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  • nylon
  • 100 Percent Ripstop Material
  • Quilted With Fiberfill Insulation
  • Tie In Cords
  • Package Dimensions: 1" ( H ) x 82" ( L ) x 60" ( W )


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The fox Poncho liner is made of 100 percent ripstop material. Can be used as a liner for a Poncho or is ideal for use as a blanket or to provide insulation from the ground.

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  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
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  • ASIN: B004WX8GG6
  • Item model number: 21-60

Not the real deal.

If you want genuine issue, mil-spec, surplus......basically what soldiers get, this is not it.

What this is, is a reasonable facsimile. Built in a similar fashion, using comparable material. Is it the same grade? No. Will this function? Yes. If you get a poncho liner from the military, and compare with this one side by side, you will notice a difference.

Why buy this? It's cheaper. You are not a soldier on bivouac, and depending on this blanket to save your life. As a non-military user, you will already know the benefits of waterproof and windproof material, and which types of insulation work best. Anyone who goes outdoors already uses leather, GoreTex, Thinsulate, wool, Polartec.....and the list goes on.

A lot of people watch survival shows on TV, and envision themselves to be survivalist. They talk about "bushcraft", and love sharing their knowledge on how to baton your knife through wood to fell a tree. The fact is that less than 1% of the population of any civilized society actually has to practice any real survival skills. Get it? You don't have to do any of that. You do it because you choose to. I don't know anyone who goes off into the woods unprepared and unequipped. Take a stick, beat on the spine of my knife, to chop through a tree? Are you kidding me? That's what an axe is for. Fire starting? Sure, I could bow drill. But accelerants and a butane torch lighter makes life a lot easier. Yes, I also drive a 4 wheel drive in great operating condition, so that I don't worry about breaking down and not being able to come home. So, this blanket is not what's going to make a difference in whether you live or die.

Put one on the futon in your spare room. Take it to the beach. Use it at the drive-in theater. Keep one rolled up in your trunk, or spread across your backseat. Quite a few times a year, the interstate is closed by the highway patrol, so that they could escort 20 vehicles at a time through a local mountain pass road. You simply have to pull over, and wait, until it's your turn to follow the cops through. This item was very comfortable while sitting on the side of the road in a snowstorm. A neighborhood dry cleaner should be able to create an opening in the middle for your head, install metal grommet holes, or add Gypsy Stud snaps. Don't limit yourself. Use your imagination. Velcro could work wonders. I know guys who will attach these to the walls and roof of their tents, on the inside, to create a layer of insulation.....almost like insulating your house.

This item will work with the G.I. military poncho. Items can be combined to create shelter or a sleeping bag. Nylon material shell with polyester fiber fill will be okay under a waterproof and windproof top layer. It's just like that liner that buttons into the M65 field coat. Don't get naked, and complain about how this item did not keep you warm. Item is meant to be used as a part of a multilayer system. Assuming that you are already wearing the proper base, intermediate, and top layers; you could wrap up in this liner, pull on your poncho, and hunker down under shelter to wait out the storm. Don't just stand in the pouring rain, and then complain about how you got cold and wet. What kind of a moron would take off all his clothes, grab this poncho liner, and run out into the woods during a storm?

Being on Active Duty for nearly 10 years, I was always issued one of these items. i just recently purchased one and now I will have to purchase another one. My Kitty Cats love these Pancho Liners ! Bottom line is that they are great to have ! They will keep you warm.

This poncho liner is ok. i should have read the title though where it says "military style." Definately not GI. The tag says "made in china." The insulation is a little thin and the stitching is not the best work; it skips a few inches every so often. The gaps between some sections of the thread and the woobie itself are big enough to stick my pinky through. It was the cheapest option for poncho liners so this liner will do, as i'm just using it as an under quilt for a hammock. Look for DIY instructions on youtube if that's what you're buying it for.

It’s the perfect packable blanket or hammock under quilt. It’s warm, light weight, and the ties around the outside make it perfect to hang around or on anything.

Vietnam type

Had a few of these while in the military and after I got out, great to have in my vehicle for "just incase".
Now I have one in vehicle and one in a big out bag.

This is the best piece of military gear you can find.
Perfect blanket. Very light, easy to clean and dry. Keeps you warm and does not get too hot. My pets love this blanket.

Poncho liners, or "woobies" are great just to have around. I have one near the couch for watching TV, and I pack them in the emergency/winter kit in each of our cars. HOWEVER, these are a cheaper version of what the U.S. military uses, and they are not as durable nor do they seem quite as insulative. I think the military-issue woobie I currently have has probably lasted me about nine years, and it's been put through some hard use a few times. However, one of the ones I ordered from here fell apart the first time I put it in the washing machine. Afterward, I read the tag and noticed it's supposed to be handwashed only. Never had that problem with my GI-issue woobie. Anyway, I think these are fine for limited use like packing in an emergency kit, but I wouldn't expect it to hold up to regular use, like camping or hiking, and I'm guessing it would disintegrate with any rigorous use.

Bought two of them. Loved these things when I was in the MIL and had to make sure I got one again. Second one was claimed by my kid :)