HGX-Gold Premium High Grade T-120 VHS Tape


  • Up to 6 hours of video recording wit Hi-Output Black Magnetite
  • Premium high grade videotape for outstanding picture & sound quality
  • High Grade is ideal for full-feature stereo VCRs
  • Great for recording in extended play modes (EP/LP)


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120 minutes recording timeOutstanding picture and sound qualityIdeal for full-feature stereo VCRs and recording from full-size camcorders

Product information Product Dimensions 7.5 x 4.15 x 1 inches Item Weight 7 ounces Department Electronics Manufacturer Maxell Language: English ASIN B000001ON0 Item model number 224915

There's nothing at all wrong with these tapes. If you're still using a VCR, you better stock up on these while you can, as one day very soon you won't find them anyplace. Yes, I was afraid to order due to not knowing if they became brittle/old stored in the warehouse (BTW, I ordered mine direct from Amazon, not a third party seller).

The tapes I opened so far are as fresh and new as when I opened a new tape 10 years ago. High quality recording tape. I agree that the images aren't as good as DVD's but they really aren't that bad.

I tape with VHS and these were horrible for taping. Their were streaks throughout my recordings. What a waste of my money. Very disappointed

What can I say? It works just as well as the other brand of tape I purchased at the same time for the VCR used Sunday night at 9:00. Perhaps the other seller didn't have two in stock since I doubt anyone has been breaking down doors to get to VCRs since DVRs made their appearance years ago. But who knows for sure?

So thankful to find VHS Tapes. They are a tad expensive, but I suspect by now antique. LOL

Hard to find tapes anymore.

Good product, good price and good delivery. Thank you. JC

I purchased 10 tapes and only one tape functions properly, when trying to rewind the tape, the system stops and the player is turned off, turning the system back on and the tape ejects itself, poor recording quality, unable to re-record, I have received a refund for 3 tapes and you replaced 3 tapes, the replaced ones didn't work either, having only 30 days to request a refund, wasn't time enough to check the recording quality of all the tapes, and the major problem was trying to re-record using these tapes, I have tapes that are at least 20 years old that I still use to record, very dissatisfied.

tape was good

Excellent. No different from what I used to buy 20 years ago. Definitely would recommend.


No issues

Works as advertised, decent product.

its a VHS tape and it was in good condition. what else is there to say?

Great new VHS !!!!

Not as good as 80s tapes, but still good!

These tapes were great.. I loved the clerity they taped with.