OP/TECH USA E-Z Comfort Strap (Black) - Neoprene Neck Strap for Cameras and Binoculars, 2701252


  • Streamlined neoprene design fits most camera and binoculars—including those with binocular rain guards
  • Easy to attach and adjust with 3/8" Wide webbing
  • No quick disconnects
  • Fully adjustable length of 22" To 44" (55, 9cm - 111, 8cm)
  • Made in the USA



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Color:Black  |  Style:Single

The "no frills" approach to a comfortable and functional neck strap is what OP/TECH USA offers in the E-Z Comfort Strap. The slim design and easy-to-use connection system make this a great strap for binoculars and cameras. It combines high quality neoprene, top grade leather and 3/8" (9,5mm) webbing to give you a simple, yet comfortable strap. Getting down to basics without sacrificing quality is what the E-Z Comfort Strap is all about.

Product information Color:Black  |  Style:Single Product Dimensions 2 x 4 x 5 inches Item Weight 1.41 ounces Manufacturer OpTech ASIN B000928KII Item model number 2701252

This strap is fine, probably no more than I could expect for the price. It works with Leupold Yosemite binoculars, but I have two issues. First, it took some effort to attach the strap - the ends are too wide and thick for the (whatever you call the place where you insert the strap!) on my binoculars, so I had to cut the strap in a narrow point, insert, and then burn to melt the end so the strap wouldn't fray. Adjusting the strap is not easy for the same reason, but I won't need to adjust the strap often if at all. Second, the soft part of the strap that goes around the neck is just a strip of foam - it's functional but not particularly nice.

I used this strap with my Canon DSLR and it was really comfortable. The neoprene had just the right amount of softness to it and made it very comfortable to wear around the neck or shoulder all day long. I also liked the width of the strap, especially when it was on my shoulder. Since it was wider than the original strap, I felt like it stayed on better. The material was soft but also added grip to not slip off my shoulder. The strap never got hot and never dug into my skin. The length for me was long enough to go diagonal across my chest which I also really liked. The connectors were easy to attach and never slipped off the camera. This strap is a great addition to anyone's camera bag.

I've been looking for something to use instead of the dreadful Nikon strap, and I'm terrified of quick-release camera straps (I've read the reviews, I know they're durable, but I just can't trust my camera and telephoto to some flimsy looking plastic thingies...), so after much research I decided to give the OP/TECH strap a try.

First of all, the neoprene part of the strap is pretty small. I'm pretty thin, so that isn't a problem, but for wider, male necks it might be somewhat uncomfortable because the sewn-on tougher outer parts might start digging into your skin. Not a problem with lighter cameras/binoculars, but if you have heavy equipment it could be an issue.
Also, the first time I tried out the strap on a hot sunny day at an outdoor festival I was unpleasantly surprised to find that the strap had bled onto my light-colored t-shirt. It came off in the wash, but now I know that if it's hot outside, I'm not going to be carrying my camera on my neck/shoulder as much.

On the bright side, it's a great strap! It's incredibly comfortable, well-made, and easy to put on. I've used it with my 80-200 monster Nikkor lens (pair that with a camera and that's quite a lot of weight to have hanging on your neck) and the difference from the Nikon strap was indescribable. It does bounce a bit when walking, but I find that actually comfortable - as though the impact of the weight is being absorbed by the neoprene.

All in all, for under $10 it's a steal. After this one is done, I'm going to look into the more expensive OP/TECH straps (hopefully by then they will have more non-QR options), just to see if there is a difference. But it looks like this one will last me quite a while, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

Its ok. It works

Almost all new DSLRs, Mirrorless, and High-End Point & Shoots come with a strap. Those straps are fine, but I prefer not to walk around town with the manufacturer's logo emblazoned on my neck. As a result, whenever I get a new camera, I like to leave the included strap in its packaging and buy a 3rd party strap like this one. This OP/TECH strap comes in a no-frills re-sealable plastic sleeve. I was able to install the strap on my camera's lugs with ease, and adjust everything to my preferred settings.

I will say that this strap is a bit short, but that's not a problem for me as I use a small Micro 4/3 camera and I prefer to have the camera close to my body as to avoid bumps while I'm walking through crowds. At the same time, the strap is long enough for me to double around my wrist while shooting so that I have some stabilization and do not drop the camera. The neck part of the strap is a nice, cushy black foam. My camera body and lens weigh almost nothing, but I'm certain that this would be comfortable for someone using a larger camera/lens combo. The build seems durable, but I can not speak o how it will hold up long term as I have only owned it for a short time. Extra points for being affordable. I've seen straps that do the same thing but cost much more.

tl;dr- Cheap and it does the job. Doesn't strain the neck. Recommended.

I have this and another (much larger) OP/TECH strap. I really like this one for my 5D + 24-70mm f/2.8 and on my 7D mk II + 18-135 IS. I thought I'd want the bigger one when using the f/2.8 glass: Nope. Don't need it. This "little" strap does great even with some real weight on it.

I think I'll only break out that big one if I'm shooting the 70-200 f/2.8 on a body with a grip. But, if I did that, I'd be on a monopod. Hmm... I'm not sure there's a reason for me to ever use the bigger strap!

I am using this strap attached to the case that is on my Samsung NX Mini camera. It is excellent for that purpose. It's comfortable, camera hangs low enough on the chest but not too low, has adjustable straps & not huge so fits in my day bag easily. I ordered the black which is black - not charcoal/gray like the photo in the description shows. I don't expect this strap will last as long as the Tamrac strap I have on my DSLR but for the money & simplicity of this strap, it's perfect for my use. When it starts to get old/cruddy, I'll just buy another.

I'm not sure I would trust it long-term on my big DSLR camera. That might be too much weight & that camera is too expensive to take chances with.

I'm buying another one of these straps to put on my binoculars.

It’s always very difficult to buy from the internet when you can’t see and hold the item prior to a purchase. I was not expecting incredible quality for the price paid but I was expecting something far better than the product that turned up.

My honest comments would be as follows:


The nylon webbing that connects to your binoculars/camera etc is cheap but appears very strong. (+ 1 Star)

The stitching and patches that hold the nylon webbing to the neoprene appear to be strong. (+ 1 Star)


The entire length of the product it not really long enough for someone my size, and the neoprene strap that goes around your neck is far narrower than expected. I’ve only used it twice but it quickly becomes uncomfortable. (- 1 Star)

I noticed whilst taking it out of the packaging that the neoprene has a serious crease in it where it was packed for transit. This crease gives the impression that the integrity of the material has already been compromised so have no real confidence in the product, even after just two uses. (-1 Star)

The neoprene section has nothing I can see to reinforce it either internally or on one side so it likely to tear along the crease already mentioned. (- 1 Star)

My final opinion is that if it had been half the price then I would have received what I expected. Because I believe the crease has already compromised integrity of the neoprene I would certainly not recommend anyone use it to hold anything heavy, or especially valuable.

The webbing which goes through the camera loops is good quality, but I'm not really taken by the use of neoprene for the shoulder bit. Yes, it's slightly stretchy, and this together with the moderate width reduces the cutting effect due to the weight of whatever you have attached to the strap. But it's only moderately wide, and the lack of any anti-slip product on either side means the strap is slightly slippery over a jacket or any sheer fabric (not so bad with knitwear). It's frustrating, because you're back to the old scenario of constantly needing to use your other, free hand to at least check that the strap isn't about to slide off (because it will!). I'll be continuing my search for a better, more convincing strap.

Maybe two stars is too low, but the picture makes it look like it's wider than it is and the product description only contains the length. Anyway I got this to replace the standard red and logo-ed Canon 6D logo strap (rather be plain black and anonymous) but it's not really suited for a heavy-ish 6D/24-105mm combo. Also, it's more slippy than the original, there's too much stretch and the strap is narrower than the standard strap so no improvement in comfort. I'm not unhappy with the strap itself though but will probably re-use it for a 450D.

Having recently purchased a Fujifilm X-S1 Camera, with a purchase price of £400.00. I was surprised to find that the strap supplied with such a high quality camera is a hard, stiff, pseudo leather creation.
I decided to look around for an alternative, and having read reviews regarding comfort, price length etc., decided to go for this Optech version.
The result - very pleased. For the price it is well made, and very comfortable without the 'bouncy' effect attributable to neoprene straps.
Would highly recommend.

This is a definite improvement over the very thin strap I got with my Olympus 8x40 binoculars. It's basically just a strip of foam, no fancy finished edges or anything, but it sits a lot more comfortably round your neck than a thin, cheap strap, and the price is bearable.

You might not want to pay more after buying your binoculars or camera, but you'll probably come to the same conclusion as me that the original strap isn't worth having, and would in fact be uncomfortable. This relatively cheap strap solves that problem.

Bought to use on heavy binoculars. Works well as strap can go long enough for me to wear my bins across body (strap on left shoulder, bins under right arm). Pleased with product.

I bought this because the original strap was thin and itchy. This isn't!

Not really a lot more to say, the OP/TECH logo is really discreet, to the point where I didn't even notice it to begin with. So if like me you feel like a bit of a tool with Olympus or Canon or other brands plastered over you then I guess that would be a good point. But ultimately it look smart, it comfortable, practical and well made.

A well presented product that fully meets its description. Potential buyers might like to take into account the rather bulky nature of the shoulder pad. It is very effective in making the attached equipment more comfortable to carry but is relatively large and certainly won't fit inside a typical binocular case/bag. It does offer genuine benefits in the field and can be recommended .

I have fitted them to my recently purchased Olympus 8 x 40 DPSI binoculars and find them both ideal and a tremendous advantage over the rather basic straps supplied. They have greatly enhanced my comfort in the extended use of these ridiculously good binoculars. I am very pleasantly surprised considering the extremely reasonable price I paid and the fast delivery from Amazon.

Bought to replace the OE strap on my Minolta 7x35 bins. The improvement in comfort is enormous. Just enough stretch to ease the weight of the bins, but not so stretchy that I worry that they'll bounce around. I can see why a certain W.E. Oddie used to use these. It's a beautifully simple design that just does the job - I love it when things do that.

Brilliant comfortable strap that I have used for a pair of binoculars I have, a lot better than the cheap nylon ones supplied and a decent price too. Overall very pleased with the item.

Excellent camera strap for any size or type of camera. Excellent value, very well made.

Very good strap. Excellent quality and trust my expensive camera to be on the end if it. Very comfortable around the neck. Strap could be a bit longer for those taller people but fine for me.

strap does the job but was hoping for a better feel against the skin
the neoprene is just a cut of material a few mm thick without any rounded edges
its fine but nothing great, at the price probably to be expected

Fitted my binoculars well wide shoulder pad a bit thick.