Sony 12T120VR 120-Minute Premium VHS Cassettes (12-Pack) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


  • Premium grade cassettes deliver brilliant color and sound



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Sony VHS tapes are suitable for all taping occasions, due to its superlative performance. Delivering a high level of recording accuracy and precision, VHS video cassettes are ideal for editing, dubbing and for tapes you want to keep. The Super-Tough DDL Binder System protects against quality loss during repeated playbacks. T-120 and T-160 lengths deliver up to 6 and 8 hours of recording in EP mode, respectively. High grade VHS is designed for today's demanding home theaters and large screen TVs.

Product information Product Dimensions 12.25 x 7.5 x 4 inches Item Weight 5.45 pounds Manufacturer Sony ASIN B0000632GW Item model number 12T120VL/WM

Received video tapes in a timely fashion as promised. However, the age of the tapes, even though they were new, was evident because there was a certain amount of "noise" which lowered the taping quality a bit. I'm guessing that the package of tapes was probably sitting on a shelf for some time because all of the labels were pretty close to useless --- they were so dry that they would not stick to the tape cartridges.


There was nothing wrong with the tape itself. However, due to inadequate packaging, four cartridges were cracked. Three of them were repaired quickly while the forth one needed considerable effort. They were all repaired using the super glue. If packaging was done properly and arrived without any damage, it would have been five stars.

Just what we were looking for and very hard to find. Thank you for carrying them Amazon.

I use these all the time.

I'm so glad that I am still able to get videocassettes. Some have been horrible though. Sony tapes have been pretty good compared to others. I did receive Maxell tapes, and they were really messed up, so much so that I will never spend money on Maxell again.


It was great that I found these. I still have VHS tape recorder/player that is in great working condition so these tapes allow me to use what I have.