Ldex Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver, Wireless Bluetooth Adapter with Unique LCD Display, Low Latency Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter, Dual Link Optical RCA AUX for Headphones, TV, PC, Laptop and Speaker


  • 【Bluetooth transmitter receiver with unique LCD display】 The bluetooth transmitter and receiver with unique visual screen design instead of LED indication, which can indicate the related bluetooth information in detail intuitively. Whether in transmit or receive mode, you will never be confused about which device is connected.
  • 【Transmitter and receiver 3-In-1】 In TX Mode: Transfer your music from a TV, CD player, laptop to a bluetooth headset. In RX Mode: Wired speakers can receive bluetooth audio from digital products such as laptops, TVs, phones to achieve wireless music transmission. In By Pass Mode: The TV could connect to the speaker via a bluetooth transmitter. When you no longer want to play the TV and just want to play music on the phone, change the switch to RX mode without plugging or unplugging the cable.
  • 【High quality low latency bluetooth audio adapter】 The high-end integrated CSR8675 chip allows the bluetooth audio adapter to have lossless sound quality, low latency, and strong compatibility; The main chip comes with AptX Low Latency and AptX HD high-definition lossless decoder technology which eliminate bluetooth audio delay. It supports dual link that could works with 2 different bluetooth headphones / speakers simultaneously.
  • 【Multiple connection, long distance transmission】 The bluetooth adapter supports digital optical / AUX / RCA audio output which is widely compatible with 99% of the TVs, headphones, PC, laptop and home stereo systems. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes the signal of bluetooth transmitter receiver more stable and precise, and the transmission distance is much longer. It is up to 98ft in RX mode, 164ft indoors without any obstruction in TX mode.
  • 【What you get】 Worry-free for 12 months and lifetime after-sales service, just try our products and if you don’t love them absolutely, please let us know and we will refund your purchase price NO QUESTIONS ASKED! We are so confident about the quality of our products that we offer 90-day return or replacement. All your concerns will be solved within 24 hours. 1 x bluetooth transmitter receiver, 1 x 3.5mm audio cable, 1 x USB-C cable, 1 x RCA cable, 1 x digital optical audio cable.


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Model: Ldex BT5808

Bluetooth Transmitter for TV

Ldex Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver with LCD Screen BT5808

  • The product BT-5808 is a Bluetooth 5.0 music adapter designed for bluetooth reception and remote transmission with a LCD display screen (the transmission mode can be compatible with the bypass function of audio source at the same time), which can indicate the relevant bluetooth information in detail directly.
  • In addition, It adopts the module design of CSR8675 main chip, the high-end integrated chip makes the product have the characteristics of lossless sound quality, low latency, strong compatibility and so on. The main chip with HD lossless decoder which makes it can be close to CD level sound quality when you play the music.
  • Last but not least, the product is designed with the hot switch function which can switch modes easily.


(1). Please use the type-c cable we provided or your own and adapter DC+5V to power supply to avoid abnormal product work;

(2). Since the signals of bluetooth transmitter receiver will be blocked and absorbed by the surroundings , try to place it in a barrier-free position during use, so that you could enjoy better high-quality music.

Note: If you have any question or inquiry, please feel free to approach us with the method attached on the card which is in the package box.

Application of BT5808 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver


Receiver Mode

By pass Mode

Transmitter Mode

It makes devices without bluetooth function to transmit bluetooth signal and stream audio to any bluetooth headset/speaker. Transmitter mode supports pairing to 2 headphones simultaneously.

Receiver Mode

Turn your wired device into wireless device. Make your speaker, soundbar or home theater bluetooth-enabled, it can receive and play the audio from your cellphone, Echo, PC with wireless.

Bypass Mode

The TV is directly connected to the speaker. When you no longer need to play the TV and want to play music on the phone, just switch to RX mode without plugging or unplugging the cable.

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Bluetooth 5.0

Long Range

Wide Compatibility

Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

Using the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology to provide the best transmission efficiency and stability. It is compatible with Bluetooth V4.2 / V3.0 / V2.1 / V2.0 / V1.1.

164ft Extended Long Range

It is designed with dual antennas, which makes the transmitter receiver's signal more stable and precise, and the sending direction becomes more widely. It can achieve a range up to 164ft indoors.

Wide Compatibility

Be equipped with optical fiber, 3.5mm AUX and RCA audio cable, which can satisfy all your connection needs well. It is compatible with 99% of TVs and audio systems that have an audio input.

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How to use the bluetooth audio adapter?

How to use

Frequent Q&A

1. Can't power on?

Connect the product to the power supply with Type-C cable (the device does not have a built-in battery and requires external power supply).

2. How to use Transmitter Mode?

(1). Firstly, please connect the product BT5808 to the power supply with type-C cable, turn the switch to TX, the product will turn on and the screen flashes with “Reconnecting”.

(2). Secondly, please connect the TX Input port to the TV/PC with the corresponding audio cable we provided, hold the pairing button for 2-3 seconds to enter the pairing mode, the LCD screen will flash with “Paring State”.

(3). Finally, open your bluetooth receiver, it will automatically to pairing. When the paring is successful, the screen light will always on.

3. How to use Receiver Mode?

(1). Turn the switch to RX , connect the audio output port of product BT5808 to the home power amplifier/car audio/stereo headset with the 3.5 audio or optical fiber cable we provided;

(2). Connect the product BT5808 with your smartphone;

(3). After successful connection, you can enjoy the music of mobile phone through power amplifier/car audio/stereo headset.

4. How to clear bluetooth pairing record?

Hold the pairing button for about 7 seconds until the Clearing Paired Device List flashes on the display, and then enter the pairing mode again.

5. No sound?

When using the 3.5mm audio cable, it must be correspond to the AUX of the display; when using the optical fiber cable, it must be correspond to the SPDIF of the display (double-click the pairing button to switch).

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