Pelican 1010 Micro Case


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  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Water resistant, crushproof and dustproof
  • Rubber liner for extra protection, doubles as o-ring seal
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Clear polycarbonate lid to easily identify items in the box
  • Interior Dimensions (inches): 4.37 x 2.87 x 1.71



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Pelican's 1010 Micro Case--watertight, crushproof, and dust proof. This hard-plastic storage case is great for kayaking, canoeing, camping, and other rugged with an amphibious side. PRODUCT FEATURES:

Product details Color: Black/Clear | Size: One Size
  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.1 x 4.1 inches ; 7 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B001CCZF6E
  • Item model number: 1010-025-100

Well... it's a Pelican case. Tough, waterproof, and reliable. On those points it is hard to find fault with Pelican's products. That said, you should mind the title of this review and be sure to measure the item(s) you are looking to protect. I had initially purchased this case to hold my extended battery for my phone/electronics while hunting and camping, etc... Unfortunately it ended up being just barely too large. My fault, but I still find the internal dimensions listed to be a bit "optimistic". I would say its closer to 4" x 2.5". So now it holds my charger cords and other small and/or pliable items that I need to keep dry and protected. Also, short of an older-style flip phone I don't know what phone would fit in here either.

I originally bought this to use for my pledge kit in a fraternity. Among the items I was tasked to carry was ping pong balls (I fit two and had room for a bunch of other stuff with the rubber taken out). My pledge brothers kept having their ping pong balls crushed or otherwise destroyed, but I was smart and had this to protect my kit. At the end of my pledge semester, I had to carry around an egg. I simply wrapped it in a piece of paper so it wouldn't be destroyed by bouncing around the interior, and it worked. Now I use this as a first aid kit, but it has also served to carry other things that should not be compressed, such as condoms. I cannot attest to its waterproofness, but with the rubber insert, I can't see how it would fail the job. The only downside isn't even in the case itself; the carabiner it comes with isn't of the greatest quality, and I had to do a field repair on it as the latch was misaligned and popped off to the other side. Overall, this is an excellent hardshell case, especially to use as a first aid kit.

I bought 3 of these just over a year ago to hold sets of IEMs while out on tour. I have my regular set in my bass case, then backups in my cord bag and gig bag. They're fantastic, you can stand on the damn thing and it won't flinch. keeps things safe and secure and is easy to open close. The bigger problem is my band-mates stealin' them for their use.

I'm about to purchase another slightly larger one that will hold a compliment of emergency backup vacuum tubes...I have no doubt they'll remain secure and safe no matter how poorly the case is treated.

This little Pelican is great. In the pictures you can see it with a 160gb iPod and a Canon PowerShot A490 camera (I had some extra closed-cell foam so I cut a small piece to fit inside the clear lid). The case is tough, durable and protects my electronics.

No doubt you've read negative reviews complaining that 'it's too small for my (whatever)' or 'it leaked when I threw it in the lake'. That's because some people did not think to measure the thing they wanted to put in the case. The interior measurements of the case are listed in the product description. Also, some people apparently don't know the difference between water RESISTANT and water PROOF. This case is water RESISTANT- it says so clearly in the product description. Water RESISTANT means you can leave it out in the rain and the object inside will be okay, not that you can completely submerge the case and not get some water in it.

I'm ordering another one so I can have one case for my iPod and one for my camera.


I have seen video and picture of people abusing these cases, so I am confident of its durability. If it can take a shotgun blast and being kicked around into rocks, its more than adequate for my needs.

What I needed this case for was to hold my collection of 18650 batteries in my bugout bag. This case fits a good fistful of 18650 batteries perfectly. They do not rattle around and they arent crammed inside either. Holds 10 batteries give or take. Even my protected Panasonics fit. Beyond happy these even exist, most 18650 cases are flimsy, and not water proof.

Unfortunately, I trusted the listed interior dimensions, which are without the included padding. But if you take the rubber padding out, you lose your rubber seal, or you have to cut up the padding/seal, which isn't convenient or easy to do. So be aware, the actual interior dimensions with the padding in place are smaller, 2 1/2"x4"x1 5/8". Nice little case, if it fits.

I've bought a bunch of these in various sizes over the year. I have two of them in my jet skis to keep paper and some emergency cash, and I have another one that I use to store my in ear monitors. Over all I think that these cases are good and keep my stuff well protected, but whenever I get a new one the inside always has a really noxious chemical smell that I find really unpleasant. The smell does eventually go away, but it takes a long time for that to happen, almost two weeks of the product sitting out in the open. I really wish that that weren't the case.

Previamente solo había usado cajas estancas de otra marca, OtterBox. Sin embargo, esta caja Pelican me gusto mucho. Es transparente pero por dentro esta recubierta de un material suave no deslizante que se adapto perfectamente a mi reproductor de audio y su amplificador. El mosqueton es de buena calidad, resistente y tolerante al uso rudo. Por el momento solo la he usado en ciudad pero estoy seguro que resistirá muy bien cualquier salida de campo o viaje largo. Muy recomendable para los que quieran proteger de los elementos a sus equipos o agregar un mejor y seguro empaque.
Antes de adquirirla les recomiendo medir sus equipos para seleccionar la caja de la medida correcta. En mi caso, un FiOX1 3rd gen y un FiIO Q1 caben exactos a lo largo y ancho; de profundidad sobra espacio para algunas tarjetas de memoria o audífonos pequeños.

J’ai utilisé ce produits pour entreposer des objets cassants. Protège très bien l’article qui se retrouve à l’intérieur. Bonne qualité de matériaux!

Not my first Pelican case, and probably not my last! Very solid and although I haven't submerged it it is definitely water resistant. The rubber lining would provide some shock resistance for the contents.

This case is perfect for transporting earphones, waterproof, dust proof, and will protect them from getting crushed. It is also nice that the cover is clear so you can see if you are going to squish the cable before closing the lid. It is also the perfect size for the iems and cable, big enough to not have to worry about the cable springing out while trying to close the lid.

Also the shipping was very fast through amazon.

A bit small. But thats on me. Unit keeps water out and does what its supposed to.

Perfect fit for my Panasonic DMC - ZS30. It,s a little bulkier and heavier than the zippered soft cases out there but I wanted this to protect my point and shoot when it's in my luggage. Comes with a carabineer to clip on your belt if so desired. Can't beat the Pelican rep and warranty.

Perfecto para transportar y resguardar artículos de menor tamaño. Yo lo utilizo para guardar microfonos lavalier, cámaras gopro y todo a la perfección.

Wet resistant at best and if you go in with that expectation it's then too expensive for what you get. This is clearly not Pelican's usual case quality.

The 5 star reviews baffle me for the price it cost.

Fits in jacket or front pocket of backpack and the carabiner allows you to throwing on your belt loop. Perfect add for my high end audio earpieces.

Fits my Panasonic LX10 well. I haven't tested it with the camera inside but it works well otherwise so far.

Excelente producto, funciona como debe

Fits Garmin 360 virb perfectly

Producto con la calidad que se espera de la marca, lo utilizo para transportar mis IEMs y se que van totalmente protegidos.

great case, quality construction. Exactly what you'd expect from Pelican.

Very well made box!