Maxell High Grade T-120 VHS Tape, 3 Pack


  • Premium high-grade videotape
  • Outstanding picture and sound quality
  • Ideal for full-feature stereo VCRs
  • Use with full-size camcorders
  • Great extended-play modes


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Size:1 Pack

From the Manufacturer

Maxell videotape provides a clear, sharp picture with bright colors and premium sound quality. Maxell's outstanding tape durability is capable of withstanding the day-to-day demands of multipurpose recording. Maxell videotape offers outstanding picture clarity and sharpness. Maxell Corporation of America is a leading full-line manufacturer of digital and analog media products for consumer audio, video, and camcorder applications; professional audio and video media; computer data storage media and batteries. Maxell also markets a full line of care and maintenance accessories and headphones.

Product information Size:1 Pack Product Dimensions 7.5 x 4.25 x 3 inches Item Weight 1.37 pounds Manufacturer Maxell ASIN B00000J1ES Item model number 224939

I have used Maxell tapes for 30+ years so I was surprised at the exceptionally poor quality of these tapes. The 8-hour tapes are equally as bad as these 6-hour ones. They are now made in Korea instead of formerly in Canada and that might have something to do with the serious decline in quality. After 1-4 uses the picture rolls on the screen and cannot be resolved with tracking controls, there are severe dropouts and the tape mechanism makes so much noise that I honestly thought that my VCR was destroyed and I would have to buy a new one. I checked some of my other new Maxell tapes and most of them had the same results. I tried a TDK tape and was relieved to find that my VCR was still functioning perfectly so I threw out all of my new Maxells and am now using TDK and Sony tapes, which work just fine. I am so disappointed in Maxell but I guess they don't care about VHS tape quality anymore.

What I like about these tapes is the quality of the mechanism and the tape itself is high grade. I've had a lot of problems with tracking of almost everything TDK makes these days. I think TDK just doesn't care anymore about the limited VHS market and so are purchasing OLD high grade tape. Maxell on the other hand still is putting out good quality tape, and they are consistantly good quality with no tracking issues. However, if a vender cannot get the tapes to you in one piece due to inadequate packaging, then why bother!

Maxell is a brand you can count on. It my sound nutty, but some people still use VCR’s.

I still use my 15-year-old Panasonic VCR for recording TV shows to watch later (especially useful to record interesting/entertaining PBS shows during pledge week, so that you can skip by the "pledge ads" while watching the program). It's not that easy to find places that carry VHS tapes these days -- I really like Amazon's large selection. Maxell makes great tapes -- again: good product, excellent price.

Maxell seems to be a much better quality product than other tapes. Also great price.

working great for recoding music and movies from tv.

VHS tapes are becoming so hard to buy. I was glad to find them on Amazon. They arrived sooner than I expected and are exactly what I need
for my old VCR. They are such a great quality that I am always pleased with what I tape, and I can use them over and over.

I don't know where these tapes were manufactured, but they are very poor quality and eventually ruined one of my VCRs. They dirty the heads in no time flat, and no amount of cleaning helps. I definitely would not recommend buying these Maxell tapes.

Tapes are good.

These tape very well. Clear visual and audio. Anyone who has vcr should get these tapes. A very good buy.

Product seems excellent and arrived on time as promised. Cheaper would have been better.

Tape functioned as advertised