Sony LCSU21 Soft Carrying Case for Cyber-Shot and Alpha NEX Cameras (Black)


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  • Designed for Handycam camcorders, Cyber-shot cameras, and Alpha NEX cameras.
  • Stylish soft-sided case provides extra protection
  • Adjustable internal partition and mesh pouches for convenient storage.



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Stylish soft padded case for extra protection. Enough room to carry your camera or camcorder, additional lenses and other accessories. Never be without your key accessories with this secure bag.

Product information Product Dimensions 9.75 x 6.25 x 7.75 inches Item Weight 11.2 ounces ASIN B00B06EON2 Item model number LCSU21

I bought this for my Sony A6000. It holds the A6000 with the kit lens along with a E 55-200 mm zoom lens in the main compartment just fine. There's still a little extra space if I wanted to carry a flash or a blower bulb. There are 2 dividers inside the main pocket that have velcro on each of the ends that allow you to re-position the dividers however you like. It also holds my Wasabi battery charger on one of the side pockets, and I have 2 extra batteries on the other side pocket. There is a small pocket inside the front pocket for an SD card, but it won't fit with the SD card in it's case. I rather have my SD card in protected in it's case than just in that slot. It also has an adjustable strap that you can carry around your shoulder. Overall the bag feels durable and seems like its made with quality materials. For the price, it's a great value.

The soft case easily fit my Sony a5000 with a hard case on it. There are plenty of pockets for various accessories and enough room for another lense. As you can see in the pictures the foam barriers are Velcro.

I purchased this for my new a6000 (with two lenses). It does fit the a6000 with the 16-50mm kit lens and also the 55-210mm lens many of us also have. You can have either lens attached to the a6000, and have the other one stored in the bag. I have attached a picture of how I fit the camera and the lenses. Here I attach the lens hood for the 55-210mm lens backwards so the lens together with the hood will fit inside the bag. (This is the correct way to attach the lens hood when not in use anyway; see your 55-210 lens' instruction sheet.)

The two velcro dividers can be configured however you want; one of them is foldable (it's the one on the right in my picture - I fold it down to protect the lens further when I close the top flap.) The way I configure the compartment, I should be able to fit in a small flash unit if I want to. Notice I don't have the shoulder strap for the a6000 itself; I just dislike using a camera with straps or lanyards.

There are two side pockets where you can store a battery charger or extra batteries or filters or other small, flat objects. There's also a front pocket for SD cards and misc. small things like filters and cables. Notice if you have a gray exposure card, it likely won't fit inside. The main compartment has a zippered fastener.

All in all, this is a bag that economizes on space and you may need to play around with the dividers to find the best arrangement for your gear. But as you can see, whether you have an a6000 or another Sony, you likely won't be able to fit in a 3rd lens. But then, this is not what the bag is for: it's a relatively small bag for the most essential gears you'll want to carry. (I do have an AmazonBasics large camera bag that can fit maybe 3 detached lenses, but the bag itself is huge and heavy, not something I want to carry anywhere!) The build quality is top-notch.

I wanted a small, but adequate sized bag for my Sony AX53. I always use a polarizer filter and have a battery installed. I always carry 2 spare batteries, a cleaning rag, and an extra SD memory card. I am very pleased to say that this bag is GREAT for these needs. I will say that there is not a lot of extra room in the main compartment (camera, filter & battery = 7", bag interior is 7.5" wide). The two zippered side pockets are each large enough for an extra battery and cleaning rag. The front zippered compartment has a single card slot and has some additional storage. Suggested improvements to the bag: 1, The card slot should be large enough for a memory card AND the memory card case (maybe room for 2 cards). 2, The strap should be removable with swivel "D" ring attachments (this allows the owner to switch out straps if a longer one is needed). 3, Another zippered compartment under the lid/cover would be nice.
FOLLOW-UP (2 days later): The last two photos show what I did to modify the should strap connections. Now I can ad my own strap, or just use the handle.

I’d say for a starter kit this is the way to go. Awesome choice to get batteries, chargers, memory cards, polarized cap, and 1 extra lens into the same bag.

The LSCU11 (that came with the camera) was just a bit to small to fit a 55-210mm lens, camera and 16-50 mm lens. I upgraded to this and was happy. I’ve taken it on a flight as well and managed to get a phone and portable Anker phone charger in there too.

The alpha series case was too big for my needs. I also think carrying around 3-4 lenses and a tripod is not necessarily what everyone needs unless you’re a pro. If you go the larger route, also consider a backpack to give you better back support when carrying all that stuff.

I got this case for my new Sony Camcorder HDR-PJ790. The camcorder fits well and has room to spare for other accessories. It feels like it's build well, and the material is strong and durable.

There are three pockets on the outside of the case. One on the left and one on the right that both measure 4" width by 5" height, and one in the front that measures 8" width by 3" height. The front pouch has a memory stick holder. These pockets can easily hold the cords and remote than the camera comes with.

The inside of the case comes with 2 removable Velcro inserts that can help compartmentalize the case. The inserts are helpful because the inside of the case would be too big for just the camcorder alone. The inside is padded to protect the camcorder. The case is closed by both a zipper and a buckle to make sure the camcorder is protected. There is a handle on the top of the case. There is also an over the shoulder strap that includes a small shoulder pad.

I would definitely recommend this case.

As an ex-professional photographer I have had many cameras bags, aluminium (VERY protective but way too heavy before you put anything in them), canvas bags (lightweight but not so protective) to standard bags like this one.

I have had a good few Sony bags before, but not of this size, I usually bought just the protective case just for the camera/camcorder,for example I recently bought the Sony DSC-HX99 camera along with the Sony fitted case for it, and their cases have always impressed me both for fir and quality.

Also I recently bought the Sony FDR-AX700 4K videocam and needed a case for it, so I chose this, and yes it JUST goes in, having said that this videocam is a beast in both size and functions.
To be honest I thought I would save a few pounds in buying this because the Sony recommended one is more than twice the price of this... but because this one such a tight fit i ordered the recommended one anyway.

OK, so my mistake aside what do I reckon to this bag compared with other bags I have had ?
Well firstly it is of medium weight but really well made, and very secure with the zip fastenings etc.
It is well padded and will provide good protection against knocks etc
If my videocam had been slightly shorter it would have been ideal, as it is I will still use it to store all my videocam accessories so it hasn't been a waste of money !

Overall it provides good protection at a good price, so if you have one of the smaller Sony videocams or a Sony camera it will definitely be worth the money.
It ticks all the boxes for me, and the only downside is I thought I knew better than Sony and choose this over the recommended one, which I still ended up buying anyway !

I can (just about) fit my A6000, 16-50, 55-210, 35mm and 50mm in this bag. All my gear in the smallest footprint. Lightweight but is surprisingly well padded. My friend also has this bag and one dayhe left it on the top of my car without realising. We drove off and the bag fell onto the road and nothing inside was damaged. Very surprising, I thought it would be all smashed inside.

I bought this case to accompany my Sony HX400V bridge camera. It is well made and has 2 decent side pockets to fit batteries, memory cards and filters in etc. The handle and shoulder strap are well crafted and easy to carry this round all day. The camera fits snuggly into the case and there id a bit of room to the side to fit other accessories (I put the Sony GZ1 microphone or filter case here). The front pocket can fit some slim/small goodies in too-I just about fit a wired remote shutter release in here. Overall, very good value, well made and handy to carry all your gear for the day in this one case.

Well if you are wanting a camcorder bag then this really is the best. I have fit in a ax53 upright with room for all batteries, memory cards, charger with good protection. Not forgetting it’s the Sony name and it looks good

It’s better disputed one reviewer, the ax53 fits perfectly horizontally and vertically

A very nice case and can easily fit my SONY FDR AX53, I didn't really want a carry case that large but the smaller ones just weren't any good for my camera, but all in all I've happy with this purchase.
I've made a video showing it on YouTube, check it out on YouTube by searching for ‘Geek Street Sony LCS-U21B Soft Universal Carry Case'

I purchased the Sony LCS-U21B soft case to store and carry my AX33 camcorder, which it does perfectly. It fits well and has plenty of extra room for cables, accessories, memory cards and spare batteries.
The case is very well made with excellent padding and the durable outer material is definitely weather resistant. It has a comfortable shoulder strap and carry handle. The double zip on the main compartment will take a small padlock if you want to add a bit of extra security.
An excellent quality, well padded carry case with plenty of space.

Even to fit the items that come with the said camcorder is a challenge. And if you have any additional accessories (other than a spare SD card or two) then forget it. So, whilst it is relatively comfortable, lightweight and not too expensive, it is disappointingly awkward to use and is quite limited in its application. I wish I'd bought something from somebody like Lowepro and not assumed that because this was the recommended case for this camera that it would be designed to work well with this camera.

Although the bag looks nice please note the strap is short, even for a woman. Wearing it like a messenger bag it will come up very high on your side. On your shoulder it's still to high.
If companies took note most people like to carry their camera bag over shoulder (messengers bag style). If this bag had a longer strap it would be a winner.

This is an excellent bag for the money, and will be big enough for all you need to carry with you, the camera shown in the picture of the open bag is a DCS-HX400V which fits perfectly with space at the side for the charger mains lead the charger unit fits in the side pocket along with USB cable, there is a small pocket inside the front pocket to hold an SD card

It's an official Sony product, so you would expect it to be very good quality...and it is. I only have one minor gripe about the velcro dividers. I think I would have preferred it to be a bit more bespoke for my Sony DSC-HX300 camera, so with a permanent divider, rather than a more universal solution. I can just about fit all of my accessories in here too...apart from the tripod of course!!!

This case was purchased for a Sony HDR-PJ810 camcorder. Sony recommends the LCS-U11, but is too small as the camcorder just fits with no room for accessories. This U21 is just the job, as there's plenty of space for extra batteries and microphones, by moving or removing the internal dividers to suit. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable, so can fit over the head easily. The quality of the materials used is spot-on, so will last a lifetime, just like other genuine Sony cases I've used in the past. Price-wise, it's actually a lot cheaper than alternatives including Lowepro.

I'm very pleased with this bag. I have a Sony NEX-5 with three lenses - the standard 18-55mm zoom, a 16mm wide angle and a 55-210mm zoom. The bag holds them all neatly and safely, with room to spare for the miniature flash gun, a couple of spare batteries, body and rear lens caps and several different filters. There's still room to spare, although I wouldn't want to add too much more kit because it would make things less easy to use. The bag is nicely made with reasonable padding and a weather-proof lid. It has a hand-carrying handle, and a shoulder strap. All this whilst remaining reasonably compact. Reasonable price too: recommended.

Got an @6000 sony cam and always have the 55-210 lens attached so hard to find a compact bag, this one is it though, layed sideways fits perfect with standard lens also..spare room for batteries ,memory cards, lens pen..was searching for a while for a decent carry case because I don't like big and bulky or rucksack bags, so pleased to say perfect for me..

Good quality Sony bag, which is well designed and that fits my 4K camcorder well with space to spare for leads and batteries. The reason this gets 4 stars is that the material is slightly lower quality than I expected - it's clearly made for Sony on a Chinese factory and maybe Sony should have aimed for a slightly higher price point.

A little on the small size fits 2 lens and my mirrorless camera. Its good all round product great quality. has 2 side and one front zip pockets to help keep batteries, chargers and memory cards safe.