Lens Defogging Heater Condensation Prevention Lens Warmer, Fast Warming for Universal Camera Lens,Telescopes,Coffee Cup,Baby's Bottle


  • Super fast and continuous warming with fast start up of 5 seconds to heat, and intelligently reach 122°F?50??the maximum given the actual needs, while the average temperature stays at 86°F(30?).
  • Protects the lens of your digital camera or finder scope from freezing by chilling fog and dew, enabling the devices to function properly at night when the temperature drops or places with bad weather.
  • Great idea for warming up water bottle, drink cup, feeding bottle or anything needs keep warm. Based on the USB port design, it is very handy to use because you can connect it either to your power bank or any other power source with a USB port.
  • Can surprisingly be used as a special wrist strap/knee strap to protect them from cold weather or emergency low temperature condition, which the warmth goes through your whole body from where you attach.
  • With adjustable diameter and easy adherence, this dew heater strip fits to most size of telescope, finder scope, digital camera, bottle, cup, human wrist or knee. One heater strip to warm them all!



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Strip material: Neoprene and polyester

Heater material: Carbon fiber heating coil

Power Consumption: 5V 0.8A 4W

USB cord length: 4.92ft

Velcro length: 4.13in


1. For cleaning, wipe with a cloth and naturally dry up only.

2. Do not wash it in water to prevent damage to the heating parts.

3. Storage in cool & dry place, and please do not expose it to sunlight.

4. Never try to dry it up with a microwave or other devices.

Package includes:

Dew heater strip X 1

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Brand Name Vansonly Item Weight 2.46 ounces Package Dimensions 7.24 x 5.31 x 1.85 inches

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Every photographer should have this neat little tool. The lens defogger heats up quickly and efficiently. It has a USB so can be plugged into any USB port. It is a soft cushion material surrounding a heater so there is no concern about damage/scratching to your camera. There is not an on/off switch - you simply plug in and it begins to warm up and work. Price value is very reasonable.