Fotasy Professional Neoprene Neck Strap for Sony Cameras, Camera Neck Strap for Sony DSLR A900 A850 A800 A99 A99 II A77 II A77 A68 A65 A58 A57 A55 A37 A35 A33 A390 A330 A380 A450 A500 A550 A560 A580


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  • 【Material】: made of comfortable neoprene
  • 【Adjustable length】: the length of the webbing part is 57cm, The length of each side nylon webbing is 32 cm. The adjustable Length makes the camera strap applicable to most camera users.
  • 【Anti Slip】: anti-slip surface helps you to prevent accidental slip of your expensive camera
  • 【Comfortable Reduces neck and shoulder fatigue, ideal for long time photographing
  • 【Compatibility Compatible with Sony DSLR a900 a850 a800 a99 II a77 II a77 a68 a65 a58 a57 a55 a37 a35 a33 a700 a200 a230 a290 a300 a350 a390 a330 a380 a450 a500 a550 a560 a580 etc.



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Professional Neck Strap is designed for Nikon mirrorless or DSLR cameras with two strap eyelets. Made of comfortable and durable Neoprene. It evenly distributes the weight of your camera thereby minimizing strain on back, neck and muscles. Its rugged interior surface prevents the strap from going around when you are shooting. The anti-clip exterior surface constructed from breathable fabric provides better heat dissipation. With the two buckles on the strap, you can quickly adjust the strap to your comfort and shooting style. All the features of the strap make it an ideal tool for you to take photos constantly for a long time. Fits Sony DSLR A900 A850 A800 A99 II A77 II A77 A68 A65 A58 A57 A55 A37 A35 A33 A700 A200 A230 A290 A300 A350 A390 A330 A380 A450 A500 A550 A560 A580 etc. Overall Length: 1200mm Middle Length: 570mm Width: 43mm Neoprene Thickness: 6mm Load-bearing: 6. 6lb Net weight: 1. 4oz

Product information Size:for Sony Product Dimensions 2.76 x 1.57 x 0.79 inches Item Weight 2.4 ounces ASIN B003U3H8HC Item model number NSSN

If you're still rocking the standard hard neck strap that came with your camera... it's time to switch. This neoprene neck strap, like any other neoprene neck strap - has good flexibility to it, which eases the pressure on your neck from the weight of your camera. The difference is especially noticeable when you're walking. I hike a lot and my neck would start to hurt after carrying my camera for not too long and the camera was constantly hitting me and swinging back and forth. With this strap, the bounces are barely noticeable and swaying is minimal.

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For the price, you really can't beat this aftermarket strap. I'm 6'2" tall and it's "barely" long enough for my tastes. The strap replaces my aging Nikon D3 strap, which has begun to "roll"badly when hanging on my shoulder (won't lay flat anymore when I move). This Cowboy Studio strap is soft, thick neoprene and has a little stretch to it, making it very comfortable while around the neck or over the shoulder. It also has a good tacky underside to help prevent it from slipping off my shoulder. It is a little more wide than my D3 strap, and a little narrower than my D810 strap.I like it so much that I just ordered a second one for my other D3.

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My original camera strap was worn out after a lot of use. This one is a great replacement. It's a bit wider than the original and also softer which makes carrying the camera more comfortable. It is also a bit longer than many other straps on the market which is great because for those who want a longer carry, this strap makes that possible, but if you don't want a longer carry, you can easily shorten it to work at a comfortable length for you. It is a bit heavier than the original, but not to a point that bothers me and the slight increase in weight is likely what enables the strap to be softer, wider, etc.

The length of the strap is rather short, as compared to other neck straps that I have for Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and old Minolta.
With the strap the camera hangs just below my sternum, which I believe is too high (i.e. neck strap is bit too short).

Secondly, the strap is very "bouncy". Instead of having firm and solid feel, this feels like a big rubber band. I do not like
the feel of the bounce when I am using this strap. I will be buying another strap.

The product description says that it's 125.2 cm. I measured it as 122 cm. Not a big difference, however, 1 extra inch would be useful. The Soft Neoprene Padding part is stretchy, what actually, gives extra length when camera pulls down. I have Sony a560 and Minolta 75-300mm (beercan) with weight in total aver 3 pounds. With this kind of neck strap this weight does not fill that much as with standard Sony neck strap. With standard strap it fells like it's cutting your neck off, well, disturbing anyway. With this neck strap I felt some relief from weight. This Neoprene Padding strap is about 3 inches shorter than regular Sony strap. So, you have to fasten the ends with minimum length. I've made fast release of two rope loops + 2 Carabiners for each side, so this is added about 3 on each side and 6 inches in total to this strap. With heavy camera, which starches out the Neoprene, and extra added length, I can carry my camera on shoulder across the neck at one of sides at the belt level, and it's, actually, feels comfortable. I didn't like the Skidproof Weave, though. It does not feel comfortable on the neck and it smells with rubber (not too srong though). It might be useful if you going to carry your camera on one shoulder only. It won't slip. But for more comfort for neck, I prefer to carry the strap on its soft part.
The material of this strap fills sturdy, not cheap in my opinion. I can trust it with my camera. The fasten parts hold over 3 pounds weight very well and do not let to slip off. I still wish the strap would have an extra length. But for money and decent quality I sure liked it.

PS within next 6-7 months I bought 2 more of this one. I guess I was satisfied with price/quality criteria.

I got this to replace an old strap. This is really comfortable. It is made of stretch neoprene and feels nice with a heavy setup on the end. Construction seems solid as well. The only kicker (pic) is that there appears to be some error in wording. It says "for Nikon made for". There appears to be too many "fors" in the label. But in the end - I could care less as I got it for function not form.

I bought this without reading reviews because it was the one that showed up when purchasing a Nikon camera and it was relatively cheap. Its really comfortable but its too short. It works well if you hang the camera from your shoulder and take it off each time you take a picture. But it is too short to hang around your neck to take a picture and it is way too short to put across your body to carry the camera.

Very comfortable, pretty cheap, but I will be replacing it

I bought a camera from a friend who had somehow managed to lose the original nikon camera strap . This one caught my eye due to the cost and the excellent reviews and I ordered it online and Amazon delivered it on time. The strap was notoriously hard to put on and I had to spend a lot of time trying to fit it. That said it seems pretty sturdy. However,that begs the question ? Why only three stars ? The strap though its very comfortable, seems to heat up easily causing your heck to sweat and the strap to become drenched in sweat. While I have no doubt about its durability, do be mindful of this since it can be annoying when carrying your camera around in hot weather.

Much more comfortable than my previous camera strap, dramatically reduces the neck ache caused by carrying the camera around for hours

Yes good fit for purpose

Just what I wanted and on time.

Excellent 100%

This seems very good for the price and so fast on delivery.

very good product


Received mine today. Fits easily, can extend well to lower camera from chest to belly area (or keep at chest if preferred). Comfy around neck area (neoprene). Will hold camera's weight safely (mine a Nikon D3400). Price is good ! See the pics

This strap is a great addon to your camera setup which definitely makes hanging your camera around your neck a whole lot more comfortable. The strap comfortably rest around your neck as it is very soft and stretchable. I bought this strap to replace the original strap provided by my camera's manufacturer and I couldn't be happier with it. This strap reduces neck fatigue which is especially useful for long outings as the weight of your camera will gradually strain your neck during prolonged use.

The strap is comfortable, but the plastic pieces feel flimsy, so I took the ones from the nikon strap that came with my camera and used them instead. Works like a charm!

Appears sturdy and the wide strap with padding takes the pressure off your neck when carrying a heavy camera (Nikon D7100)

This strap is very good quality. The only thing I would say is it’s a little confusing to put on the camera & instructions should be provided. However the product itself is VERY good. Would recommend.

Much more comfort than original with camera - could be a little longer but OK --- he elastic is the key but it also does tend to get warmer around the neck.

Overall good - I have ordered one for my son as well.....

It's durable yet quite comfortable around neck. Great product!

Good product. I would have preferred that it looked generic rather than having the camera brand name on it.