TDK T120RVAXS10 120 Minute Standard Video Tape - 10 Pack (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


  • TDK video tapes deliver vivid colors, high-resolution picture and lifelike sound
  • Available in a wide range of grades and recording lengths
  • Extensively tested for full compatibility with any type of VCR or camcorder, regardless of brand or model.


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TDK offers a broad line of consumer and professional videotape in a wide variety of full-size and camcorder formats, including the new Mini DV digital video system.

Product information Product Dimensions 3.94 x 2.95 x 1.57 inches Item Weight 4.6 pounds Manufacturer TDK Media Language: English ASIN B00004TWVY Item model number T120RVAXS10

I really wonder about the manufacture date of these tapes and/or if they've been stored in good conditions. I ordered these tapes on December 3rd, 2012. They were purchased to replace tapes that were degraded from much recording and re-recording such that video/sound quality was suffering, when I found that I had only one new tape remaining. I ordered TDK tapes because I have found them to be of good quality and to hold up well in the past.

I cleaned the heads on all VCRs in the house prior to using any of these tapes. My old tapes haven't touched my VCRs since they were cleaned. The first tape out of the lot had some quality issues with the recording (the picture was a bit grainy) but I was busy and it wasn't significant enough for me to quibble over for recordings that I would view once and record over later. The quality of that first tape has remained steady (though still grainy) with subsequent recordings. Unfortunately, I did not immediately test the remaining tapes. If I had, I would have returned them or requested replacement in the hopes that the next lot would be newer or had been stored in a cooler place or were from another manufacturing lot or whatever the cause of the problems is.

After attempting to use two tapes that had more issues than the first, I took an untouched tape from this purchase to another VCR to record/playback. Same issues. I have now unwrapped 5 of the 10 tapes from this purchase and found all but the first to have significant issues in recording/playback.

Sound quality ranges from decent to poor and there are video issues extreme enough that the auto-tracking on my VCR unceasingly attempted to adjust on the worst tape thus far. The worst quality tape is also the most recent tape I've unwrapped and I'm a little worried about recording something I actually want to watch on the five remaining tapes, so they're waiting for me to have a few hours to spend testing them (and the inclination to do it).

The extremely bad tape in question hit the trash today after I played through the recorded material. The missing bits of video and sound were brief enough that I was at least able to work out what was going on. The most recently used tape being of such terrible quality is also the reason I finally sat down to write this review.

At some point before trying the tape that went into the trash as soon as it had been viewed, I remembered the tape that I had still had from the lot I had previously purchased ... oh, years ago. Back when Sam's Club still carried blank VHS tapes in all the stores since that's where I last bought them. :)

I used the "new" tape that I had already had as a sort of control in the testing. Remember, the problem isn't that my machines need to be cleaned ... I cleaned the drums and heads before unwrapping any of the new tapes. It's not that my head cleaner caused damage or the heads are fragged because my 4? - 5? - 6? year old (but freshly unwrapped) tape recorded with no quality issues. The problem is the lot of tapes that I bought in December.

I advise you to consider the potential hassle and my experience if you purchase this item. I strongly advise youto test all cassettes in the lot immediately after receiving the shipment so you can return or exchange them if necessary and you won't be stuck with a bunch of old/poor quality tapes because you deemed the first tape to be of tolerable quality.

I haven't made an attempt to buy more tapes. I won't make a decision until the other 5 have been checked out ... who knows, maybe the rest of the lot is prime. (What? It could happen!) In any case, if I do buy VHS tapes again I probably will not buy these tapes despite having had good luck with them in the past.

Edit to add: Contrary to statements in other comments, the tapes that I received were 120s as described, not the 8 hour tapes pictured.

I gave these blank TDK tapes a favorable review, but that was before I tried to re-record over them. The re-recorded tapes are a terrible quality - fuzzy, striated lines, skipping, wavy sections. I re-record over old Sony and BASF tapes, as well as old TDK STD (superior tape durability) with good results. These unused TDK tapes are undependable for more than one taping. Different VCR recorders were used, and the heads were cleaned each time. Also ran the tapes at FF and reverse.

I won't order these again.

They work great, for what I would like to record. Do not buy the 9 or 8 hour Maxwell video tapes. Thought I would also save time recording and having more tape to record on. But they ended up being more scratchy, and distorted. It seem like the tapes were used, or ruined some how. Then repackage and sold like new. It not worth spending the money to get the 9 or 8 hour Maxwell tapes. Stick with TDK 6 hour tapes, when recording. Well worth the money here.

Bought 2sets of TDK 10 packs. One pack came fully wrapped. The other 10 tapes came in the same box, but none of them were wrapped in their own plastics, let alone as a set. Two of the tapes play back with a distortion line in the middle of the screen, and I now need to get a VHS head cleaner as well. Not a sale to give any kind of positive review.

There are still those of us who use our VCR's instead of Tivo for simple recording because of the monthly cost. VCR tapes are all but impossible to find locally so I was thrilled to find good quality tapes here at a decent price. So far, they have produced good quality recordings and I have been able to reuse them without issue. I plan to stock up on more very soon!

I thought I'd buy some tapes that I could rely on but over 50% of the order was bad and you can only use the any one tape once.
You get blank spots and if there aren't blanks spots the sound is scratching, or missing. I thought TDK was a good tape to buy so I did and now wish that I had not bought them. 10pack should be sold as is....

The price was good, but the quality variable. I ordered two 10-packs, and some tapes seemed fine, while others were defective from the start. They didn't come packaged as 10-packs, but rather were loose tapes in a box. I've already thrown out two (and missed the programs I'd taped on them), and I haven't assessed all of them yet.

I usually am very pleased with Amazon and will continue to use them, but this purchase was definitely a let down. If it had been my first, it would have been my last. Fortunately it was not a high-dollar item.

Buyer beware, and I'd say it's a good time to switch to a DVD recorder!

I have both, tapes, and cds, tapes more versatile, old school, cds seem to freeze on me, I have tapes going back to the stone age it seems, still good.Too bad a dying breed, so I hope still available when i need more, might not be, I will still count on AMAZON to come thru.

I know that video tapes are way outdated now but, for my needs, are quite ok and I am very pleased with my purchase. Also, paying that price for a 10-Pack, I know I made a good deal.