Neewer Slim Fast Micro USB Battery Charger for Canon LP-E6 Battery, EOS 6D, 7D, 60D, 70D, 80D, 5Ds, 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, 60DA SLR Digital Cameras,Multi Charging Option


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  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with these popular Canon models that use LP-E6 batteries: EOS 6D, 7D, 60D, 70D, 80D, 5Ds, 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, 60DA SLR Digital Cameras; gives you a complete backup solution
  • INTELLIGENT PROTECTION SYSTEM: Quick charge with multiple circuit protection to prevent battery from overcharging, high temperature, over current, over voltage, short circuit
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: Only 19mm ultra thin; Space-saving and convient to your trip,business and all the outdoor exercise; Record more wonderful moment at any time
  • MULTIPLE CHARGING OPTION: Can charge with a portable power source; Gives you more options than a standard battery charger
  • NOTE: Do not charge your battery / charger with computer; In order to avoid any possible damages of computer from high temperature



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Neewer Micro USB Battery Travel Charger for Canon LP-E6

Before your travel,
Prepare your battery & Neewer Slim USB Charger in advance!
Fully-charged batteries help feed your beloved camera and record your wonderful moments of life.

SLIM & SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: ONLY 19mm in thickness; Portable and convenient to carry whether you are in travel, on business, or for outdoor sports.

RELIABLE SAFETY PROTECTION: With built-in smart protection management circuit, Protect your battery from overcharge, over discharge, over voltage, over current, surge voltage, high temperature and short circuit.

MULTIPLE CHARGING OPTIONS: Can be charged by USB adapter, power bank, car charger or other devices with USB port. (NOTE: Please DO NOT charge your battery or charger with compute in order to avoid any possible damages of computer from High Temperature.)

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Product information Color:Slim Type Package Dimensions 4.69 x 2.13 x 1.38 inches Item Weight 2.12 ounces ASIN B07BT7ZB9G Item model number 10093103

I purchased one of these two years ago for my other camera. I used it in Africa and have been using it ever since. I decided to get another one for my other camera. You can see how fast your battery is charging and you can do two at once. It is reliable.

I have owned this for over 6 months now - so I will write a long-term report here
a) Functionality: Love the 2-battery bank. Appreciate the Euro plug. The car charger is some table-stake but it doesn't do much
b) Usability: Good enough. The cable is long enough and fits well
c) Reliability - Excellent. Charging time is quick and the readout is accurate

- It's waaaay to heavy and big. The design could be simplified - a sandwich design (battery as bread) could easily work

I've charged hundreds of cycles on two of these chargers and I love them. They are part of my daily workhorse gear and I'd recommend them to anyone who uses a lot of LPE6 batteries. Having a USB charging port is extra nice. You can't go wrong with this product!

Good battery charger with an LCD display that shows percentage of charge. Two batteries can be charged simultaneously which saves a lot of time.
Also, there are two letters on the left side of the display, L and H (presumably a Low and High charge). The default setting is "L" and with this setting, the batteries take a couple hours, or longer, to charge. If you want a battery to charge faster you have to remember to change the setting each time you put on a battery to charge. I'm not sure how much quicker a battery will charge because I never remember to change the setting (I have other camera battery chargers where this is not necessary). Three power cables come with the charger and it appears to be a high quality charger.

works great. At first my biggest complaint was that it was a little slow to charge but i found that the button on the upper left of the face is actually a speed charger change from slow to fast and back. My most favorite feature is the dual charging with the display, cant get enough of that.

There's a switch, I presume is fast/slow charge. Doesn't really explain the benefit of one over the other. But overall the charger works great. I especially like the charger tells you how charged the battery is instead of a single blinking light.

Not only does this battery charge my lp-e6 batteries but I am also able to use all my other universal adapter chargers that I have previously bought and attach them to this device and charge all my cameras. Saves me time , money and frustration. Charges LP-e6 batteries to full capacity where others can not. Great product!

It's a good value, I suppose. And it works well. But when the battery is already charged it won't come on when you insert the battery. So, it feels like the unit is not functioning properly. So, the only way to know it is working is to put a battery that needs charged into it. That's crazy annoying. Why can't it just say "100%" like any other charger would?

But it's still a good buy for the money and does its job well. It's fast. I would still buy it again.

Excellent slim charger that I bought for travel, has no trouble charging either my Canon original or the Baxxtar Pro copies.

Only tried it for holiday after return window. Doesn't work, too late to return faulty goods??

Came fast, small and convenient and works, a nice addition to camera gear

Se podría decir que se obtiene la calidad por la que se paga pero me me han sorprendido los productos de Neewer, son de buena calidad a un precio muy accesible. El cargador es pesado, punto a considerar para transportar en caso de llevarlo en maleta de mano para viaje en aeropuerto.

Trae modalidad de carga lenta y normal. La carga lenta prolonga la vida de las baterías al ser menos el desgaste entre cargas.

Trae tres adaptadores de luz además de que existe la posibilidad de cargar alguna dispositivo vía USB a un costado del cargador.

En resumen es un cargador excelente por el precio que se paga, muy práctico aunque bastante pesado a comparación de los cargadores normales.

Ich habe dieses Ladegerät für meine Reisen gekauft, um in einem Gerät sowohl die LP-E6 Akkus für meine Canon Kamera, als auch die Akkus für meine Lumix GH-5 gleichzeitig laden kann. Die Ladefunktion ist einwandfrei und ich kann keinen Unterschied zu anderen oder den original Ladegeräten feststellen. Wie zügig die Schnelllade-Funktion arbeitet konnte ich noch nicht vergleichen. Lediglich die Ladestatus-Anzeige könnte etwas präziser sein, wird doch die Ladung nur in 10% Schritten angegeben. Auch hätte ich von der Abbildung gedacht, dass das Gerät etwas kleiner wäre.

Cargador ligero y con LCD que nos indica el nivel de carga individual de cada batería. Muy práctico cuando se trata de cargar dos baterías simultáneamente. Lo mejor de todo es que lleva doble toma de alimentación, por lo que se puede conectar a la toma de corriente de pared, o utilizar un alimentador de 12v. También puede cargar baterías si se conecta la toma de 12v a un powerbank o a un panel-cargador solar que tenga salida de 12v.

El cargador es grande y permite cargar dos baterías a la vez, además con un indicador del porcentaje de carga muy útil. Incluye los cables para corriente en diversos países y también para el mechero del coche, pero tambien tiene un conector usb, lo cuál lo hace totalmente versátil.

This is exactly as described and seems to be well built. The LCD screen with a % charged is much more useful than counting LED flashes on the Canon charger. The ability to charge 2 at once is useful even if it is only occasionally that is needed. It is big, though, and with space in the camera backpack at a premium it is likely to be left behind as a in-office charger (unless the 12 volt capability is needed). All in all a good charger. A single version with the same screen could a really useful.

Prévu pour être utilisé partout (prise européenne, voiture, USB). Le double compartiment et le double affichage de charge sont bien utiles à ceux qui voyagent avec plusieurs batteries et n'ont pas nécessairement le temps d'en charger une seule à la fois. J'avais déjà le même chargeur pour batteries "Sony" et j'ai découvert que le socle dans lequel on insère la batterie pour la recharger est démontable. Il est donc possible d'avoir un chargeur pour batterie "Sony" à droite et batterie "Canon" à gauche ou inversement. Très commode pour le voyage lorsque l'on emporte 2 boitiers de marques différentes Sony et Canon, 1 seul chargeur de batterie à emporter.
Utile également en cas de besoin : un commutateur "charge rapide" pour le receptacle situé à gauche..

Heute kam mein neues Ladegerät für den Akku meiner Canon EOS 80D.
Leider kam das Produkt mit einem Bruch im Gehäuse an, was aber die Nutzung und Funktionalität nicht einschränkt.

Bisher nur ein mal am Netzstrom getestet, es funktioniert. Der Akku ist voll aufgeladen. Für unterwegs (Auto/Powerbank) werde ich es noch testen.

Ansonsten ist es einfach ein Ladegerät, zu dem man nicht so viel schreiben kann.

Tried several other battery chargers and they were pieces of junk. This one is solidly built and perfect for the job. Indicator light is easy to read and shows exactly how much charge a battery is at. As a photographer, this is ideal.

Ideal tanto para cargar a la red como en un vehiculo, si olvidad el USB de 2.1Ah.
Con la pantalla de led se lee el nivel de carga de la bateria.
Muy buena relación calidad precio.

Easy to use, I plug it into my MacBook. It charges the battery of my camera. I’m using the battery pack that came with the camera, an original Canon EOS 7D.
It’s cheap quality, mainly plastic but lightweight and smaller than my original battery charger. The price can’t be beat. Shipping was fast too.

Certes pratique ... Mais avec 800ma pour chacune des piles à pleine puissance (et 500ma en low à éviter) il faut la nuit pour recharger une pile vide !!! Canon propose 1200ma, et on voit la différence en rapidité. Si vous avez des batteries d'avance, c'est gérable. Autrement, c'est difficile à pouvoir assurer son autonomie.

Il precedente si è guastato appena scaduta la garanzia, ma questo spero duri di più perchè lavora molto bene...