Panasonic AY-DVM83PQ Professional Mini DV Tape 83min (Single Tape)


  • Reliable performance and instant access
  • Compatibility with all P2 camcorders, P2 recorders and workflow tools
  • P2 cards can store all P2 frame rates and formats - HD, SD, DVCPRO HD/50/25 and AVC-Intra 100 / 50
  • Compatibility with all major NLEs and servers
  • 1.2Gbps transfer speed


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Panasonic AY-DVM83PQ MiniDV Tape Professional 83min Panasonic, the pioneer in the DV tape developments introduces a line-up of DV tape, which is designed for professional usage. After 25 years of extensive research, Panasonic has developed a new evaporation technology named S-AME(Super Advanced Metal Evaporation). With the new process, it is now possible to improve magnetic density over 400%.   Product Specification Model Panasonic AY-DVM83PQ Mini DV Tape Professional 83min Data Cartridge Manufacturer Panasonic Mfr Part # AY-DVM83PQ (Formerly AY-DVM83EB) Media Type Mini DV Length 83 Minutes SP / 124 Minutes LP (55 Minutes DVCam)  

Product information Product Dimensions 5.9 x 5.9 x 0.5 inches Item Weight 1.41 ounces Manufacturer Panasonic ASIN B003RY5QFU Item model number 83PQ

I have used these exclusively for years. Hundreds of tapes later, I have never had one break, jam or cause issues with the camera. I always use a new tape for each new job so I RARELY have an issue with a dirty head. You run into problems when you change between brands, as some use a lubricant on the tape and others don't which cause head clogging problems. Stick with one brand and you have no issues. Picture quality is awesome as well. Always shoot using the fastest tape speed for best pic and no compatibility issues.

I was pleased to find this product as the events I video often last ten to twenty minute more than an hour.It is often hard to change tapes at an hour with out an interruption and/or loss of a key sean. other 80 minute tapes are hard to come by,and expensive. Running a 60 minute tape at the extended 90 minute speed is not an option for the quality I am looking for,plus it should only be played back on the same deck it was recorded on. It is also recomended that once a bran of tape is chosen ,only that brand be used since the lubricant use on the tape may gum up when mixed with the lubricants of other brands.

This is a very reliable professional-grade videotape. I am using this model (along with its 63-minute counterpart) in my Canon Vixia HV40 camcorder with absolutely no issues whatsoever. I haven't been reusing the same tapes much, so I can't comment on how durable it is for rerecording purposes, but for one-time recording it's perfect, and you can't beat the price, too.

If you are still using Mini DV tape, this is a professional version. Has a running time of approximately 2 hours 8 minutes in LP mode. Has virtually no dropouts, Very well manufactured product. Highly recommended

I have onlt used a couple of roles of this tape but I have hi hopes it will live up to its clames. I shoot with a Canon XL2 and have been trying to protect it by using hi quality tape. My sourse was Radio Shack and they recently went to a cheaper supplier even though they charge the same. Since Radio shack never carried the 80 minute tapes and Cannon Recomends using only Canon supplies and Canon tapes are maid by panasonic it seems right to switch. It is also recomended to use only one brand of tape because different brands use different lubercants that when mixed can gum up on the recording heads.

It's great tape and it does a wonderful job.

These tapes are the ones I buy for my professional video jobs. I have never had one fail me yet. The quality has been excellent. Cheaper tapes will sometimes pixelate which can ruin a onetime event shoot. That is why I like these tapes.

This tape was needed for a longer period of recording on a camcorder that requires mini tapes and fortunately Amazon had them. Thank you.