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This projector is wonderful! I've had it for a few days now and I absolutely love how convenient it is!
Here are some of the highlights and also the things that I like most about my projector:
- I love the remote control that comes with it. Since I am a techie, I love it when the company provides you with an easier way to maneuver through a tricky system. I've had a projector in the past, and it was really tough to manage because you had to click all these small buttons on top of the projector. There was no remote and that just made the whole thing a little bit more annoying.
- I also love how it comes with it's own bag that has another pocket for the cords that you would take with it. I tend to move around a lot so it's really nice that the projector is easily portable and I can take it with me on trips and stuff. The thing that's really cool about the bag is that it has a little pocket meant for your cords. Instead of having this cute little bag for the projector and then having to have a Ziploc bag for the cords, I am able to store everything in one bag.
Okay, I can go on and on about this projector, but overall, it's easy, it's convenient, and it most certainly works. Thank you for listening to my Ted talk :)

First observation is that this projector is very compact and packs all the connectivity you would expect. The design and materials used on the chassis feels premium and reliable. It's far brighter than a lot of projectors which makes it great for use in his orangery and even in bright sunlight the picture is visible.

The great thing about it, is you can connect it to the phone (mirroring) so wherever you are you can use it for playing songs, watching movies, clips and even presentations. Remote is very easy to use. Various options to connect phone and mirror it to projector, including android and air play, did not lag when using. Used night and day with my fire stick no issues. I would still stick to an external speaker if you are going to use it for watching movies though. When adjusting size of screen moving closer to wall and use tilt screen option and focus to get best quality.

Really happy with purchase. Bought to use to watch movies on a bigger screen and it does the job. Currently using on white wardrobe as in photo and living room with purple paint, does the job perfect.

The picture quality is great. However, needs darkness in room for better result. Works best at night, ambient light in the day reduces performance. The size is very compact and various functionalities are provided in setting menu to change picture quality as t need. I’m using it at a throw distance of 2.7mts and the resultant screen size is approx 100”.

Speakers are great, even with a compact size the speaker performance is above the mark. Didn’t require any external speakers. Screen mirroring with iPhone is without any lag, however, can’t use streaming services from my phone.

Wi-Fi connectivity is seamless and there is no lag between audio-video for youtube. All in all nice purchase and great return for value.