Rolls Bellari VP549 Phono Preamplifier


  • The RIAA equalization curve was intended to operate as the global industry standard for records since 1954. However, it is almost impossible to say when the change actually took place.
  • Reducing the low frequencies also limits the excursions the cutter needs to make when cutting a groove. Groove width is thus reduced, allowing more grooves to fit into a given surface area
  • This also reduces physical stress on the stylus which might otherwise cause distortion or groove damage during playback



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VP549 phono pre has excellent true sound resolution. It's tone center is right in the middle of the music. It performs very well on the extremes, and never looses its solid performance in the meat of the music. Has a well rounded sound when needed, but has a very surprising shimmer when called on. The VP549 is bold, yet has a very surprising attack that will take your rig to the next level. Hundreds of hours went in to listening and improving the design. All Bellari products are hand built in Salt Lake City, Utah by people who care about high quality music. No surface mount parts are ever used at Bellari.

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