017/2016), MacBook (2017/2016/2015), iPad Pro (2020/2018), Mac Mini (2018), iMac (2017); Surface Book 2; Galaxy Book, Galaxy S20/S10/S9; Dell XPS 15/13; Chromebook, Chromebook Pixel, Pixel Slate, Pixelbook Go, and others (see detailed product description section).
  • 【uniAccessories】uni focuses on USB-C accessories and brings better alternatives to you in the USB-C accessories space, such as: USB-C hubs, various adapters, and cables. We stand by our products! Welcome to find us with any product-related questions.



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logo USB C to HDMI Cable USB C to HDMI Cable

Product Highlights:

  • HDMI 2.0 Ultra High-Def Performance: Supports Ultra-HD video resolution up to 4K (3840 x 2160) @60Hz. Backward compatibility with [email protected], 1080p, 1080i, 720p
  • HDCP 2.2 Compatible: Stream protected content from Netflix / Hulu / iTunes / DIRECTV and more. Unlike others that only support a 30Hz refresh rate, this 60Hz cable is ideal to get the most out of your new 4K TV.
  • Plug-&-Play Simplicity: No adapter, driver, or software needed - quick media sharing in any setting
  • 6ft Length: Perfect length for home or office

uni’s Thoughtful Design:

  • Advanced Aluminum Case: Minimizes interference for stable WiFi and promotes better heat dissipation
  • Braided Nylon Cable: Strong protective cover with strain relief on both ends for long-term durability
  • Non-slip Grips & Snug Fit: Easy to plug and unplug; firm connection provides stable signal

USB C to HDMI Cable

Quick User Guide:

  1. CANNOT charge. Connect between video-enabled USB-C Device and HDMI monitors/TVs.
  2. ONLY works with DisplayPort Alt Mode enabled devices. CANNOT be converted to DVI or VGA.
  3. Does NOT support Nintendo switch, iPhone, GoPro, samsung A20/A20E/A50/A70/A80, OnePlus 2/6, Galaxy Tab A, Moto, Lg stylo and more.
  4. Questions on Product & Compatibility: support @


✔Compatible (✔) Compatible ✔Apple (✔) iPad Pro (2020 / 2018); MacBook Pro (Late 2016 and newer); MacBook (Early 2015 and newer), (✔) iMac (Mid 2017 and newer); iMac Pro; MacBook Air (Late 2018 and newer); Mac Mini (Late 2018 and newer) ✔Microsoft (✔) Microsoft Surface Book 2; Surface Go; Google Chromebook Pixel (2015); Pixelbook; Pixel Slate; ✔Dell (✔) Dell Latitude 7373 / 5570 / 5490 / 5400 (2019); XPS 13 / 15 ✔Samsung (✔) Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra / S10e / S10 / S10+ / Note 9; S8 / S8+ / S9 / S9+ ✔Phones (✔) HTC 10 / U Ultra / U11 / U11+ / U12+; Asus ZenFone / ROG Phone and more ✘Not Compatible (✘) Not Compatible ✘Phones(Not compatible) (✘) Samsung Galaxy A20 / A20E / A50 / A70 / A80; Samsung S6 / S7 / J6 / J7 / M20 / M30, (✘) OnePlus 2 / 6 / 6T; ALL Moto's phone; Lg stylo; iPhone(Lightning) ✘Others(Not compatible) (✘) Nintendo switch; GoPro; MacBook air 7.2, (✘) Samsung Galaxy Tab A / 10.1 / 10.5; Galaxy Tab S3, (✘) Amazon Fire tablet




High-performance for Professionals

  • Connect USB-C phones to HDMI-equipped TVs and displays.
  • Stream from anywhere; never miss the game-winning touchdown.
  • Stream 4K smooth-moving video, free of motion-blur, from video-enabled USB-C devices.

Wide Compatibility for USB-C Devices with DP Alt Mode

  • Meets all your needs from daily office use to professional video & photo editing.
  • Supports clamshell mode for MacBook Pro & MacBook.
  • Use two monitors simultaneously.

Ideal for Office, School, and Home

  • Enhance work productivity with the next-generation display interface.
  • Connect USB-C laptops to HDMI-equipped projectors.
  • Plug-&-Play – enhance your streaming experience with bigger screens.

Read more DP 2222 333 5 USB C to USB Adapter 2 PACK USB-C to DisplayPort Cable (3ft / 6ft) USB-C to HDMI Cable (3.3ft) USB-C to HDMI Adapter USB C 6-in-1 Hub USB-C to USB Adapter 2Pack Ports DisplayPort (Male) HDMI HDMI (Female) HDMI + 2*USB 3.0 + SD/Micro SD + PD USB A Highlights [email protected]; [email protected] 3.3 ft; [email protected] [email protected] 60Hz (3840 x 2160) Removable Connector & Rugged Case USB 3.1 Gen 1 & OTG Supported & Fit side by side
Product information Size:6ft-2Pack  |  Color:Gray Package Dimensions 13.11 x 10.78 x 0.86 inches Item Weight 5.3 ounces Manufacturer uni ASIN B086YNVNK6

This cable supports 4k @ 60Hz perfectly. I picked this cable over others for the braided wire. However, if you've got a Dell P2715Q, you might be better off with a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter. Dell's initial versions of this monitor only support HDMI 1.4, and therefore a maximum frame rate of 30Hz. The newer ones (purchased after Feb 2016) support HDMI 2.0 and 4k @ 60Hz, but you've got to first enable a special setting. I was able to do this successfully, and since I'm using the DP port on the monitor to connect a different machine, I'm thankful to be able to leverage both ports at 60Hz without having to swap the cable out or use a special adapter. But, just be aware that this requires an additional step to configure.

You can enable HDMI 2.0 in your P2415Q or P2715Q flat panel displays purchased after February 2016 using the following steps:

Unplug all video cables from the display. (Leave only the power connected to the display.) Unplugging from your computer is insufficient; you must unplug the HDMI cable from the back of the monitor!
Power on the display.
Select the HDMI (MHL) input option. (A floating dialogue box will appear.)
Press and hold the button associated with the Green check mark for 6 to 8 seconds.
A dialogue box appear that states HDMI 1.4 Enable/Disable
Select the option to Disable HDMI 1.4 support and press the button next to the green check mark to confirm the selection.
Re-connect the video cables to the display

I’ve been struggling to find the proper equipment for an extended display for my 2017 iMac for about a year now. Finally was told by Apple (after several calls to support) that the newer iMac’s don’t support Target Display Mode with other Mac’s (was trying to use my MacBook as an external display). So I broke down and bought a new monitor but I still was nervous that a simpl USB-C to HDMI cable would just make it all work... Well, it did. Connected my iMac to a Samsung monitor with this chord (which was cheaper than in any store I looked at) turned the monitor on and voila! Extended display. Picture quality is excellent, moving between both monitors is seamless. I’m happy!

I bought this cable to drive my 21:9 2560x1080 Ultra-wide LG Monitor to my 2018 13" MacBook Pro. Couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommend.

 The USB-C to HDMI cable converter I purchased is reliable and compatible with my flatscreen TV as well as my monitor that I use in dual screen mode—both with my MacBook Pro (2017). I have used it for many hours with my monitor screen as well as with my TV in order to watch shows available to stream on a computer but not through a gaming console. The sound and video quality are consistently high. I have not had issues with disconnection or low quality. I would recommend this to others looking for a sturdy, reliable cable to connect a MacBook Pro usb-C port to an HDMI port of another screen (TV, monitor, etc).

I pair this with my 207 MacBook Pro 15. I primarily use it with a 28” Samsung 4K monitor at the office, but have also shown video on a 65” Sony 4K TV with no issues.

The only hiccup could be for users with very slim displays and mounts where the HDMI port faces directly toward the wall as it protrudes almost 2x as far (see photo) and could arguably add undesired tension on the port. However, when connecting to a downward-facing or side facing port that’s harder to reach, the extra surface is advantageous for reaching the connection easier.

Solid build and materials. Got it after liking the SD/Micro SD USB-C reader from the same company.

Highly Recommended

I've been having major issues getting a usb-c -> hdmi cable that works reliably. GET THIS CORD!!! No more plugging and unplugging to get a signal. Works on my both of my 4k monitors and a BenQ 1080p no problem.

I got this because I needed to be able to quickly connect my work laptop (macbook pro 2017) to my big monitor at home for when I'm working remote, and I didn't want to deal with the dongles option (thanks Apple..).

Happy to report, this awesome little adaptor has worked without issues so far. The overall build quality and packaging is very nice & premium and I don't feel at all that I cheaped out or got ripped off at its current price margin either.

Uni seems to be a brand that cares about the quality and build of its product and it certainly shows in their current craftsmanship of their product. Def would recommend and purchase from them again.

Works with my new 15inch MacBook Pro 2017, connected to Dell P2415Q monitor, support 4K60Hz. The cable length is long enough to move around.

Both USB-C end and HDMI end are made of aluminium material, looks and feels good quality. The black and grey braided nylon cable part is pretty solid, seems like it's going to last for a long time. The black rubber part on the USB-C end is a new design, easily stands out among other products. Unlike other loose USB-C connector, it fits just right into the USB-C port on my MacBook Pro. Works great so far.

I am writing this from my holiday in Majorca where my Galaxy Note 9 is able to stream my UK subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Now TV and present them on TV using this cable. That’s what I bought the cable to do and it works a treat.
Edit : Just tried it with All 4 which says it cannot use a second screen. Which seems nonsense!

I purchased this as we have a caravan in west wales with zero wifi or 4G. I downloaded heaps of netflix and prime stuff onto my note 9 beforehand then plugged the cable into the usb3 charging port and the other end into the hdmi on the tv. Picture quality is superb.
I wish now i purchased the longer cable but for the money this is a no brainer. it also activates the DEX software on my note 9 which i wasn't expecting so i can use the tv as a giant tablet/pc.
Worth every penny!

This USB-C to HDMI cable is braided with good strain relief. The attention to detail in both the cable and packaging is reassuring that Uni isn't just another Chinese knockoff company. The HDMI end does get warm when in use but not overly hot. It works perfectly and is a great way to add a second monitor to a system with USB-C. Note that the cable is less than a metre long. If you need longer then Uni make a USB-C to HDMI adapter which can be used with a longer HDMI cable.

Very well made cable, that I got to transfer pictures from by camera to my didn’t work cause Apple doesn’t want you to do that. ARGH!!!!

This 0.9m / 3ft version of the cable has been used for just over a month now with a Dell XPS 13 (2015) and Dell 27" monitor (U2713H) at [email protected]

Unboxing, the cable feels like a quality product despite the minimalist but perfectly adequate packaging (although the product does come with a useful rubber cable strap and not the wire twist-ties shown in the pictures). With a thick braided nylon cable, weighty connectors and no-slip inserts on the smaller connectors (although this is more from the dimpled pattern, not from being a rubberised material as I initially expected), the cable is reassuringly well constructed.

The points at which the cable enters the connector, often a point of failure, seem very solidly attached and give the impression that they are not coming loose anytime soon. The connector ends are equally well constructed, with no noticeable movement or play, they are also a perfect fit for both the laptop and the monitor ports.

In use the cable works flawlessly. Within a couple of seconds of plugging in the cable, the display was showing the output of the laptop with perfect clarity. Although I have only been able to test up to [email protected], it has performed as required, with crisp output and no interference during use.

There isn't really much more to say really, this is a well constructed cable at a great price that performs perfectly.

I purchased this with a view to hooking up my PixelBook to my Monitor and/or Television as a second screen. The cable works perfectly for this and coupled with a right-angled fitting I purchased elsewhere, my set up looks clean and sharp. Would certainly buy again if the need required.

cable is braided and feels durable
nice touch with the attached rubber cable tie
plugs feel robust, fit sockets snugly and the HDMI plug is not too bulky
picture quality via TV is good and video/audio plays smoothly
works nicely with the new ipad (unfortunately, there's no throughput connection to charge the ipad while using)
very reasonably priced (certainly when compared to equivalent apple USB-C to HDMI -- for which you have to provide your own HDMI cable, though charging is possible)

Does what it says it does and fits laptop to display screen which is what I wanted it to do

Mein neuer 4K Monitor hat leider noch keinen direkten USB-C Anschluss, daher mußte hier ein anderes Kabel her.

HDMI 2.0 auf USB-C mit 4K mit 60Hz sollte es natürlich sein.

Ich nutze zum arbeiten am MacBook Pro die skalierte Auflösung 2560x1440 (60Hz), alles knackig scharf (Retina Look&Feel) und nicht so ultra klein wie bei 3840x2160 (60Hz).

Das richtige Auflösungsmenü mit 60Hz (siehe Screenshot) erhält man nur mit einem anständigen Kabel in macOS, hatte hier einige HDMI auf HDMI 2.0 Kabel mit Apple USB-C Adapter ausprobiert dort wurde dieses Menü nur eine rudimentäre Auflösungsauswahl mit max. 30Hz.
Verarbeitung des Kabels, Stecker, Nylongewebe etc., würde ich als hervorragend einstufen.

Leider muss ich aber einen Stern abziehen, wenn mein MacBook Pro aus dem Ruhezustand etc. kommt zeigt der angeschlossene Monitor mit dem Kabel kein Bild an und ich muss einmalig einen Knopf am Monitor drücken. Danach kommt das Bild wieder, leider aber etwas nervig.
Der Hersteller war so freundlich mit ein Ersatzkabel (HDMI) zu schicken, mit diesem tritt der Fehler aber ebenso auf.
Mit im Paket lag auch ein DisplayPort Kabel auf USB-C bei diesem kommt das Bild automatisch hoch nach dem Ruhezustand etc. schwer zu sagen ob es nun an dem HDMI Kabel selbst liegt oder an den Anschlüssen des Monitors.

Funktioniert gut mit MacBook Pro (2017) wenn man nicht wie ich mit dieser Einschränkung des Ruhezustands Ärger hat.

Da mein Notebook keinen HDMI Anschluss hat, habe ich mir dieses USB Typ C zu HDMI Kabel zugelegt.

Preislich ist das Kabel absolut super und es tut auch seinen Job. Mir sind leider nur ein paar leicht negative Sachen aufgefallen:

- Das Kabel selber ist schwarz, nur die Anschlüsse sind grau und selbst die sind dunkelgrau fast schwarz
- Das Kabel ist anfangs sehr steif und somit schwer zu biegen
- Der Plastikverschluss um das Kabel kompakt zusammen zu verbinden riecht ziemlich stark und passt auch nicht perfekt auf das Kabel

Trotzdem ist das Kabel super und ich bin für den Preis absolut zufrieden.

Really good quality cable and fits easily into my Galaxy S9+ even with my Spigen case! Connects directly to TV HDMI input and picture is very good quality. Will use it while travelling so I can watch content from phone directly on the hotel room television.

I like this connector. Looks good quality and so far has been durable. Got it to connect to non smart TV to watch films etc from phone to hdmi port. Works great but at the hdmi end it gets very hot. Not sure this should happen or if this is safe.

Als ich mein 8 Jahre altes MacBook Air gegen ein neues MacBook Pro mit Thunderbolt 3 getauscht habe, war mit klar, dass ich neues Zubehör brauchen werde. Da mein Satechi-USB-Hub für immerhin 99€ nur [email protected] liefert, musste eine andere Lösung her.

Nach einigem Suchen fiel meine Wahl auf das Kabel von UNi. Das geflochtene Kabel fühlt sich ziemlich hochwertig an und ist ziemlich stabil. Nach dem Auspacken ist es ein wenig steif, das lässt sich durch ein wenig Biegen aber leicht beheben.

Durch das USB-C-Kabel überträgt das MacBook auch Ton an den Monitor, so dass keine extra Lautsprecher mehr notwendig sind.

Alles in allem bin ich von dem Kabel überzeugt und würde es wieder kaufen

Die primäre Aufgabe des Kabels, ein iPad Pro 11" an einen Epson-Beamer anzuschließen funktioniert tadellos. Ein erster Test an einem Yamaha AV-Receiver RX-V679 und auch der direkte Anschluss an einem Samsung TV UE55JS8090 blieben leider ohne Erfolg. Die zwei Geräte sind allerdings auch etwas zickig bei der Akzeptanz von externen Quellen und gekauft wurde das Kabel für den Anschluss an die Epson-Beamer.
4 Sterne weil das Kabel für den gewünschten Einsatz funktioniert und das bei 1/5 des Preises für den original Adapter von Apple. 1 Stern Abzug weil man sich nicht darauf verlassen kann das jedes Endgerät mit Bildinformationen beliefert wird. Hätte ich das iPad Pro 11" an meinen TV anschließen wollen wäre das Kabel eventuell zurück gegangen. Ich habe aber auch nicht weitergehend experimentiert ob man doch noch ein Signal übertragen bekommt.

Ich nutze das Kabel an meinem Macbook Pro in Verbindung mit einem 34“ LG Widescreen. Funktioniert einwandfrei ohne jegliches Bildrauschen o.ä. im Gegenatz zu dem ersten Kabel, das ich bestellt hatte.
Die optische und haptische Qualität des Kabels überzeugen auch komplett.
Klare Kaufempfehlung!