GIRIAITUS Wii Motion Plus Adapter-External Remote Motion Plus Sensor Controller -White,Set2 Pack


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  • Motion Plus Adapter for Nintendo Wii remote and Wii remote plus controllers, The wii remote connect with the motion plus and work perfectly.
  • Accurate motion reaction reaction even the slightest twist of the wrist or turn of the body is replicated exactly on the TV screen, allowing users to become even more immersed in Wii game play.
  • This Wii Motion Plus adapter is made of high quality material and is durable. Each product has been rigorously tested before sale,motion plus sensor is compatible with all original and third party remote easily attached to Wii Remote.
  • No need to spend much more on a whole new remote,this is 3rd party's product,not from Nintendo.
  • The motion plus can work with the wii sensor bar and the accelerometer.The product have one year warranty.If you have any problem,please feel free to contact us.We will do our best to support you in 24 hours.


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wii motion plus

Product Description:

Connect the Motion Plus sensor to your WiiRemote controller to increase accuracy and enhance play control on compatiblegames compatible with all original and third party remote.

This product is an induction acceleratorwhich coordinates to use with wii remote controller and Wii nunchuk.

It can enhance the induction strength ofthe remote when playing games, and make it more reality.

It is easy and convenient to use. Whenplaying the games, whenever you have any shakes at your hand, the controllercan show your subtle movements accurately on the screen, which will make gamerfeel more realistic and feel you are there And there will be more and moregames appeared that you can play only coordinate with motion plus.

wii motion plus attachment


Third party product, not made by Nintendo.

Compatible with Wii remote OR third partyremote.

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Has a LOCK on it, fasten the adapter withremote.

Built in expansion port to connect yournunchuck attachment.

Remove the adapter carefully before chargeon Charging Dock.

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Quickly react to the role you control in the game,The game includes golf, bamintain, tennis, table tennis and etc,allowing family to become even more immersed in Wii game play.

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Christmas is coming, give the children, father, boyfriend, let them join in, use "wii motion plus attachment" to make their faces smile, they will love it!

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Package Included:

2 * Motion Plus Adapter for WiiRemote(Color:White)

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Technical Details

Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand GIRIAITUS Hardware Platform Nintendo wii Item Weight 1.97 ounces Package Dimensions 3.39 x 2.24 x 1.77 inches Manufacturer GIRIAITUS ASIN B07PMMQNWH Date First Available March 14, 2019

Additional Information

works great! Bought this set because a new game my daughter got for Christmas required these to play it. Received these FAST and works great my daughter actually plays the game from laying the couch with movement so obviously the sensors work GREAT LOL. She is enjoying playing her new game. The local gaming stores did not have these available. Amazon is always my first "go to" when looking for something this specific and always comes through for me :)

It's great that you get two Wii Motion Plus adapters in one package as most of us who own a Wii tend to have at minimum two Wii remotes. Both Wii Motion Plus adapters work very well; my wife and I played Wii Sports Resort and Wii Play Motion (both of these games are meant exclusively for the Wii Motion Plus) and we had a blast. Lots of fun and added control specifically with the wrist movements and the Nunchucks plug into the base of the Wii Motion Plus adapter just fine. The only downside is every now and then one controller will need to be recalibrated during gameplay but it's not very frequent and it doesn't ruin gameplay since the game will pause to allow the recalibration. Also, one of my two adapters doesn't always fit 100% perfect and has to be fiddled with to get a perfect fit, but this is not a deal breaker considering the price and functionality of the products. I'm very satisfied with this purchase and to this day I STILL play the Wii and you need these for Wii Sports Resort. Wii Sports Resort is a "must-have" game for the Wii.

They are very happy that it’s different from the game without motion plus and they are able to enjoy their game so thanks for making an affordable version! Also, I will definitely not hesitate to order from this seller again for this item or any other.This adaptor is great and eforcity service is even greater.

These motion plus adaptors allowed me to play the WII Resort game. I didn't know that I had to have special controllers to play this game. (live and learn). The cover on the insert that keeps debris from entering the adapter when not using nun-chucks broke off as I was unwrapping it. You have to either leave the plug off and risk contamination to connection or stick half of plug in. With only half in it is a real pain in the butt to pull it out every time you need to insert nun-chuck plug. It requires something like tweezers or needle nose pliers to grab the tether cord to pull it out. when that cord gives out, I guess I'll slap a piece of tape on it.

This product was a replacement for the original WII motion controller block which like all of them including this one has a design fault in that the two lugs that lock the motion controller to the Wii controller are very fragile and care must be taken to press the two buttons on the side of the motion controller when releasing it from the Wii controller. Also use the locking switch as well to keep the lugs firmly in place and no doubt these will last a very long time. Kudos to any company still having the foresight to continue selling items for the Nintendo WII after all these years it still gets used nearly every day

and found that it recommended these. These are surprisingly good and way better than your average 3rd party adapter. fits well, Very easy to use and works nicely with our bowling game that needed this to work.I don't know how the manufacturer sell off with that in so value price. A fantastic product.

Bought these but the motion sensor gets an error about every 10mins or so and have forcefully detatch and reset controller. Worthless

Update: CS reached out to me and sent me two more units. Havent tested the units but ill give them 5 stars for service.

Works pretty good. The only thing is that the lock thing is kind of hard to slide into to place sometimes. But overall everything works.

Affordable, work as well as can be expected