Bonein Hearing aid Wireless TV Headphones, Listening headsets for Hard of Hearing Seniors, with 2.4G Transmitter Sound Amplifier (Black with Transmitter)


  • The hearing aid headphones is main suitable for the elderly.Before purchase, through A+ page or customer’s review,please know the product details and confirm that product is what you need.
  • The hearing aids headsets are suitable for the elderly to watch TV ,make phone calls and communicate;If you only focus on the sports headphone,please select the BN-702,not the BN-702T.
  • A simple way :let the user gently knock on the upper and lower incisors to confirm whether he can hear the clicking sound of the teeth. If he hears it, the hearing amplifier is effective; if not, it is not effective.The hearing aid headphones are more effective for the old people with aging eardrum, but less effective for aging ear nerve;
  • The wireless TV Headset connects to Analog TVs or Digital TVs with 3.5 or RCA Audio Out-ports.
  • NOTICE: some customers have reported that they don't know how to connect the headset with the transmitter. We have updated the simple user manual on the detail diagram, and customers who have received the product can refer to it.If need more help, please send us a message,thanks!



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The elderly with hearing loss is mainly due to the aging eardrum.Traditional air conduction hearing aids, mainly to amplify the sound so that the elderly can hear, but will lead to the elderly hearing loss more serious.Our hearing aids headphones is not through eardrum, but through the skull, which will not aggravate the hearing loss of the elderly. Meanwhile, the product is not in the ear, so it is more comfortable for the elderly to wear.

For the elderly with hearing impairment,the hearing aid headphones can improve their hearing.

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wireless TV headphone

bone conduction hearing aid


Both the headset and transmitter are automatically connected wirelessly after booting, the person with the headset can hear voice by the microphone of the transmitter.

Wireless TV Headphones

The transmitter T10 is connected to the TV through the audio cable, and the elderly can wear the earphone to hear the sound of the TV.

Connect the phones

The transmitter T10 is connected to the phone through the audio cable,the elderly can have a call with their family or friends easily.

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The wireless tv headset is suitable for the elderly to watch TV ,make phone calls and communicate;

TV Listening Headphones

The personal sound amplifier

Enjoy TV

The hearing headphones can help the elderly to injoy TV Programme.

Enjoy in communicate.

When communicating with friends.the personal sound amplifier can help the elderly to hear clearly.

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