OSD Audio 300W in-Wall Dual Drive Subwoofer - Sealed Enclosure Speaker, 8" Woofer - SL800


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  • POWER: The SL800 has an 8 inch polypropylene woofer and a 10 inch passive radiator to produce the richest low frequency response while reducing distortion and vibration, so pair with a robust amplifier.
  • SOUND QUALITY: Place the SL800 into the wall to fill in the low notes missing from your music and movies. It enhances the sound quality of your home theater for ultimate guest appeal.
  • BASS: With 300 Watts of power handling, a deep bass sound is produced in a compact package and smaller enclosure for a controlled vibration system. The passive radiator increases the low frequency response.
  • IN-WALL: Improve your audio entertainment without knowing it is there. The SL800 has a trimless look for a low profile when placed into a wall.
  • DESIGN: The slim in-wall sub is trimless allowing this subwoofer to appear flush with surrounding design while taking up minimal floor space.


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Various Size Ranges


deep bass

high power

Variable Size Range

We want you to have options, and with multiple size ranges from Single 8”, Dual 8”, and up to 12”, we have the right size subwoofer for your needs.

In-Wall to Floor Standing Designs

Some customers would rather hear than see their subwoofer, which is why we offer sub options from a discreet trimless in-wall to powerful floor standing designs.

Bold Deep Bass

Enjoy deep, smooth, low bass to deliver extreme sensory pleasure to your Home Theater, Media Room, or 2 Channel Stereo System.

High-Power Handling

Our subs offer efficient high-power handling for optimal sound output. Improve otherwise thin-sounding speaker setups with spine-tingling bass notes.

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SL800 on-wall subwoofer
  • Sealed and tuned enclosure adds rigidity and keeps sound contained
  • Fills in LFE missing from your home theater or audio system
  • Our SMP-200 subwoofer amplifier is the perfect companion

OSD Audio Trimless Wall-Mount 300W Subwoofer

Dual 8"/10" Low Profile On Wall w/ Back Box - SL800

The SL800 from OSD Audio is a sub-woofer that features a revolutionary 4.75" (5" including the feet) deep design. Its super compact profile allows it to fit under sofas, tables, beds, and even between furniture and on-walls. The enclosure is designed to match the parameters of the woofer to maximize performance.

  • Enclosure is designed to match the parameters of the woofer
  • Revolutionary 4.75" (5" including the feet) deep design
  • Fits under sofas, tables, beds, and even between furniture
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Sealed and Tuned Enclosure dual woofers IWS8 IWS10 sl800d SL800
NERO-FS800 IWS88 IWS8 IWS10 SL800D SL800
Speaker Type 8" In-Wall Subwoofer Dual 8" In-Wall Subwoofer 8" In-Wall Subwoofer 10" In-Wall Subwoofer 8" In-Wall Subwoofer 8" In/ On-Wall Subwoofer
Woofer 8" Polypropylene with Rubber Surround Dual 8" Injected Polypropylene w/ Reinforced Back Plate 8" Polypropylene 10" Polypropylene with Rubber Surround 8" Polypropylene Active Polypropylene & 10" Passive Dual 8" Polypropylene Active Polypropylene & 10" Passive
Frequency Response 60Hz - 500Hz 38Hz-500Hz 40Hz - 200Hz +/-3dB 38Hz - 200Hz +/-3dB 40Hz - 500Hz 30-800Hz
Power Handling 200W 350W 150W 200W 300W 300W
Sensitivity & Impedance 89 dB, 8 Ohms 90 dB, 4 Ohms 87 dB, 8 Ohms 86 dB, 8 Ohms 88 dB, 8 Ohms 88 dB, 4 Ohms
Mounting Depth (Assuming .5" Drywall) 3.9" 3.56" 3.63" 3.75" 3.9" -
Unit Dimensions (LxHxD) 17.2" x 18.7" x 4.3" 11.43" x 18.43" x 4" 10" x 10" x 3.6" 12" x 12" x 3.75" 22" x 17.5" x 4.3" 14.5" x 28" x 4.75"
Cutout Dimensions (LxH) 14.2" x 17.5" 10.25" x 17.75" 8.75" x 8.75" 10.62" x 10.62" 20" x 14.5" -
Selling Unit Single Single Single Single Single Single
Subwoofer Amplifier Needed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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