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Color:Orange Ember

For a dslr ungripped + 1.-.2.lenses + 25.4cm tablet or mirrorless body + 3.-.5.lenses + 25.4cm dedicated tablet, padded pocket for a tablet (10.=inch tablet) easy rotation for quick access to equipment and accessories weatherproof zippers and durable materials offer abrasion resistance External dimensions: 27.9cm W x 40.4cm H x 16.4cm D 28.x40.5.x16.cm), Inner dimensions: 18.cm W x 31.8cm H x 12.2cm D (18.x31.8.x12.2cm), Tablet compartment: 20.8x27.9x1.5cm (20.8.8x27.9.x1.5.cm), Maximum weight (with all accessories): 1.kg (1.0.kg), Shoulder strap length: 42.5-158cm (42.5-158cm) (includes product length), Length Waist: up to 154.9 cm (155 cm) (including product length), volume: 7.5 litres.

Product information Color:Orange Ember Product Dimensions 6.3 x 11.02 x 15.94 inches Item Weight 2.2 pounds ASIN B072RLH8C3 Item model number 520420

I have been visiting various camera stores, big retailers, and several from Amazon, trying out the various sling style camera bag options. I am happy to say that I have found a perfect match for what I was looking for. This bag has enough room for my particular lens and camera combo, with enough room to spare if I want to re-arrange and make room for a prime or perhaps a smaller telephoto.

One of the aspects that I really like about this bag is the color scheme. I'm a sucker for fire-y orange highlights, so this bag checks that box nicely. The exterior also has a nice balance between the available hooks, clips, and straps, without cluttering the look of the bag with too many buckles and hanging fabric cords. Also worth noting, the waist belt and buckle can be removed though with a single non-removable buckle that has a tiny dedicated pouch hidden next to where it attaches to the camera, for tucking it away.

Exteriors aside, the interior was the most important consideration, which in my situation, is perfect. My particular camera plus lens combo is a Sony A7R III with either the 25-70 f/2.8 GM or a 70-200 f/4 lens attached, with the other tagging along in a separate compartment. This bag has room enough for all three of those pieces, which I found was more uncommon than you might imagine, with sling style bags. Some sling bags offered dedicated camera pouches that weren't deep enough to work with even my shorter 24-70 lens attached to the camera, or were too short or cramped to turn the camera sideways and zip closed, or any other combination I tried, let alone have enough room to include my 70-200. Because this bag is simply a large pouch with several included velcro dividers, it allowed me all the room I needed to fit my primary gear.

I have attached images of my bag, including my camera equipment tucked inside. I should also mention that, while I prefer to lay my camera on its back, like the image shows, the bag is wide enough that I could stand the camera and the attached lens on its side, with plenty of room for the flap to close. If you choose to do that, there's plenty of room towards the top of the bag where you could stuff an additional lens or flash. That said, my 70-200 or my camera with the attached 24-70 is too long to fit at the top of the bag tue to the taper of its shape, though only just, so there's still a good bit of room to spare.

I would also like to mention that this bag 'squishes' down, which is another thing I was looking for in a bag. Some bags and manufacturers prefer very rigid interiors that, while likely providing slightly more protection, cause the bag to be ungodly bulky. I prefer to keep my bag on me at all times, and particularly while flying, where I don't trust overhead compartments. While I haven't had a chance to test, the ability of this bag to squish down a bit should work perfectly for 'under the seat' storage while flying. I have flown with an even larger backpack which fit under the seat so again, while I haven't flown with this one yet, I plan to, and I don't have any worries that it will be too large to fit.

Lastly, I also tried out the slightly larger PhotoCross 13 version of this bag, which is slightly larger. That version is just as versatile and obviously, even more spacious. However I was looking for a compact bag that was just big enough to fit my gear, plus an iPad Mini and other various batteries and cables, and the PhotoCross 10 answered that perfectly. I decided to stick with the 10 and return the 13 as the larger version was simply larger than what I needed, and with the extra room to spare in the 10, provided a much more portable and compact option.

Great Work on this bag MindShift/ThinkTank

I use this bag when I am taking a hike (not very strenuous hikes since I can't do those.) It can hold 2 cameras, a Canon 7Dii with 100-400 attached and a Canon RP with a 24-70, not attached. These barely fit, but they do! I usually have one of the cameras out anyway, so then it is very comfortable. It can also hold a few small accessories like batteries, extra cards. A tripod and water bottle also fit on the outside of the pack. It is very sturdy, the back is a little stiff, but when it's on your back it feels comfortable. For me the shoulder strap over the left shoulder works best for me to sling the pack around to the front when I need to access the camera in the pack. A lot of other packs I looked at were on the right shoulder. I am right handed. I am glad I purchased this item and it worked well on my recent trip to some National Parks.

This is an excellent camera bag. I have a Nikon coolpix P900 and there is plenty of room for it. It has several detachable Velcro inserts so you can adjust space as necessary. Has a second long outside zip pocket and several inside small pockets.

I could fit my camera, charger, passport, wallet, keys, makeup, monopod, etc. The sling is much more comfortable than a standard over-the-shoulder camera bag. It's easy to remove the bag because there's a handle that is strategically placed on the outside of the bag that you can just grab and lift it right over your head. It's also nice because you can pull it around to the front and it becomes sort of a pouch so it's easy to take your camera in and out. It has a lot of outside loops in order to attach various accessories and the fabric is very durable and the zippers are high-quality. I definitely recommend this bag. It's worth the price.

Got the PhotoCross 10 to carry a Fuji X-T2 without grip and 2 or 3 primes such as the 16mm f/1.4, 23mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4 or 56mm f/.4. It can even hold the 80mm macro along with a second prime. In addition the bag will hold a Godox TT350F flash and an iPad/sleeve case. The front zippered pocket holds straps, a few batteries, etc. I really like that the bag stays out of the way while carrying it, and then easily swings around for easy access to your gear.

I have a larger backpack to hold the camera with battery grip and larger lenses, but this makes a great travel bag to go light. My wife loved the orange trim and said it doesn't look like a camera bag.

I use this bag for a Sony A7R III with the sigma 24 f1.4, sony 16-35 f2.8, and keep the third pocket for various items like another lens or keep the middle clear in case I want to store my camera with either lens above, attached. It fits surprisingly well, is very durable, the zipper action is fantastic and is a necessary tool in my style of shooting. No complaints except i may cut out the internal pocket for extra space since i'll never use that feature. I have purchased 4 different Mindshift/Think Tank bags, and pleased with all 4. They create well designed and durable gear!

Ordered this bag for an upcoming trip. Needed something I wouldn’t overpack and make it super heavy. Great size, not too large. Will hold my DSLR and 2 lenses plus my iPad and any incidentals. I love that it comes with a rain cover also. Overall great bag with lots of organization.

what I was looking for in a sling, but be careful not to load it too heavy. the velcro on the dividers seem not to be to strong with a loaded bag.

I wanted a small pack that I could use to put my Canon 6Dmkii with the 400mmF5.6 on medium hikes.
As it turns out it fits perfectly with the dividers removed. I just got it so I can’t comment on durability.

Für Spiegelreflexkameras gibt’s jede Menge großartige Taschen und Rucksäcke. Nicht so für kleinere und leichtere Four-Thirds Systeme. Dafür sind viele raffinierte Sling Bags und Rucksäcke zu groß und ich habe schon fast die Hoffnung aufgegeben je ein passendes Transportsystem zu finden.

Bis ich über einen amerikanischen Test von Fototaschen auf Thinktank gestoßen bin. Zuerst wollte ich den Turnstyle V2 kaufen, konnte mich aber für keine der drei Größen entscheiden und so bin ich dann zu dem Partnerunternehmen Mindshift Gear gekommen. Die Wahl fiel auf die Photo Cross 10 Sling Bag.

Mittlerweile habe diese im Gelände getestet und bin begeistert. Die Materialien machen einen wertigen Eindruck- ein Rezensent beklagt sich über das billige Plastik Image- diesen Eindruck kann ich nicht teilen. Klar- wenn eine Tasche zumindest Wasser resistent sein soll muss die Oberfläche in irgendeiner Form imprägniert oder aus Kunststoff sein. Ähnliche Kritik betrifft auch die Polsterung, hier wird bemängelt diese sei zu dünn. Nun- in der Tat würde ich das Sling Bag nicht werfen oder einen Sturz in schwierigem Gelände riskieren, aber das ist auch nicht der Zweck dieses Bags. Dafür gibt es- auch von Mindshift Gear- entsprechende Rucksäcke, die dann besser gepolstert sind, komfortablere Tragegurte aufweisen und rundherum besser zum Tragen über lange und beschwerliche Touren geeignet sind.
Da die Mirrorless Ausrüstung im Allgemeinen leicht ist sehe ich allerdings auch bei längeren Wanderungen oder Radtouren kein Problem mit dem Traggurt und der Polsterung der Photo Cross. Ich habe das Bag bereits auf dem Berg getestet und es hat alle meine Erwartungen übertroffen. Guter Tragekomfort, leicht zu handhaben- die geöffnete Tasche liegt in idealer Höhe und mit flacher Öffnung so vor der Brust, dass sie das Fotografieren nicht behindert und Sicherheit gibt z.B. beim Objektivwechsel.

Gemeinsam mit dem Sling Bag habe ich mir auch eine Handschlaufe besorgt und den üblichen Tragegurt entfernt- auch diese Entscheidung hat sich bewährt. Das Platzangebot ist ideal- zur Zeit habe ich eine Olympus M10 mit einem 12-200er Objektiv, Ladegerät und zwei weitere Objektive verstaut. Ein Fach bleibt übrig- da ist die GoPro und Zubehör verstaut- die perfekte Reiseausrüstung. Platz ist auch noch für Karten, Ersatz Akkus und ein iPad.
Das Argument, die Zippverschlüsse ließen sich beim Tragen von hinten von Taschendieben öffnen ist mit einem kleinen Schloss mit Kabel beizukommen.

Für mich die richtige Wahl- wer‘s noch genauer wissen will- es stehen einige sehr gute Videos im Netz in denen die Tasche ausführlich vorgeführt wird.

A big improvement over their original sling bag.