Maxell 213027 T-180 9 Hours Standard Grade VHS


  • Model_Number - 213027
  • Depth - 7.50
  • Height - 1.00
  • Width - 4.25
  • Weight - 0.5375


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VHS tape - T x 180min

Product information Product Dimensions 7.4 x 4.1 x 0.9 inches Item Weight 8.3 ounces Manufacturer Maxell ASIN B000056KBJ Item model number 213027

I had hoped to have no problems with these brand new tapes but 2 out of the 3 that I bought so far are depressing me with the video playback. I don't understand how it can record the show clearly, but the playback is scratchy with the tracking issues that won't stop even though I'm pressing the tracking button on the remote like crazy. I had began to think that my 8 year old VCR was going to the deep end, but then I put another tape that I previously had taped a million times on and IT PLAYED GREAT immediately after taking the NEW Maxell 9-hours tape out of the machine. I examined the Maxell 9s and I noticed that the tape tends to be not as tight as it should be and even if I attempt to tighten it, after a few short minutes of playback the tracking issues start again.

Oh well, it's all understandable that videocassettes are being made to the greatest of perfection or value these days. I was basically shocked that I could still purchase them without paying too much. I guess I'll find the sweet spots on the tapes and only record and watch from that portion of it. I do own a DVD recorder, but I still love to record on my VCR. I can't let it go, not yet.

There is no monthly fee to use a VCR. Not the most up to date technology yet certainly the cheapest. I rarely see VCR tapes in the stores and usually one product - no selection. I stocked up on 9 hour tapes and they work just fine as SLP. I rotate a set of 4 and they usually last over 1 year.

I also bought the dry cleaning tape. I never ever cleaned any VCR and did not know what to expect. It was easy as pie. Pop in the tape and follow the on screen directions. No fuss, no muss. Has many clean sessions for one tape.

Since the VCR is several years old I ran the cleaner twice. What an amazing difference. I now run it on a regular basis and the picture is clearer.
I recommend the tapes and dry cleaner. Stock up now.

Bought these tapes for a friend of mine who thinks he is in the movie production business