OP/TECH USA 1301292 Super Pro B Connectors - System Connectors


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  • A choice of two designs fits most medium format and 35mm cameras with retaining lugs
  • Adjustable in length: 10"–15" (25,4cm–38,1cm)
  • Quick disconnects can be clipped together to create a small carrying handle
  • Version B fits Mamiya (except M645 Super and M645 Pro), Olympus IS1 and IS2, Pentax 6X7, Pentax 645 and Rollei
  • Made in the USA



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Style:Version B  |  Pattern Name:Single

Product Description

With the OP/TECH USA system connectors, The camera/binocular owner has several connection options. You can buy an extra set of connectors to customize the strap to best suit your needs. Straps can be lengthened to be worn across the chest or shortened to be worn at chest level. Another feature of the system connectors is the small carrying handle created when the quick disconnects are latched together.

From the Manufacturer


  • Fully adjustable in length from 10" to 15" (25.4cm - 38.1cm)
  • Sold in sets of two
  • Materials: Nylon webbing, leather tabs and metal clips
  • Quick disconnects: Yes
  • Webbing Width: 1/2"
  • Made in the USA

Compatible Cameras

Cameras Version A Version B Bronica (ETR and some ETRC) X   Hasselblad X   Kiev X   Mamiya (except M645 Super and M645 Pro)   X Olympus IS1 and IS2   X Pentax 6X7   X Pentax 645   X Pentax LX X   Rollei   X These are registered trademarks of companies other than OP/TECH USA.
This is only a partial list of the cameras which can use the SUPER PRO STRAP.


How to Attach a SUPER PRO System Connector to Your Camera

Super Classic Strap Instructions
  1. Insert the camera lug through the large hole in the clip which will force the spring clip upward.
  2. Slide the clip back which will lock the camera lug in place. The spring clip should close behind the camera lug.
  3. Move the retaining slide towards the clip.
  4. Lock the retaining slide firmly in place behind the spring clip so that both pieces become one unit.

Product information Style:Version B  |  Pattern Name:Single Product Dimensions 5 x 4.2 x 1 inches Item Weight 0.353 ounces ASIN B00030FCXC Item model number 1301292

If you already use Op/Tech straps and slings, this is an excellent, all in one solution for medium format strap lugs, like you’ll find on Phase One, Hasselblad H6, Pentax 645Z, Fujifilm GFX 50S or even older, 120 film bodies like the Hasselblad 500C or Mamiya RZ65.
These include the plastic locking tabs but they’re integrated with a loop and attached to the strap, eliminating the risk of loss. The nylon strap is standard 15mm or 1/2” and is sturdy, similar to what you’ll find used elsewhere in the Op/Tech lineup. The quick release buckles are their 3/4” type and work with all of their straps and slings using their standard connector system, allowing you to choose the neck strap, shoulder strap or crossbody sling that best suits you for both comfort and fit.
Best of all, like the rest of Op/Tech’s lineup the price is very reasonable, especially when you compare the cost of the metal lugs alone. I can’t even find a pair of the lugs listed on the Fujifilm North America supplier store for purchase, while a pair from Hasselblad runs about $25.
Good value, indeed. Just be sure you get the format that fits your application.

I have only seen Hasselblad strap lugs sold separately for twice the price so I picked up two of these for the same price as one set sold individually. If, like me, you are looking for just the lugs to use with a different strap, you will have to cut the strap at the plastic length adjustment piece in order to remove the lugs. This essentially turned the two straps into one set of quick release extensions I can use with another camera. I do wish they had not been sewn in and had been removable.

My only real complaint is that I did have some trouble initially adjusting the length of each end because they were extended out to maximum length leaving little room to maneuver and adjust. But once you shorten it a little that is no longer a problem.

The construction looks excellent and it much less bulky than my Tamrac quick release strap. Because the OpTech system connectors are universal, this is a very versatile strap system. There is an OpTech connector out there to fit your needs. The connectors have a snug fit and weight should not be an issue.

My Canon EOS M (mirrorless) has a pin connector instead of a threaded strap connector. Canon wants $50-75 for their strap, and Hassleblad (same connector) wants the same kind of dollars.

This Pro A connecter found on Hasselblad or other medium format camera bodies (to attach straps to) fits my EOS M pins, and I combined half of this with half of an OP/TECH wrist strap to convert it to a wrist strap.

Bought a second one of these just to dismantle for the end pieces. At $5 a connector, it's far cheaper solution to adapting the EOS M strap system to fit conventional gear than trying to find a supplier.

This camera strap adaptor works perfectly with my Hasselblad 500C/M lug system, which means it will work with all Hasselblads. I was also very happy to find out that the quick disconnects mate perfectly with my old Aztec camera strap. These quick disconnects measure 1" (2.5cm) wide by 1/4" (0.8cm) thick. The strap is made from very durable cordura nylon with each leg adjustable from 11" (28cm) to 17" (43cm) in length which will add anywhere from 22" (56cm) to 34" (86cm) in total circumference or span to your existing strap.

The A type connector for the camera lugs has a plastic saddle that protects the camera housing from ware and tare while the portion that mates to the lug is all metal. No worries about having this break.

Once you manage to pull the plastic retainer thingy out of the clip it is fairly easy to get the clips on and off the camera. The problem is that the retaining slide fits too tight into the clip and is REALLY hard to get out. I almost dropped my camera messing with it. Also, the strap doesn't get short enough for my liking: I use it on my Mamiya C330S and would like the camera to be higher on my chest when using the waist level finder. I might just cut the straps and use the clips with another strap, they seem very secure even without the retaining slide.

Great product overall. The clips work well even though they are plastic. The metal connectors offer a nice level of comfort in attaching to the camera.
It is a little bit short, but that also makes it a little easier to brace the camera strap against your neck for stable video shooting.

I bought the Version B for my Mamiya 645 Super. It works okay - the clips attach fine to both sides, but it is very difficult to remove from the left side and actually falls off on the right side. The plastic shims need to be used for the strap to work, but even then the clips are sort of stuck on the camera once you attach them.

It works, but definitely not a great fit for the camera. Disappointed but will use them for now.

Good stuff. Better cost effective compared to buying just the metal part which is all I needed since I attached a better strap

Based on the reviews and forum chat, I assumed this would fit the Mamiya C220 TLR lugs. THEY DONT.
It' just a fraction to small to slot into where its supposed to sit to be secure. (I even tried to hammer it in)

It's a shame because I purchased the neck strap to go with the connectors.
Otherwise it seems like good product.

I bought these to use with my Mamiya 645 Pro TL camera, on which I have a power winder grip attached. These straps will not connect to the lug on the grip side when the grip is attached. Nowhere does it mention this on the Op/Tech website or on Amazon.

I now have to use one of the original loop connectors on the side with the grip attached, alongside the lug connector on the other side. This works but is not an ideal solution as I now have 2 spare pieces and will have to buy another set of loop connectors to connect another camera I had planned to use for.

Other than that, they do work well and are a good option for this type of camera. Order arrived very quickly too.

PThe pro B strap is perfect for my mamiya rz67... However, the packet contained one B connector and one A connector so I couldn't use it and returned it. Will order again and keep fingers crossed for both the correct connectors.

Well made and simple to attach to a Pentax LX.

Fits strap for mamiya rb67

Great product so I can use this with my pentax 645 as well as my 6x7

Great quality and fits my RZ67 perfectly

Perfact strap ends, as expected from Op/Tech. Fits my Bronica S2 without any problem. Feels safe and strong. Recommended. Fast delivery too!

Seems sturdy enough for mediumformat camera.

Die Ösen passen genau in an die Mamiya RB67. Die Riemen benutze ich nicht, ich habe durch die Metall-Ösen einfach die Anchors von PeakDesign gefädelt und nutze den Kamera-Gurt dieses Herstellers daran. Klappt einwandfrei.

La pagina web Amazon non riporta dettagli sul prodotto.

Il sito web del del produttore indica questo prodotto compatibile anche con il corpo Pentax 67.

Invece questa cinghia NON è compatibile con il corpo macchina Pentax 67, perché, se è comunque possibile agganciare la cinghia al corpo macchina Pentax 67, in realtà è fin troppo facile che si sganci e dunque che la macchina cada per terra con tutte le conseguenze più o meno prevedibili.

Inoltre, sono stato costretto ripetere l'ordine perché la prima volta è arrivata una cinghia con due ganci differenti alle due estremità.


Perfette per collegare la hasselblad alla tracolla optech. Prodotto molto ben fatto, non do 5 stelle solo per il prezzo davvero eccessivo.

Troppo corta la macchinetta arriva sotto la spalla doveva essere 50 cm più lunga prodotto buono ma scarso. La qualità e buona

Wirklich gute Idee für Zusammenstellung. So habe ich im Not gekauft. In Deutschland gibt solche Herstellung nicht, aus USA, Note gut.

I was looking for this product for a long time, and when I buy it I love, ultra recommended and very usefull now I can use my mimiya rb67