Domke 722-19U F-34 19-Inch Protective Wrap (Blue)


  • Hook and loop knit with a can be wrapped around lenses, tools, or anything else for great Protection
  • Wrap and stick them in any shape



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Size:19-Inch  |  Color:Blue

You can't have too many of these! Constructed of padded, hook and loop knit with a non-scratch nylon backing, these squares can be wrapped around lenses, tools, or anything else that will fit inside. Hook and loop tabs on all four corners let you wrap and stick them in any shape.

Product information Size:19-Inch  |  Color:Blue Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 inches Item Weight 3.52 ounces Manufacturer Tiffen ASIN B001RNPD1K Item model number 722-19U

This wrap works as described. This is not meant to be a bulletproof case for your lenses or camera. This is to protect them from scratches if you put them into some sort of bag. I use this if I am taking day bag and do not want to bring around a bigger separate/dedicated camera case.

Photographers know that it’s harder to pick out a bag that it is to pick out a camera! Haha, maybe this is a little extreme, but the perfect camera case/bag doesn’t exist.

Sometimes I just want to bring my camera, but i don’t want to just drop it in my bag without any protection. That’s why I grabbed this wrap. Any bag has the same protection as a camera bag with this. It comes in hand when hiking, traveling, etc. Really anytime you need a camera but don’t want to bring along your entire kit.

I have tried other look alike products and none have the durability and consistency of Domke wraps. I use them for a wide range of applications protecting my equipment and keeping them clean without taking up undo space. I have use Domke wraps for more than twelve years and will continue to use them. Some are ten or more years old, seen hard use and still are functioning like new. That sort of quality and consistency isn't easy to find now a days.

I used this to wrap an Olympus camera and zoom lens with no issues at all. Wrapping the lens was quick and easy - this was a big deal when making about 22 international flights as for each one of them, security in those countries would ask me to take the camera out of my carry-on so it could be screened separately. I would strongly recommend using these wraps as they do the job.

worked well and protected my camera gear. only comment is that even though i looked at the size before i bought it , when i wrapped it around my camera it around the whole camera and then some. might be a good idea to measure a large piece of paper at home and then fold it around the device you are looking to protect in order to better assess the size you want to order -- it comes in various sizes.

Used this to wrap my 4x5 Field Camera. Placing the camera in the center and using a gift-wrap style of closing down, this fits just right. I got a Tenba 22" wrap as a just-in-case if this wasn't large enough, but it definitely was.

I'm using this on another film camera instead. Which is to say, these work *great* for film cameras. Wrap and stuff 'em in your bag with more peace of mind that they wont get damaged or dinged as you ruck about.

I travel internationally doing photography. Depending on the trip I take various equipment. The dividers in the camera backpacks are nice but never quite fit all my needs. I now remove almost all those dividers and just pack gear in these things. Perfect for my various photo gear.

1. I'm giving this product a 5 star rating because although I seldom use it, it is a very well made product and works as designed. Specifically the material is top notch and the velcro is of a high quality, thus ensuring a nice solid... grip (I can't think of the proper term).
2. The only down side is (which is the nature of the beast) is that once you wrap up your item, it can be fairly bulky.... which is why I use this only in limited situation. But when needed, it is a great product.

It does not provide the same level of protection as a rigid case, nor as easy to take the camera in and out of as a rigid case, but it is very flexible and does not add much to the bulk of the camera.

I was having problems finding a case that was the right size for my camera. I bought one that was too large, and so not convenient in some cases (although I still use it for many occasions), but this allowed me to easily put the camera inside another bag and give it a little extra protection without wasting too much space.

I've been missing out all these years. This solved my problem of carrying my camera in my non-camera backpack when I'm bring discreet and prevents dings and scratches. I use this by folding it in an "envelope" and just slide my gear right in. The 19 inch is plenty large enough to fit a Sony a7r2 with a Sigma 30mm.