Elikliv Amplifier Home Audio, Stereo Audio Amplifier 2.1 Channel, 5.0 Wireless Blutooth Mini Hi-Fi 2x50W Home Passive Speaker Output 1x100W Sub Output with Sub Bass Treble and USB Port Remote Control


  • Home Stereo Amplifier: Black aluminum alloy shell, BT / RCA / USB input, equipped with high and low bass adjustment function, it looks very textured, compact, but powerful, very suitable for home and desktop stereo system.
  • Powerful Performance: Use BTH 5.0 chip, stable transmission, no pop, no audible noise. HIFI 2.1 Channel subwoofer output, maximum 50*2 + 100W output power, can easily drive most home speakers and subwoofers.
  • HIFI Sound Quality: Connect passive audio and subwoofer, can restore the essence of sound, enjoy HIFI sound quality, human voice, light music, symphony, or classical music, etc. Enjoy the fun brought by awesome quality music.
  • Phone/Remote Control: You can use a phone or remote control to make adjustments. The function of the remote control is very complete, can use it more conveniently when cooking in the kitchen or resting in the study-room.
  • Upgrade 24V Power Adapter: We have updated the interface of the power supply so that it will not produce electric sparks when connected like other competitors, which can easily damage your stereo.



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2.1 Channel Stereo Amplifier

Bluetooth 5.0

Elikliv specially developed this cost-effective power amplifier based on the product characteristics of most power amplifiers on the market. It integrated the advantages of most products and improved the disadvantages, making this amplifier more suitable for entry-level friends. If you are a passive audio enthusiast, please join us. We would like to listen more advice from you.

1. Active subwoofer can be connected to form 2.1 channels.

2. With bass treble adjustment, the sound is more delicate.

3. 50 * 2 + 100W, can drive most home passive speakers.

4. Small and exquisite, powerful.

5. BT 5.0 / RAC / USB input.

6. Independent adjustment button.

7. Mobile phone, remote control adjustment.

8. Upgrade 12-24V power adapter.


Detailed Parameters

Maxpower Output: 50W*2+100W 4Ωload THD1W 0.05%

Speaker Matching Impedance: 4-8Ω SNR ≥98dB

Working Voltage: 12-24V

Bare Metal Size: L133*W128*H33mm

Input Sensitivity: 0.775V

Bass Cutoff Frequency Range Adjustment: 40-300Hz

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(±3dB)

Support Music Format: MP3,WMA,APE,FLAC,WAV

Package DimensioN: L240*W210*H60mm

Total Weight: 0.7kg

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Operation Steps:

1. Make sure the VOL button to the minimum.

2. Connect the speakers according to the rear panel interface, pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative.

3. Connect the sound source that needs to be used(Optional RCA/Bluetooth, U disk)

4. If the current playback state, inserting a U-disk will automatically jump to the U-disk mode.

6. Connect the power adapter.

7. Turn on the power and switch to the current input audio source.

8. USB working indicator will flash continuously when the volume is at maximum.

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Independent Adjustment Button

1.Bass cut-off frequency adjustment knob.

2.Bass volume adjustment knob (increase clockwise, decrease counterclockwise)

3.Left and right channel bass frequency adjustment knob.

4.High pitch frequency control knob for left and right channel.

If you are interested in passive speakers, this will be the most worthy product to choose, you can DIY your equipment.

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Specially added low-pass output

It can be used to connect passive audio, greatly enhance the bass effect, with treble and bass adjustment, so that the sound is more delicate, the shocking auditory effect makes you feel like being in a movie theater.

Reasonable Circuit Layout

Reasonable circuit layout and simple wiring ensure that HIFI has clear and clean sound, and there is no audible noise even at high power output. Unique Blutooth design, stable transmission, very practical and beautiful.

Packing List

Packing List:

Amplifier x1

Bluetooth Antenna x1

Remote Control x1

12-24V Power Adapter x1

Product Manual x1

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Audio Amplifier

Enjoy the beauty of technology.

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