National Geographic NG A1212 Vertical Pouch


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  • Fits Small Point and Shoot Camera Kit
  • Wide Belt Loop. Removable Shoulder Strap.
  • Front Pocket for Accessories
  • Water-repellent Exterior and Interior
  • Fits Micro Camcorder Kit
  • Internal size ( Main Compartment ) : 4.7 X 2.1 X 3.5 || Maximum External size : 5.12 x 3.15 x 3.74 inches



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The Africa NG A1212 Vertical Camera Pouch is designed to hold and protect a small point-and-shoot camera or micro camcorder with media accessories. The front pocket is perfect for carrying small accessories. A thick shoulder strap and rear secure belt loop give comfortable carrying options.

Product information Product Dimensions 3.74 x 3.15 x 5.12 inches Item Weight 1 pounds ASIN B0042JADOI Item model number NG A1212

Bought this for a DMC-LX100 - fits nice (after you cut all the stupid tags out of the inside of the pouch). Snug, but not tight. Got rid of the camera's neck strap (not enough room) and went with an OP/TECH wrist strap - tucks in nicely and makes it easy to extract the camera.

It's going to South America in a few weeks and I expect it will be just fine to protect the camera while keeping it close at hand. I'm confident it'll protect the camera in soft-sided checked baggage when I have to check it - Nikon D800E in the checked baggage or the little guy, no contest.

There's not enough room for a spare battery, etc., with the camera in the pouch, but the front pocket will easily hold a lens cloth, extra data card and maybe even a lens pen. I don't need more, I didn't buy this for "expeditions", just street photography while traveling - everything else will be in the hotel room.

I expect I'll use it mostly as a belt pouch, but the strap is good - long enough to use it cross-chest if you want. Belt pouch when I've got a back pack, on the strap when I've got no pack and don't want to put it on my belt, i.e. touring town, going to dinner, etc.

If it sucks, you'll hear about it in about a month (but I don't think it'll suck).

Gave this five stars because it’s not the bag’s fault that it didn’t suit my needs. Read elsewhere that somebody got this for their x100f. Yeah, it fits, but you really gotta work it in and out. Too much effort, especially since I really just wanted to protect my camera while it bounces around inside an already existing backpack or messenger bag I’m probably carrying. Just throwing this out there for other x100f enthusiasts looking for solutions

I wanted small bag that I can use with the Fujifilm X100. It fits perfectly without the hood, but you can cram it in if you have one. The pocket in front can fit an extra battery, but not when the hood is on.

The canvas compliments the look of the retro looking x100 and has enough padding to protect the camera from light bumps.

The best part is not having to spend a fortune on it!

Was looking for the right belt pouch to fit, as well as compliment, a FujiFilm X100T....... couldn't find anything in the local shops....... then I came across this while searching the web. Now there are less expensive belt pouches out there for cameras this size, but this one just caught my eye. Looked well made. Stylish. So I ordered it. Just arrived today....... which made today one of those rare times where I feel that I really received something of such quality and style that it exceeds the price paid. IMHO It may not be for everyone, but for this one, it surely is. Recommended, just because.

Everyone envy me when I carry this pouch, my Fuji X100T with Grip-Case Pro BLACK by J.B. fits in like a glove, it also can carry even some batteries and lens cleaning cloth and maybe another sd-card, the color of the pouch is a bit darker then in the picture and it looks great.

The material is strong and comfortable and I like the African texture inside, all in all great pouch for small cameras and every person who see me with it tells me how he would want one as well.

I bought this bag based upon recommendations from Fuji X100 users who said it fit their cameras. I have an X100F with the Haoge LH-X49B Metal Ultra-thin Lens Hood, attached all the time. This is the thinnest lens hood I could find for the X100F, yet the combo of these two will not fit easily in this bag. Yes, it can be stuffed in, but it is far from optimal and I would never use it that way. I am returning this bag.

Overall, it is a nice small pouch. Just not big enough for Fuji X100f with compact lens hood.

Bought this for my Fuji X100T and it fits like a glove. I do not have the optional hood, but have the "hacked" UV filter attached at all times.The small pouch in the front is just big enough to hold a couple extra Wasbi batteries. Overall, highly recommend this bag for the Fuji X100T!

Bought this bag to use with my LX100. Overall it's a nice bag.

-Can be worn on the belt with the secure belt loop or use the included shoulder strap.
-Doesn't look like a camera bag.

Don't like:
-The sides pooch in a bit at the opening, sometimes catching the camera when putting it back in the bag.

Having ordered the Fuji X100S, I wanted a suitable case - something which matched the vintage/retro look of the camera, or at least complimented its design.

This case fits the X100S perfectly, with or without its lens cap in place. The accessory pocket is big enough for an additional battery, lens cloth and memory cards.

The belt loop is a double fixing secure velcro setup so you don't need to unfasten your belt to attach or remove the case.

The padding isn't excessive but good enough to keep your camera safe on your belt.

The case's material is looks mottled/faded (by design)which adds to it's appeal and suitability for the X100S.

It makes a nice change to the more 'urban'/modern camera bags and cases (such as the great Lowepro bags, of which I own a few).


This is a very well made and well designed product. The pouch is covered in little features that help to edge it into a high category of finish.

The pouch has just enough padding to protect the camera on an excursion, but not enough for rougher stuff, like mountaineering! It's small and light though, and discrete enough in its looks to easily accompany you whenever you step outside the door.

The X10 fits perfectly in the pouch, and an attached hood or filter can be left on the camera in the bag without too much of a squeeze.

Price is on the high side, but you get what you pay for here. Having experienced the quality of this pouch, I'll certainly look at the other bags in the NG range.

I bought this for a Sony Nex 5n + 16-50PZ lens. This fits perfectly but only with the viewfinder removed. Ideally it should have been slightly wider to accommodate an attached VF/flash unit. It fits nicely on the belt or can be carried by the supplied strap which is just right for the size of the pouch.

The style, colour and material are typically NG and certainly are out of the ordinary. It is the pouch if you like something different.

The front pocket is not much use as one has to be careful batteries etc do not fall out - there is no fastening. I small bit of Velcro would have fixed this.

A convenient size for just my camera without attachments + battery (careful not to lose) on a day out.

The difficulty with buying a new camera is that you are instantly on the look out for the 'perfect' case, not too obtrusive, not too much space, but not too tight either.

I took a chance on this to go with my Olympus Stylus 1 and was pleasantly surprised.

It is well made, has a good 'distressed' look and doesn't scream CAMERA!!

The fit is nearly perfect for the Stylus 1, just a little tight at the offset, but a tiny bit of stretching with a closed fist in the case itself and it fits the Stylus 1 like a glove.

There is a compartment at the front which will take a spare battery, even with the camera in the case. The strap is well made and a good length for the average sized person.

Not the cheapest case out there, but it is a good brand and as usual, you get what you pay for!

I'm not one for using camera straps on my compact camera. I'd much rather have a hand strap, but I also need somewhere to keep it so it is ready for action and this pouch is ideal, slung across my shoulder as it is. It has room for my lens hood and a couple of spare batteries and a quick flick of the Velcro fastening and my camera is in my hands and ready to use.

It could have done with being a tiny bit bigger so I could fit my charger and have a pocket for additional memory cards for when I go away. Otherwise I'd have given it a 5 star rating.

Cracking little carry case. Bit snug with my X20 and lens hood, but may not be designed for use camera + hood. I gave it 4* becasue I'm not overly keen on how the neck strap attatches to the cases. I'd rather they didn't swivel.

The own label samsung case is very nice but not practical. The hugging hard case is good protection. But it's not any good if you are out and about. This case is perfect. Looks after my samsung galaxy camera perfectly. Looks good too

Case appears to be very well made. Its unobtrusive and slightly distressed appearance is exactly what I wanted. It also fits the Fuji X 10 like a glove. It is also much better value than the Fujifilm leather case.

Frank Conway

Great little case but a bit pricy. Will fit a Fuji X100T without lens hood, but a little bit of a squeeze. I have the reversing ring and filter fitted (no lens cap) and it fits. Tight if you have a large camera strap.

Wonderful case, really nice quality and looks cool. Bought for Fuji X10 and it fits perfectly.

A reasonable fit for my Fujifilm X100s. To be perfect it would have a draw cord lid underneath the main lid to keep the interior more weatherproof.

Excellent bag for my X100t. Snug fit. I can have two extra batteries in it. But don't expect to fit anything else.

Nice little pouch.. Great build, fits perfectly in my belt.. The build quality is great, and seems like it's gonna serve me well for many year..!

This is a great product but unfortunatly I bought it in the wrong size and had to reurn it, really liked it though.

Fits my Fujifilm X10 nicely with spare battery & SD cards.