Sony 4T120VRC 4-Pack 120-Minute VHS Tapes (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


  • Convenient 4-pack
  • Premium grade cassettes deliver brilliant color and sound
  • Delivers up to 6 hours of recording in EP mode



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Sony VHS tapes are suitable for all taping occasions, due to its superlative performance. Delivering a high level of recording accuracy and precision. VHS video cassettes are ideal for editing, dubbing and for tapes you want to keep. The Super-Tough DDL Binder System protects against quality loss during repeated playbacks. High grade VHS is designed for today's demanding home theaters and large screen TVs.

Product information Product Dimensions 1 x 4.12 x 7.5 inches Item Weight 7 ounces Manufacturer Sony Electronics Inc. - Media ASIN B007QOIP3C Item model number 4T120VRC

Old school , local cable doesn't offer cloud storage . can't use open air storage , local cable won't allow it . DVR doesn't have large enough storage . quality product

Ordered these as we used Sony tapes in the past with no problems. Plastic wrap was very hard to remove, almost like it was melted on. Used one tape and picture was snow with lines in it. Looked for a date on boxes and saw 2002. Had I know they were this old I would not have ordered. Will stick to buying a different brand at a big box store for a little more money- at least I know they work.

I ordered 3 sets of Sony 4 Pack VHS Tapes. It was difficult to open the first set as the protective plastic wrap tightly adhered to the tape covers and had to be scraped off which is an indication that the set had been stored in a hot environment. The heat damaged the tapes. After taping a program and playing it back, there were white flashing horizontal lines running across the picture and the sound was badly garbled. This affected all 4 tapes of one set. -- I have not tested the remaining 2 sets yet.

Ilona Covert

Junk! One already quite working, the case got distorted so it would not load, so I looked at it and the case did not line up, not good quality.

A second one after recording has odd blips and fuzzy, lines and noise after rewind so thats two I had to throw away after very little use.

Do not buy these they are junk!

LOOK while these are new they are also old.
So if you want no issues first ff then rewind the tapes before you try to record.
You may also clean your heads after the first use to be safe.
I may get 1 or 2 tapes out of 15 or 20 that give me some problem but thats no worse than it ever was.

I had to return these as they each had a broken case and were unusable.

We put our Video Player next to our DVD player. Many of our blank VHS tapes are old. We tape shows during the day while at work. This one gives plenty of room and can be played forward and you can rewind it. After DVDs came, Videos started going
out. I kept all my Videos. This is the easiest way to tape shows while you are gone and then watch them.
The price, amount it contains is great!

I have only recorded on one of the tapes but so far work great and fast shipping.