BlueRigger DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable (6.6 Feet, Monitor Cable, DVI-D 24+1, High-Speed, Male to Male)


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  • Connect your DVI equipped device to an HDMI equipped HDTV or display
  • Fully compatible with all HDTV formats. Supports resolution 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Gold plated HDMI A Male to DVI 24+1 Male connector for optimal conductivity
  • Fully coated and shielded PVC outer layer for maximum protection from RFI and EMI interference
  • BlueRigger Limited lifetime warranty and US based customer support



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  • Laptop and External Display can show different screens with Extend mode for easy Multi-tasking
  • Excellent Video Resolution - up to 1920 * 1200
  • Supports Full HD 1080p videos


  • Duplicate your screen for sharing information
  • Mirror mode is ideal for making presentations
  • Perfect for Conferences, Education, Gaming, Home Theater setup etc.



  • Conveniently extend your desktop/workstation
  • Connect your HDMI-equipped device such as a Playstation, X-box, Laptop to a DVI-equipped monitor

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Most of the Newer Generation Graphic Cards such as Nvidia 8000-series, ATI/AMD HD5000-series, Radeon 2000 (or newer) are able to transmit sound via the HDMI-DVI Cable through Sound Chips in them. NOTE: PLEASE ensure that the latest graphic cards & newest audio drivers are installed.

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The BlueRigger HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable will connect any DVI-equipped monitor or TV set to any HDMI-equipped device such as Blu-Ray, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. These cables help you extract maximum performance from your gaming or home theater set up.

This BlueRigger HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable connects computers & other source devices with HDMI outputs such as Blu-Ray players, Xbox 360 to DVI-equipped televisions or monitors. It provides maximum support for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. This cable supports high-bandwidth, uncompressed video & provides your system with high-definition video quality.

1. Connect your DVI-equipped device to an HDMI-equipped HDTV or other digital display
2. Connect your HDMI-enabled devices such as computer, Blu-Ray, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 to a DVI-equipped monitor or TV

With this cable you can watch computer based media on your TV or a projector. It connects computers with DVI connections such as home-theater PCs, Mac minis, & some laptops-to a HDMI-equipped HDTV or other display device with HDMI connection.

> Most of the Newer Generation Graphic Cards are able to transmit sound via HDMI-DVI cable through Sound Chips in the Graphics Card.
> Graphic Cards such as Nvidia 8000-series (or newer), ATI/AMD HD5000-series (or newer), Radeon 2000 are compatible with the BlueRigger HDMI-DVI Cable.
NOTE: For Sound Transmission through the BlueRigger HDMI to DVI cable PLEASE ensure that the latest graphic cards & newest audio drivers are installed.

The cable has a robust PVC outer layer, gold-plated HDMI A Male to DVI Male connector that offer protection from RF & EM interference. These connectors also resist corrosion while providing optimal signal transfers.

All BlueRigger cables & adapters are backed for the Lifetime. Please approach us as needed.

Product information Size:6.6FT

Technical Details

Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Name BlueRigger Item model number HDMI-DVI-1.4-BL-6FT Item Weight 2.4 ounces Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 0.98 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 5 x 5 x 0.98 inches Color Black

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I have a mid 2007 Apple mac-mini Core2 Duo with a DVI video output connector. I have used the DVI to VGA adapter for years thinking it was a DVI-A and did not have DVI-D signals.. its also a Single Speed so missing 6 pins in the center.. I was wrong. This cable Beautifully connected the DVI-I (for Integrated, 'both' DVI-A and DVI-D signal pins) connector on the mac-mini so that the DVI-D signals would connect to my HDMI input on my monitor (all passive/native no active signal processing in the cable.. the results were absolutely "stunning". It came in a sealed bag with a warranty card and the pictures don't do it justice.. its a big rubber corded DVI-D to HDMI connector cable. Heavy Duty feeling but very flexible. Has a rubber gasket around the mating connector parts so when they are pushed into their sockets they "seal" and stop you from pushing too far. Apples hardware costs a lot above normal, but they usually default to very flexible.. I assumed they only included DVD-A because of the VGA passive dongle they threw in the box for free.. not even thinking they could be that forward thinking to make sure the connection was DVI-I (for both) saves me time way down the line these many years later and gives new life to an old tiny machine. Happy Ending.

So I have been using this cable, daily, for over a week now. It works great so far and I'm very pleased. I'm using this to connect my Dell laptop to and external Dell Monitor to operate Dual screens. The quality is great and I love to use the HDMI port on my laptop to connect the monitor instead of the VGA. I previously purchased a VGA to VGA for this purpose from another seller and the cable quit after a few days. This HDMI to DVI seems to be of very good quality.

The cable boasts some great features:

Connect your DVI equipped device to an HDMI equipped HDTV or display
-Fully compatible with all HDTV formats. Supports resolution 720p, 1080i, 1080p and beyond
- Gold plated HDMI A Male to DVI 24+1 Male connector for optimal conductivity
-Fully coated and shielded PVC outer layer for maximum protection from RFI and EMI interference
-BlueRigger Limited lifetime warranty

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I have a computer whose only video output is HDMI. At the same time, I have a LCD Monitor whose only inputs are DVI and VGA.
Looks like there is big confusion about what end of a cable is input or output, and there are many products with reviews telling how they are not bi-directional.
I haven't previously bought any BlueRigger products, nor was I aware of the brand.
However, their website looked serious and profesional, and their many many product reviews were positive.
So I bought this product and I can say it does work; its HDMI end plugs with just the right force and fit into my computer, and so does the DVI end.
Video quality is excellent, with no interference or video noise.
I find 6.6 ft (2 meters) plenty for comfortably placement of both the computer and monitor.
Be aware that the DVI standard itself DO NOT allow to carry audio signals. It's not this cable's fault: It just the way it is for ANY DVI cable. If you need audio, you will need a separate cable and amplifier/speaker.

BlueRigger High Speed HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable (6.6 Feet/ 2 Meters)

I really like the blue in these cables. If you have no choice and cables have to show, the splash of blue is a nice design flare. Be aware that the head of the DVI is slightly larger than many DVI connectors and this could cause challenges if the back of your display has space limitation. Check out my attached image. I had to bend the neck of the cable, and apply some pressure to get it to fit our Dell displays.

Bought this HDMI to DVI cable along with the 10 ft HDMI standard cable to cure screen flickering problems on 2 systems.

My computer screen would flicker and seem to just start acting up, out of the blue every few weeks.

I installed the new HDMI to DVI cable a few days ago and so far so good.

The other system I was having problems with, my PlayStation to TV connection. I was using the PlayStation to watch Netflix and amazon video and was experiencing flickering and blank screens every time and so far it seems to be fixed after installing the new BlueRigger HDMI cable.

I will come back and update this review if my computer screen ever starts acting up and flickering again.

So far I'm happy and can highly recommend these BlueRigger cables. They seem to strike the right balance between cheap and good.

Link to other BlueRigger standard HDMI cable in case any one wants to know the exact cable I bought - BlueRigger High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet - Supports 3D and Audio Return [Latest Version] - 10 Feet

I bought this to try and use a WQHD monitor with a HDMI input with my Mac which has a DVI output from a NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB car. Unfortunately, contrary to what is claimed on the product page, it does not work at 2560 x 1600 resolution as you can see by the blurred text. It does however work at 1600x900 if that's good enough for you. It may work the other way I don't know. The cable itself is great quality, looks good and is durable to touch.

I accidentaly bought monitors that didn't have a DVI port on them, just HDMI and DisplayPort. My motherboard only had HDMI, DVI & VGA. So before I brought a graphics card that had both HDMI and DisplayPort I thought I'd give this cable a go. I used this cable to connect the DVI port on my motherboard to a HDMI port on my monitor. It worked perfectly!

The reason I've been very specific with my use case is because other reviews have indicated that my config isn't possible.

The cable seems well made and looks the part with the blue metal port housings.

I needed this cable as my USB2VGA converter had died and looking on Amazon I picked this one over the cheaper ones (Sorry guys it was the name) BlueRigger grrrr :) that aside it is a very respectable cable firm, strong and the connections are stable.

No drivers needed except the windows ones and it mirrors my VGA screen exactly the same so overall no issues.

Being a contractor I need things like this and if this lasts 6 years as my VGA converter did I will be happy. But for the price I am not that bothered.
It helps my eyes and allows 2 x 21" monitors on one laptop so all good.

I used this product to connect a computer to the tv. Came in a thin plastic bag inside the Amazon cardboard packaging complete with protectors on both ends of the cable. Easy to fit. Works perfectly. Good quality product at a very reasonable price. Very useful as it is bi directional. I needed a dvi to hdmi cable rather than the normally sold hdmi to dvi cables, so this cable saves having to use a USB port to power a switching device. Durability gets 4 stars as I have only just bought it, so cannot tell yet, but don't see why it should fail.

Whilst I was trying to set up my own home laptop and second-screen at home, I discovered yesterday that my latest laptop doesn't have a standard VGA to DVI or VGA to VGA cable system. This is when my partner who has used BlueRigger's High-Speed HDMI to DVI Male to Male Bi-Directional Adapter Cable suggested I use the same. Ordered yesterday evening and it came by 1 pm today. Super impressed & it was easy as plugging in and I am set up in less than 30 seconds. Thank you very much (my own review, not paid for :) )

This is the second BlueRigger cable I've bought. They not only look good, but have a very good build quality too.
There are many, many cheaper looking DVI/HDMI cables out there that never quite inspire any confidence, unlike these babies.
I think it's the distinctive aluminium alloy blue plugs that make them stand out from the crowd, rather than the "cheapie" plastic ones.
Thoroughly recommend them...... :)

I had a c.5yr old high end DVI monitor cluttering up my desk that I begrudged getting rid of given its original cost but had no way of connecting it to my laptop. Bought this product based on the reviews, connected it up in seconds and together with the addition of a USB hub, wireless keyboard and mouse, I now have a fantastic docking station set up and a much more comfortable way of working on my laptop. Very pleased.

This cable arrived quickly (Amazon Prime, next day), well packaged, and exactly as described. The quality was really very high indeed - much better than I'd expected. The price (£3.49 at time of purchase) is remarkable, given the quality.

I have used this cable to connect a Raspberry Pi to an old DVI monitor (Iiyama Prolite E431S), and it does the job perfectly.

If what you need is a HDMI to DVI cable, look no further. Very highly recommended.

I purchased this cable for my sister so she could link the HDMI port on her lap top to the DVI-D input of her large monitor.
The cable is well made and works perfectly. I purchased the same cable for my own use a year ago and it has been in regular service since then without any problems. I am using mine in a multi pc studio with many cables, so it useful to have easily recognisable coloured plugs.

I ordered this and expected a budget product for the price, but the construction is smart, solid, the quality is a very pleasant surprise and the finish looks as good as some premium products. The DVI connector fits well and the fastening screws tighten up and lock in place quickly with only a light turn of the screws. The HDMI connector is a good snug fit and again locks into place very nicely. The cable is reassuringly heavy yet very flexible and it doesn't appear to pull the HDMI connector downwards.

I never thought I could be this impressed by a cable, but right now, I'm seriously considering swapping all of my HDMI cables to this brand.

Don't typically review a huge amount of purchases, certainly not cables... But these are actually worth the recommendation.

I don't go for all these 'shielded against magical waves' stuff - it's mostly a load of rubbish and performance between 'decent' cables varies very little.

But - the 'BlueRigger' cables are well priced, they tick all those boxes (gold plated etc. etc.) but most importantly for me they've got a solid, quality feel. For 6 odd quid it's well worth the money.

Multi-monitor set up, two as portrait and of course the primary feed out is one of the portrait ones. So when I erased the wrong disk and had to spend a lot of time in bios set up, was either lying on my side like a roman nobleman eating dinner or canting my head sideways while trying to hold the mouse at 90 degrees to press the right buttons. Now HDNI trumps all in the monitor hierarchy and I can sit the right way up. Not seeing any issues with performance, have the 2m cable and don't do high end video or gaming stuff. Good buy.

I had previously got the Amazon Basics DVI to HDMI lead on the assumption that Amazon would choose a decent product to put their name to. However it failed to produce a picture on a recent Panasonic TV. Getting a refund from Amazon I searched a bit harder this time and chose the BlueRigger from the good reviews given. Thankfully I chose correctly this time, it looks well made and solid and produced a perfect picture, and I think it was only a few pennies dearer.

After buying a new laptop capable of not only Full HD output but also 1920x1200 output, I also bought the excellent Dell U2412M 24" monitor. But with an HDMI socket on the laptop and a DVI socket on the monitor I needed a suitable cable. After checking various reviews I ordered this BlueRigger 1.8m cable, and it's proven to be excellent. I've been using this cable for 6 months now, and working at the monitor's native 1920x1200 resolution the image is always super sharp. At such a low price, this cable is a bargain. And I'm so impressed with it that I've recently bought a second one to use at my office. Highly recommended.

I used the lead to go from HDMI to DVI, so that I could run 3 monitors, the length was just right to enable to do the job, it is a exceptional lead and very well put together, would not hesitate in purchasing this item again if required.