EN-EL5 / ENEL5 Battery for Nikon CoolPix 3700 4200 5200 5900 7900 P35 P45 P80 P90 P100 P500 P510 P520 P530 P5000 P5100 P6000 S10 Cameras


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  • High Capacity EN-EL5 Battery for Nikon Coolpix Cameras.
  • Compatible with Nikon CoolPix 3700 4200 5200 5900 7900 P35 P45 P80 P90 P100 P500 P510 P520 P530 P5000 P5100 P6000 S10 Cameras.
  • Battery Specification: 3.7V 1650mAh 6.1Wh Lithium-ion - for a long battery life.
  • The Replacement Nikon EN-EL5 Battery will charge with your existing Nikon Charger.
  • Includes a HeroFiber ultra gentle cleaning cloth designed for cleaning electronics and accessories.



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Size:a) Battery

Battery kit includes:
EN-EL5 / ENEL5 High capacity battery.
HeroFiber ultra gentle cloth for electronics and accessories.

Battery compatibility:
Battery is compatible with Nikon CoolPix 3700 4200 5200 5900 7900 P35 P45 P80 P90 P100 P500 P510 P520 P530 P5000 P5100 P6000 S10.

Battery specification: Rated at 3.7V 1650mAh 6.1Wh - Lithium ion.

Product information Size:a) Battery Package Dimensions 7 x 2.4 x 0.4 inches Item Weight 0.353 ounces ASIN B00JDSJTN4 Item model number COMINU048705

Before ordering, since some people said they received 1100 mah batteries and not the 1650 mah as advertised, I posted the question. First answer confirmed 1650, so I ordered. Then two more people replied 1100 mah. I can tell you I received two brand new in very nice boxes 1650 mah batteries, just as described. I charged them both and they appear to be working fine. They also came with plastic caps to protect the contacts, which I thought was nice. Shipping fast too... nice transaction all around.
Update: At a wedding over the weekend I took 300 photos (most with flash) and 18 min of video. I went through both of these batteries and one old one with lower capacity. Not sure how to assess that, but I was able to make it through the event, which was all I needed.

It is easy to appreciate the substantial cost savings for these batteries compared to the OEM, and I admit that for my DSLR I do purchase the Nikon battery. For this point and shoot, it is harder to justify the extra costs. I do think you need to keep a close eye on these flat battery packs (in particular) as in failure mode they swell and may be difficult to remove. I have had this failure with batteries in this camera as well as similar flat packs in Harmony remotes. So, keep a close watch. If you can't remove a swollen battery, try putting the camera in the freezer. You will need to let the camera re-warm to room temperature when you remove it from the freezer, but you aren't going to be using it until you get the battery out anyway. For this purchase I hedged my bets by purchasing these and also one OEM (at a substantially higher price). For reasons I cannot easily determine that battery (which I believe to be a real NIKON replacement) is a very tight fit in the battery compartment and these are not. I'm going to be using these.

These batteries will not hold a charge! DO NOT buy these! I might get 18 minutes of video, after charging them. Sometimes the batt indicator shows a full charge, then later when I try to use my P500 the batt is bead!

I ordered and just received 2 of these batteries. The boxes and printing on both say they are 1100mAh (not high capacity 1650mAh as advertised). I am returning them today.

These batteries were "a piece of junk" as described by the 2nd camera repair guy who I sent the camera to with the batteries separate in bag. He told me the batteries were at fault when I had NEVER even used them in my Nikon Cool Pix since the purchase..They wee swollen. I thought something was wrong with my camera. Turns out the 2nd repair man out in San Diego said there was NOTHING wrong with my camera, it was the CHEAP , DEFECTIVE, SWOLLEN batteries that were the problem to start with.

The produst was almost idetical to what the Nikon camera takes. It works well, haven't used it long enough to say anout durability or battery life. However have used it everyday nice I purchased last month and i have not had to recharge yet.

False advertising saying these are "high capacity" and stating 1650 mAh in the description, but they have arrived and are 1100 mAh like others. NOT HIGH CAPACITY
I need them for a trip in 2 days, so not returning them now, but likely will when I get back.

All I've been able to do so far is to see that they fit the camera battery compartment and everything is working. Haven't had them long enough to determine battery life. Shipment from the seller was faster than indicated (did not choose 2-day prime because there wasn't any hurry, although that was available).